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2. Update
Last Sunday I wrote this diary, which caused some emotional waves in the comment section. Nevertheless, I promised to post the video footage I shot from the speech and his arrest. It took me a while, but now you can watch it. Cornel West twittered two hours ago, that "Democracy is about dialogue, discussion and critical, but rooted in that burying - that dying to live more fully."

In this sense I republish this diary with the video clips of his speech at the bottom.
If there are cuts in it, they were unintentioned. My camera just shut itself off two times and I had to change batteries. And bare with me, that is my first video I did myself.

At 2 pm today Dr. Cornel West appeared at Freedom Plaza in Washington DC and gave a spicy, fun and great agitating speech full of love, wit and wisdom.  I would say there were around 250 - 300 people in the audience. After the speech he decided spontaneously to march to the Supreme Court. This march was not planned, at least most of the audience had no idea that this would happen.

In the speech he already jokingly said he has come today to Freedom Plaza and to Washington DC, because he finally wanted to get arrested in DC to make the sacrifice Martin Luther King was expecting from him in the fight for justice and freedom.

Before his speech they announced there would be a discussion group about racism and faith in one of the tents, after the speech one of the organizers said that Dr. West had decided to march to the Supreme Court in Washington DC to hold up a political sign on the front stairs of the court.

That is not allowed. He expected therefore to get arrested. Around 150 - 200 people marched with him down Pennsylvania Avenue toward the Capitol and to the Court.  Arriving there a group of around 40 people went up with him on the front stairs of the court  (therefore risking arrest), He spoke shortly. The rest of the participants of the march stood on the sidewalk area in front of the court, but didn't go up the stairs. Finally he and his group sat down and waited. The police officers were waiting behind the group and after a while and a warning, they started to arrest Dr. West and may be 10-14 other people.

I have a video of the speech and photos and some short video clips at the Supreme Court with his arrest, which I hopefully might be able post later at night. I have not the right equipment. The video will take at least three hours to download. But the speech was so good I want to post it for the record.

There were some other people filming the speech and the march. During the march I saw one camera woman from Aljazeera and thought that they are really good to be able to react that fast. So I am sure there will be coverage of all of it.

The march was completely peaceful and the arrests also non-violent in nature.

Dr. West has a lot of humor. I heard him the first time in person. He is cute too. :-)

I am sorry not to be able to stay for comments. I have to run to work.

Reading through the comments I realize the following:
a) first of all I didn't know how much controversy there is within the dailykos community about Dr. West. It was not my intention to stirr up fights between critics and supporters. Division is certainly not what I imagined would happen as a result of my pretty matter-of-factly written little diary.
b.) second I obviously don't know Dr. West as well as you all do.  
c.) third I simply thought that Dr. West's speech was worth to be recorded and listened to. All other aspects didn't even occur to me while posting the diary. Basically that is because I am an outsider and don't have the sensitivities you have with regards to Dr. West's points of views. For that I would like to apologize.
d.) if I ever get this video uploaded, it won't be before tomorrow and I am ready for bed now. I will put the link or embed into this diary. Good night all. Don't fight each other, ain't worth it.

2. Update
First Part of Speech
Second Part of Speech
Third Part of Speech
Question and Answers
March to the Supreme Court and Arrest
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