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Many are finally waking up to find they are surrounded by an corrupted world and a polluted political oligarchy. We were busy getting an education, working and shopping as our government was hijacked. Our governments were overthrown while we fretted about how we were going to pay our bills and obtain an untenable dream that we never really needed in the first place. The Occupy movement has been born out of fear, anger and desperation but it will thrive and bear fruit through fairness, justice and hope.

We cannot allow ourselves to be crushed with despair when seeing the overwhelming task of building contemporary democracies in a world prone to cronyism. It would be a fatal mistake to focus on one issue or one solution. Demanding simple and small solutions will get simple and small results. Right now is the time to think big and make demands that are even bigger. There is too much injustice in this world to fight it all. We should be proactive rather than reactionary by building integrity into our own lives and justice in our own communities. This movement has gone well beyond the borders of our countries. This is about humanity. Right now we must begin to separate those that have forgotten their humanity from their positions of power.

Some time ago we lost our moral compass but we are turning this ship around and we are going back to look for it.  Don’t be afraid to talk about morality when talking about humanity. Not the religious kind of morality or the judgmental kind but things like love, compassion, sharing, cooperation, integrity and understanding. Some time ago the term morality was hijacked by those hiding behind the word in order to spread hate and exploit others rather than embrace the “other” and befriend the downtrodden. It is time the Occupy movement clarify just who has the moral high ground.  The world is uniting around this movement to end greed and build a just future. It is an exciting time to be on this planet. This time holds tremendous potential and yet potential for catastrophe. We cannot afford to fail right now.

Today we can use our minds, our hearts, and our knowledge to start to build the life boats that will carry us to a better world. First we must see what the world is and what can be and then set about building the world we want to live in.

Next we must commit to keeping our wallets closed to huge, unethical corporations. Our money has given them power and we want to keep them from having power. Some things are necessary to purchase but can we start to find ways to work around supporting mega-corporations and monopolies. Yes, this will take sacrifice.

Third, we must practice self reflection and often ask, ‘Am I living ethically?, Am I spending my life collecting memories, adventures and friends, or am I spending my life collecting stuff? Am I buying what I need; or has my main goal in life been about obtaining what I want?  Am I honest with myself?  Am I honest with my neighbors? When I look back at my life will I be proud of who I was?’ Then ask the same questions as it relates to our families and communities.

The people at the Occupations for the most part have asked themselves these questions and that is why they are here. In order to preserve humanity we must bring some of our neighbors along. We have answers, we can help people see the alternatives. Once we do that, we can start to build communities, build resilience and build a livable future. There are few things as beautiful as diverse people coming together. Realize however, we don’t need everybody. We can drive change with just a small percentage of the population.

Right now this movement is vulnerable. Vulnerable to weather, vulnerable to government and corporate crackdowns on communication and resources. We are also vulnerable to infighting and dissent. What boundaries must we respect in order to maintain cohesive working groups and keep inclusiveness in our structure? We can use our creativity and human power to find solutions to the problems we are likely to face. We can shore up this movement for success. We all have the goal of building a better world. Anyone that wants to divide needs to check their ego at the gates now, because we are here to unite, even when we don’t see eye to eye.

Last, we need leaders and that is you. All of you. Especially lacking are the voices of  women, minorities, the impoverished and the disabled. To those who have lost your power the most as our democracy has deteriorated, we need you. The energy of women, the energy of resilience and the energy that comes from experience are lacking in this movement. There are great leaders in many of us. It is not because we have been pushed from these positions. For the most part those in the occupy movements are welcoming. The problem is many are waiting to be asked to step up as leaders. They need to take the reigns and just do it. All one needs to have to be a leader is dedication, the ability to unite, the willingness to listen to others, and a commitment to being an agent of change.  We need every person on the front lines in this fight for justice and in this fight for humanity. You can take this fight to your communities by enlisting your community to build a bridge from glorifying money and corporate power to reverence for healthy and more equitably powered and human powered world economy.

This isn’t about occupying our physical streets as much as this movement is about putting our bodies on the line. Today we are throwing ourselves in front of our vulnerable communities to protect them from those who suffer from the sicknesses of greed and indifference. The less we go along with the plans of the powerful the more we capture for ourselves.

When we collectively recognize the capacity we have always possessed, only then will we remove the illusion of power from the ivory towers of the corrupt.  It is time we expose who the powerful really are. This non-violent peaceful uprising is the cure for an the ailing multitudes searching for fulfillment. It is how we will build a just world for ourselves and for posterity.

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