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There's a new, powerful, progressive voice breaking into the mainstream media right now, and it belongs to one of our own. Jesse LaGreca's destruction of a flailing Fox News reporter has brought significant attention to the man we all know.

He's been mentioned by Colbert and Jon Stewart and given dozens of other videos. Tonight, he'll be opening General Assembly for Van Jones. We've just confirmed that he will be interviewed by Christiane Amanpour of ABC News. Today, he's done Al Jazeera, PCCC, ABC, A Japanese News Network, and several others. People have been coming up to him, shaking his hand, and taking pictures with him all day.

He just told me that he's been booked for Amanpour.

This is great. I've never seen anyone lay the smack down on Fox news like Jesse.

He's too modest to shamelessly self promote, so I'm going to toot his horn for him. If you haven't seen his interview with fox, here it is:

We're going to try to update this Diary with video of the GA introduction by Jesse and Van Jone's speech as soon as we can.

All of us from themedia fund thank Daily Kos for your support.

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