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OccupyChicago is standing off against the Chicago Police Department in Grant Park. The Occupation plans to stay in Grant Park in order to express their dissatisfaction at the growing plutocracy. Chicago PD is, of course, trying to enforce the park's regularly scheduled 11PM closure. So far things are tense but peaceful. Chicago PD has mounted police and two busses ready for prisoners.

You can catch the most reliable live feed I've seen at -- it should be embedded now below the fold. You can also take action yourself if you can't be there, details below the fold.

EDIT OccupyChicago linked arms a few minutes ago; mass arrests have begun.

2ND EDIT Arrests are continuing apace. Chicago Police are breaking up a human chain one person at a time and bringing them to one of two buses for prisoners. The protest continues. So far it's been relatively peaceful and orderly.

3RD EDIT Police have almost arrested everyone protecting the medical tent. Because, you know, the Chicago parks have to close at 11, global economic crisis or not.

4TH EDIT Looks like the live stream is down very choppy from possible technical difficulties. Estimates put the number of arrests at about 100-130.

5TH EDIT Medical tent has been dismantled; still a lot of police in the park; arrests still continue.

6TH EDIT Looks like Grant Park is cleared out; not sure what the police are doing but it looks like they're going home. I'm glad they earned their overtime, and I hope they remember that the 99% are fighting just as much for their overtime, weekends, vacation and union representation as they're fighting for the rest of us.

LAST EDIT Hey looks like the protest is over. The live stream will, as I understand it, still continue to carry Occupy Wall Street news and information. Before I have some leftover lo mein and get some sleep, I'd like to thank everyone for pitching in and for getting this diary on the rec list. Spread the word about what's happening tonight and every night, until the kleptocracy ends. G'nite!

ZOMBIE EDIT Wow...I just woke up, and here we have what appears to be a healthy discussion STILL going. And it's still on the rec list! Wow! I do have a more substantial edit than this, but most of that information (local media coverage and some discussion of narrative) is below the fold. See you there!

Let the authorities know we're watching.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel: 312 744 5000 -- he's taking calls now.
Governor Pat Quinn: 217 782 0244 -- also taking calls now.

Tweet @RahmEmanuel and @Chicago_Police to let them know we're watching.

Follow @OccupyChicago on Twitter.

And of course, spread the word.

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at


The good news is that the protests did, in fact, get some attention from the local media, at least their web versions. If anyone can verify that they also got coverage in the non-web media, I'd appreciate it (comment below). Links to the web coverage:

Sun Times
Channel 2
Channel 5
Channel 7
Channel 9 (includes video of one of the first arrests)

Of course, Channel 32 Fox'd it up, only having this story from yesterday.

I'm not sure, quite yet, how the media narrative is going to play out on OWS. So far it looks like "protests happened." IMO it's up to OWS how they sell this. Protecting our pensions (from one of last night's chants) isn't a bad line -- I know my own pension is a source of anxiety for me!

Originally posted to Finding God in a Dog on Sat Oct 22, 2011 at 10:37 PM PDT.

Also republished by Occupy Wall Street, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, and Progressive Hippie.

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