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I have and have had an answer to our economic woes for a very long time.   Hand out?
No more so than Wall Street.  It is time to bail out Main Street.  I wrote a letter of which I am sure the President will find very simplistic, I am not elite so  I don't care.  It will work.  The president's critics say he wants to redistribute the wealth.  He should.  This trickle down thing is not working. Austerity will never work.  There is a simple solution.  Bail out Main Street.
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Milliions have been taken by Wall Street and the banksters.  Bernie Madoff tried to committ suicide.  Oh well, too bad he failed.  Milliions of innocent Americans have hurt to the point that people are in the street, starving, homeless and unemployed while the fatcats are getting fatter.  The president has not played fast and loose as the republicans who wish him failure seem to think and want to paint him.    The president's problem is that  he does not think large enough.  He really is in a bubble and his advisors should be teaching how to clean kennels instead of running a faied economy.

He is going to have a hard time getting re elected on the path he is on and if he does so,  it will only be because of the sorry selection of GOP candidates who are running against him.  People are hurting and angry.

What was this 250.00 in 2008 for every person about ?  That  amount would not pay for John Boehner's tan.  Think bigger The president should think a lot bigger than 250.00 Think Bolder and to hell with the people who want himto fail or are just
sucking the middle class down to poverty and poverty down to nothing.,  

My suggestion to quickly move this economy in the right direction is very simple but we are simple people with simple means for the most part.  Instead of bailing out with billions and trillions  just bail out with millions.  No money should be given or should have been given to  Wall Street but Main Street.
Here is how to turn the economy around very quickly.

One Million dollars for every American born Adult Citizen.  Sound like a lot?  Not compared to the Occupation and the trillions thrown to Wall Street.
Wipe out the credit scores one people have been duped by Big Corporations and overhelming medical costs.   Worried about healthcare?  With 1 M they can invest in their own pension, their own insurance, their own business and put money into the economy.  Why is this so hard to grasp?  They can help their local schools and it doesn't stop there.  Fix up the ravaged homes sitting on corners gobbled up by bankers and get people in those homes because with a clean credit score..They qualify.  Most could pay cash for a 60,000 home.  Let the people fix them up and move in.  Small business would spring up and they would take 20,000 or so and invest in their own employment.

To me the answer is so simple and bring those tax dollars up so the top 1 percent have to give back to middle America.  We cannot wait for Trickle down.  America is on the brink of ruin and we need the people to invest in themselves but we need a bailout.
His critics cannot gripe about Social Security because if that was messed with they have a cushion.  1 time 1 million dollar bail out.  Clean credit scores.  Wipe out student loans.
The whole thing is Operation Fresh Start.  It would work.  People could afford to go to doctors and it would give them hope and something to believe in.  Otherwise, there will continue to be millions in the streets, more violence from police, unhappy Americans,and God knows what else?  There is an answer.  Get rid of the Super committee who are completely in a bubble.  He should do something Big and Bold.

Here is my letter.  Laugh at me if you want but it would work.

Mr. President,

  Please listen to a 99 percenter for once in your life.   There is an answer to this economic problem.   BAIL OUT MAIN STREET.  You want an end to Occupy?  You want jobs?
You want people investing?
Worried about share the wealth?  Screw that.  People are going to accuse you of that anyway.  Truman yelled.  FDR did big bold things.  People are happier and tend to vote with change in their pockets.
Give ever American born adult citizen  one million  dollars on a will create jobs, they will invest in pension, they won't mind social security cuts and they will consume and build jobs.  Easy !  DO IT.  Occupy will cease to exist. The student loans could be erased, and wipe out everyone's credit scores which have taken a hit over corruption.  Just do it.  No super committee needed. Do the right thing.  Operation Fresh start.  You bailed out Wall Street with Trillions. Main Street won't have a beef  anymore and this should have been done to begin with.  I am no economist but this is fair and no one can wait for trickle down.  You would be reelected.   It would not even be close. Do something bold before we lose America.

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