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Well, this admission either means I'm easily amused, or my joy level is so far down the crapper that I'm reaching for anything to make me feel better. Considering my attitude about the subject matter, I think I'll just enjoy life's happy surprises when they come to me! :D

Guess what's on teh Netflix "instant watch"? Here's a clue! :D

LOVE IT!!!!!! :D

Let's get SPARKy. This kitten's pretty stinkin' cute, but I'll keep my Daisy any day of the week & twice on Sunday. :) AND, based on this story, I'm keeping "Daisy," too!


How would you like to be the vet tech to get THIS gig? Finally, and still in the animal kingdom, there would be a mess to clean up if I found this varmint on my deck!

Let's Countdown - BYOK... ;D

#5 "Occupy Day 33" AKA "GOP VS OWS" - At last night's MENSA meeting in Lost Wages, "Herb" Cain was asked if he stood by his comment of a couple weeks ago that the poor & unemployed have no one to blame but themselves. He said he stood by it, and the crowd went wild. Can we drug test those going to these mothers?


Better add drug tests for participants, too! ;D The GOBP are still poo - pooing the Occupy efforts, of course, but it would seem that a majority of the rest of us are not! :D Occupy Lost Wages chanted so loudly outside the MENSA meeting that 'ol WhatsHerName from CNN was drowned out. I wonder what she thinks of those bongo - drumming pot smokers now?


Mittens would like to sweep the GWB years under a big 'ol expensive rug. Rep. Ron Paul sounded downright populist! Governor State Helicopter's making an awful lot of videos for a guy not running for POTUS. Naomi Wolff was arrested for...standing on a sidewalk...OK...outside a building where a big 'ol shindig for Governor Cuomo was happening. Alec Baldwin went to the park. :D NYC got the rain today that IndianaNoPlace has gotten for a few days; they gotta remember those pesky WI protestors in February & hang in the best they can! Our Great Orange Satanic Leader still hasn't gotten the no - tie memo; I guess I better tweet him about it. :) He says liberals are dictating the national debate, the American people largely agree, but the GOBP have their heads up a dark stinky place. Markos doesn't want "establishment" Dems to be co - opting the Occupy efforts; I agree. "Media" is actually mentioning jobs way more now than debts, deficits, etc.! Errol Lewis is back in studio to talk about the Naomi Wolff arrest & other Occupy Wall Street recent activities. Again, the NYPD is doing more for generating positive PR for these effort than nearly anyone! Keith mentioned my belief from weeks back that the macing of those poor ladies who were trapped & defenseless was what put Occupy Wall Street on the national conscious. Volunteers are doing laundry for Occupy protestors, and local businesses and other places are opening their places up for shelter. Gawd bless, America!

#4 "Bank Shots" AKA "Revenge of the Banks" - Big money & Wall Street are threatening Dem politico campaign coffers if they support Occupy efforts. Um, weren't they giving all their money to Mittens anyway? Hell, if I was a Dem running for office, I'd make that threat a campaign ad! :D


All that wasted time, effort, and political capital trying to please a bunch of greedy folk who were never going to support you anyway...deja vu all over again! Local governments going after big banks may feel a sting in their budgets, too. STAY CLASSY THERE, WALL STREET!


Yes, I was correct; Wall Street is already giving their coin to Mittens. L.A. has been wonderful to Occupy peeps! That might change because of blackmail from big money. *&^%$#@! Dean Baker gets revenge & petty duty. I totally disagree with Mr. Baker's position that President Obama would get more coin from Wall Street if he disavowed Occupy efforts tomorrow; again, Wall Street is supporting their man Mittens ONLY. They will not support President Obama - no way - no how.


"Time Marches On!" - What's going on in Tel Aviv? I haz teh confuzed. CUTE PANDAS!! :D AAAaaaaWWWwwwww!! A little bear guy or gal decided to check out an AK grocery store produce section; I hope $aint $arah from Wasilla was shopping there at the time!!

[OK, damn funny dig at MSNBC's big news from today!]


#3 "Fight for the Right" AKA "Crazy Eighth" AKA "Grate Debate" - Yea, I knew a review of last night's activities in the "Land of Fear & Loathing" was on the way; I am protecting few remaining brain cells from destruction.  Mittens & Governor Secession were frequently caught in cat - fight - type behavior! HA! "Herb" Cain showed off his foreign policy bona fides, too - NOT!


Nia Malika Henderson gets to post mortem last night's $hit - lucky! She thinks Mittens' behavior didn't do him any favors in his likeability area. Mormons may have been booing Governor Secession last night? Huh! I can't think of any reasons off hand why Mormons wouldn't care for Governor Secession nor any of his associates. ;D "Herb" Cain's little "No - No - No" plan will raise taxes on 84% of American households; that's not what he had to say about it last night - a shock, I know. ;) There are 13 more chances for me to miss future MENSA meetings.


WPITW - Some Tea Bagger Nation "lady" doesn't want businesses to hire anyone because it would help President Obama; she has vowed to not do so. A WA tea bagger Congress critter - not Bat$hit - decided to have a secret town hall & tried to get the newspaper in her district to not talk about it. BillO sent some of his books to Afghanistan; a commander ordered them burned. Well, I'm not sure about book burning, but it is damn "classy" for BillO to decide to inflict his $hit on them.

#1 "Lights Camera Occupy!" - The Real World wants to film Occupy stuff. Nice. Zucotti Park might be in the next Batman movie? YES! :D There's also a "Girls Gone Wild" Occupy version? OK. Michael Musto!!!!! :D Madonna's making a movie about Wallis Simpson? Say what?! OK, I gotta look this up!!

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Wed Oct 19, 2011 at 06:04 PM PDT.

Also republished by Friends of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Electronic America: Progressives Film, music & Arts Group, and Pink Clubhouse.

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