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I, like many others here, long predicted that Sarah Palin had no intention of running for president. Her never-ending tease was simply a ploy to keep her in the limelight and allow her to wring more bucks from the suckers who sent her PAC gobs of cash, bought her inane books, and paid the dimwit six figures to prattle on in front of a crowd.

Looks like the suckers are now feeling like... Well, suckers.

And it ain't pretty.

Jim Today 07:31 PM
Without meaning to bash her, the most disconcerting thing about this announcement, which surely could have come months ago (family concerns existed at the time she took the VP nomination, let alone at the beginning of this year), is the fact that it comes so soon after a money grab by her PAC.  Her faithful will always rationalize her decisions, but the label of grifter will be harder to shake than ever.

Apparently, no one, not even the thick-skulled Tea Partiers, like to be taken for fools.

bizwhiz 44 minutes ago
Well, at least she only strung us along for an extra 5 or 6 months.  Since the hard deadline is October 28, she could've continued another 3 weeks or so.  Of course, there were books and movies that had to be sold. Once the movies were shipped out, the deal was done, and there was no reason to continue the deceit.  Remember it was months ago that Bristol said that Sarah had already made her decision.

The end of the quarterly reporting period was on September 30th for SarahPAC, and she managed to have them send two last-minute fundraising letters during the final two weeks, which will give her some gas money for the bus and some more funds to spend on 1st class travel on another vacation for the Palin family.  Maybe she can get another gig on another reality show.  She might as well.  There are probably a few suckers left that will watch that if she does.

I believe that reality was beginning to sink in here at C4P after the big Labor Day Weekend in Iowa turned out to be nothing but another photo op.  Personally,  I gave up on Sarah at that point.  As many of the regulars here stated so well, "There's no way that she would string us along this far if she wasn't going to run."  But she did.

Sarah's just in this for herself, and now we all know what others have been trying to tell us for a long, long time.

Yeah, the lightbulb is just going on for a whole slew of these folks who funneled millions of their hard-earned dollars into the grifter's coffers. These folks must be feeling particularly burned after reading tidbits like this gem from Politico:

Her political action committee, SarahPAC, reported $1.402 million cash on hand in July, the latest records that are available. The report showed that while she spent a considerable sum — $673,000 — raising money, she did little to bolster a staff, instead paying her parents for jobs listed as “correspondence and card mailing.”

My guess is that Sarah won't be showing up at any Tea Party rallies for a while. Or maybe the entire, phony, "Tea Party movement" will go down in flames along with her.

Either way, watching all these chumps figure out that they've been had sure is entertaining!

Reading the message boards at Palin4America and Conservatives4Palin is going to cheer me up on a sad night when protesters are being bashed by out-of-control cops and Steve Jobs passes away far too young.

Oh, Tea Baggers! How it must hurt to be played for fools!

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