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During these past 30 years I have repeatedly ask myself how Republicans continually get US citizens to advocate policies and tax laws which are not in their best interest.  A great example of this is their current stand to not increase taxes on the wealthy because they are the “Job Creators”.  Oh yes, they have rebranded “Trickle Down Economics” to “Don’t Tax the Job Creators”.    It is interesting in that neither the Democrats nor the media have called them out on this rebranding program.  You know that I am no political science guru and if I have taken note of this then I am sure that the wiz kids in the Democratic party have also taken note of this.  I guess one question is why haven’t the Democrats called the Republicans out on this?  This probably indicates that the Democrats don’t want to address the issue of raising taxes on the “Job Creators” because they fear that it will hurt donations from wealthy individuals and this has caused the Democrats to suffer from political rigamortis when it comes to being on the side of the middle class and defending the poor.   Just think Mr. / Mrs. Democratic candidate if you were able to get people you represent in your districts/states to contribute $5 / $10 / $20 to your campaign the amount of money you would raise would send the special interests back to where they belong because the kind of money they would have to contribute to effect the outcome of elections would hurt their profitability and subsequently the price of their stocks.   Problem solved right, well of course not because raising money from small donors is hard in this economy which is why the Democrats are not taking on this issue aggressively like they should.   The real answer is go the small donor route anyway.  I think that democrats will be surprised at the results and the big money will still hedge it bets on both sides of the isle.

What about the validity of the Republican “Don’t Tax the Job Creators” mantra and its relevance to economic growth here in the US.  I guess I can buy into the idea that investors’ investments in business creates jobs somewhere in the world.  You see we live in a world where banking and finance services are international.  Investors can invest in opportunities anywhere in the world and the US capitalistic economic system is based on Free Enterprise and Maximizing Return on Investment.  US investors invest in opportunities around the world with the highest return on their investments at an acceptable risk.   You see that the problem with the “Don’t Tax the Job Creators” mantra is providing tax cuts to this group will most likely result in job growth somewhere in the world but not necessarily in the US which has been the case for the past 10 years.    The Republicans are equating the “Don’t Tax the Job Creators” political policies with job growth in the US which is fallacious because the resulting job growth has been outside of US for quite some time now.   Democrats please get in front of this issue to stop the Republicans from once again using the “Myths and Beliefs” of our society and the process of saying the same thing a thousand times until it is perceived as true to convince the public to advocate economic policies which are in no way in their best interests.

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