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The following is our coverage of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Stay with us for updates on this and other stories throughout the day.

Last night the Tulsa PD assaulted a group of peaceful protesters who had the gall to sit down on grass.

Tulsa World has these photos:

One of the protesters recorded the whole thing, but he disabled video embedding. We cut down the video here. If you want to see the whole thing, uncut, it's here.

We can confirm ten arrests, including one Iraq veteran. Nine were pepper sprayed. We didn't see anything that justified pepper spray.

We're now opening up our Oakland liveblog to cover the day's events there. We're staying tuned to a number of information streams, and are expecting some excellent citizen journalism from at least 60 Kossacks who plan to be on the ground today.

We're not the only ones standing with Oakland. A general strike is underway. There will be three gatherings. 9:00 AM, 12:00 PM, and 5:00 PM followed by a march on the port.

Stay with us, we'll be bringing you all the news from Occupy Oakland, and Occupy events across the country and the world today.

Throughout this entire movement, our mission has remained the same—provide primary source reporting from Zuccotti Park. We are also providing the latest developments from Occupations all over the country.

8:25 AM PT: Our first piece of news: Google supports Occupy Oakland. They've renamed Ogawa Plaza Oscar Grant Plaza in support of Occupy Oakland.

Oscar Grant was murdered by a BART security guard. His last words were "You shot me."

Oakland has had some significant problems with police violence in the past. Despite this, they're confused by the reaction.

Wed Nov 02, 2011 at  8:30 AM PT: Watch this video at 32 seconds. They pepper spray a man because he's SITTING ON THE GROUND:

8:42 AM PT: Police at nashville tell a member of the media he is to be charged with "resisting arrest" for not resisting arrest.

This comes as a civil rights suit is filed by the ACLU. Here's the footage that contradicts the police story:

Resisting arrest isn't the same thing as being arrested. What the hell is the Nashville Police Department thinking?

8:53 AM PT: That Nashville reporter was charged with drunk and disorderly, I think. He wasn't drunk, at all. He was working.

8:54 AM PT: The first action in Oakland just started. We're following the situation.

8:56 AM PT: Occupy Oakland's livestream is up.

9:16 AM PT: Here's Jesse LaGreca (MinistryOfTruth) at Occupy Oakland:

More here:

11:27 AM PT: We have protesters scaling lights in an attempt to hang a banner across the street.

11:30 AM PT: The marching is continuing. The Oakland Tribune has a great quote:

"I haven't seen a single cop and I've seen all protesters acting safely and respectfully," he said. "It's been incredible. My hope is that everything stays de-escalated."

That's good news. We hope the Oakland police wont respond in the same manner that they did the other day.

What's exciting is this: they marched on a Wells Fargo that appeared to have been closed before they got there. The general strike is reaching far and wide.

12:39 PM PT: We can now report arrests at OccupyPhilly is having some significant arrests.

Dustin Slaughter has some amazing photos:

12:40 PM PT: Dustin Slaughter with that last picture: "70+ cops. 9 protesters. One lousy corporate tax dodger. "

12:48 PM PT: We're getting reports that many of the businesses that stayed open in Oakland today are accepting cash only to honor the strike: they can't afford to shut down, but they wont let the bankers profit today.

12:51 PM PT: Current arrest counts: Unverified. We're thinking 20 in Oakland and 10 in Phlilidelphia.

12:52 PM PT: They're saying that officials like Jean Quan did a van tour of downtown Oakland.

I don't know how that's possible when the streets look like this:

12:56 PM PT: Internationally, OccupyDublin is growing, and we have reports that the son of Mary Robinson, former president of Ireland, is camping with the protesters and has been since the beginning.

There's now an Occupy Waterford underway in Ireland. Yes, Waterford as in Waterford Chrystal. That Waterford.

12:58 PM PT: One person responds to right wingers on twitter: "Class Warfare?! Yeah, we're just fighting back!"

1:02 PM PT: Occupy Oakland Childrens' Brigade on the march!

1:05 PM PT: These videos are clearly showing that the marchers in Oakland come from every age, race, and socio-economic background:

This is everyone.

1:22 PM PT: There are rumors that Whole Foods employees were told that they would be fired if they participated in the strike.

I called the Oakland store, got transferred to a regular store associate, and they told me that they haven't heard anything like that.

I got transferred to a manager who also told me it wasn't true, and then to the store manager who got scared and asked me to call Whole Food's press people.

Don't know what to make of this, except that some working man in produce tells me he wasn't threatened.


The building is completely barricaded by protesters now.

1:28 PM PT: Marchers have given an "Eviction Notice" to the OUSD School District Officials, telling them they'll be evicted from office next year for "doing the dirty work of the 1%."

1:30 PM PT: ST Pauls Cathedral DROPS legal complaint against the Occupy London protesters:

1:34 PM PT: The banner from the photo above was successfully set up.

1:36 PM PT: Standing Room Only in the Occupy Oakland encampment:

1:38 PM PT: Bank of America is STILL shut down!

1:42 PM PT: New york is about to march in solidarity with Oakland! Again!

Check in here for LIVE video!

2:00 PM PT: Many banks shut down in anticipation of the marchers. At this point, most of the major banks in downtown Oakland have been shut down.

2:21 PM PT: Downtown Oakland is completely shut down:

2:32 PM PT: So apparently it's now a crime in Florida to register Highschool Students to vote.

2:43 PM PT: The march is now leaving Zuccotti Park.

2:45 PM PT: Great pic from Oakland:

2:50 PM PT: We can confirm that in addition to the marchers from Zuccotti Park, hundreds of students are marching from Washington Square Park at the heart of NYU.

2:53 PM PT: Business Insider: The Inevitable Has Occurred.

Last night Occupy Oakland's General Assembly did something that is likely to catch on with occupations across the country.

They voted to encourage the occupation of foreclosed properties across their city. After all, the bursting of the property bubble is part of why they're on the streets right now.

There is a movement similar to this under the overall Occupy umbrella, It's called Occupy Vacant Properties, and it has been most visible in San Francisco, where families are even reclaiming their old homes post-foreclosures.

2:57 PM PT: The protesters on wall street have reached City Hall, chanting "All Day, All Week, Occupy Wall Street!"

3:19 PM PT: Our coverage has moved. Follow us here:

Originally posted to Writing by Will McLeod: A Better World is Possible on Wed Nov 02, 2011 at 08:18 AM PDT.

Also republished by California politics, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Occupy Wall Street, and Progressive Hippie.

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