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[[UPDATE]] Thanks for the rec list. I have to go get my son to sleep, and, after that, I will probably go to sleep myself.  See you in the morning.

(end update)

By any rational standard, I am the 1%.

I'm with the 99%.

But there's a rhetoric out there, among some. There's a rhetoric saying that it's the rich versus the poor. Or the 1% vs. the 99%.  It's not. Not everyone who is rich is a jerk; and some people who are poor are jerks. I'm guessing that the guy holding up the sign "keep government out of my medicare!" was not part of any elite.

But the 1%. Well, I'm not close to the top of that 1%. Alan Grayson is a lot closer. He's worth tens of millions, and he's a BIG OccupyWallStreet supporter.  

Ever hear of Mohammed El-Erian? He's Wall Street if anyone is. He's CEO of an asset management company called PIMCO. He wrote an Op-Ed for Huffington post in support of OWS.

Because some of us 1% are smart enough to realize that if the boat sinks, we all drown.  

And some of us are decent enough to know that people everywhere deserve a certain standard of living, that no one should be hungry and no one should be homeless and no one should die because they don't have health insurance and you shouldn't be able to deny someone water because they don't have the right papers.

Some of us know that the class warfare was started by the conservatives, and that they are mad because we're demanding a ceasefire.

It's not the 99% vs. the 1%.  It's the 99% vs. the portion of the 1% that are shmucks.

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