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Here’s a "follow-up" on my “open letter” to Federal Attorney Laura Chaffey.
Actually, I hope Sonoma County Sheriff Steve Freitas, and ESPECIALLY
Pissed-Off Lesbian District Attorney Jill Ravitch reads this as well:

First, I note with genuine alarm (didn’t occur to me, I’m a homophobic misogynist, remember?) the concerns of DISABLED, ELDERLY, SINGLE FEMALE Medical Cannabis patients in the San Francisco Bay Area who demonstrated IMMEDIATELY following the Federal raid on Matthew Cohen’s Northstone Organics of Mendocino County, their point being that they didn’t want to have to go back to the streets to obtain their CALIFORNIA-LEGAL medications. WHY?  Because, as DISABLED, ELDERLY, SINGLE FEMALES, THEY ARE PRIME TARGETS FOR THE CRIMES ASSOCIATED WITH THE STREET DRUG BUSINESS.  How does this HELP WOMEN, Federal Attorney Laura Chaffey?  How WILL those single, older, disabled patients receive their medications safely without getting ripped off or worse? How does this represent “Family Justice” and “Women’s Issues,” D.A. Ravitch?  Good thinking, Federal Attorney Chaffey, I’m sure disabled and dying women ALL OVER CALIFORNIA are applauding your efforts.

Second, and this is also for President Obama:

PEOPLE who have never had children will NEVER GET IT, NOT ANY OF IT - I'VE "DATED" THEM FOR YEARS.  It’s not about Pissed-Off Lesbians OR your normal, everyday heterosexual man or woman who MAY NOT WANT CHILDREN “for now…”  

But, Mr. President, and all the rest of you poised to promote or appoint a woman “because it’s the right thing” or to MAKE YOURSELF LOOK GOOD AND PROGRESSIVE, think about this:  Think about how much you love your kids, even though you may be at work all the time.  Think about your partner, hopefully at home, the “Mom” or “Dad” of your kids, how much he/she works to make sure the children get what they need to soak up a good education and give back to America: A warm house with food, love and a good place to read, a safe neighborhood to play in, “good” schools, access to good healthcare and prevention…
And now, think how strong your emotions become when any one of your kids comes into jeopardy of any kind – THAT’S what the childless will NEVER get, and that’s why they SHOULD NOT BE IN POSITIONS OF POWER over the rest of us, it’s that simple – They have no way to know what it feels like to be a parent, which is THE DEFAULT SETTING for human beings.  That’s right, procreating is NORMAL, because if NO ONE PROCREATES well, duhhhh…

Childless-by-choice Citizens: Go ahead, be ambitious, say and do all the right things to get that appointment or position, but know that you’re not really “one of us,” one of the People, until you have come to love and assume the responsibility of raising a child from birth to, well forever, right?  My oldest is 39 and he’s still my child, you know?  BTW, Adoption supremely qualifies, as long as you don’t “throw the kid back” and you raise them and love them ALL THE WAY.

YOU’RE NOT A TRUE AMERICAN, YOU’RE NOT “ONE OF US,” UNTIL YOU “OBTAIN,” LOVE AND RAISE “YOUR OWN” CHILDREN.  You are “less” than the rest of us, and you don’t have what it takes to wield power and authority with Compassion the way Hillary Clinton or Lynn Woolsey or Barbara Boxer or even a male father is able to do.

And you’re definitely NOT a “world citizen,” forget it!  

Childless-by-choice People, compassion for children is “ungettable,” you can’t “pick it up.”  Either you make the ONLY TRULY LIFETIME commitment that’s left in today’s America, with a divorce rate greater than 50%, or you don’t – but you will ALWAYS BE a lesser Citizen, with lesser capacities to give back to the People, until you do.  

KeithwolfTV out – Peace.


People who have never had their own or adopted children permanently should not be allowed in positions of authority over

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