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Note:  this diarist is out for a few hours.  Would love to update upon waking, or send diary code to next diarist.  * indicates person has not checked in as home.  

Aloha to Hella Occupy Oakland! for all NorCal-ers. Occupy Oakland livestream is here.

Kossacks hitting the streets of Oakland for the General Strike, please add your name in a comment and let us know, if you can, how you are, where you are, and most important let us know if you need some help. And photos! We want photos!

Keep in touch with each other on Twitter:  #dkosoak

Some of us who can't be in Oakland will monitor and update the diary.

Please rec current liveblog and unrec THIS diary.  

Please unrec the previous liveblog.

This diary is being posted at the request of SFKossack catilinus.

See this diary for Kossack meetup plans and important be-prepared tips.

Updated: here's the diary schedule
1. dsb took the morning shift.
2. FrugalGranny helped out this afternoon
3. ShoshannaD will take over the live blog from 4 to 5:30 p.m.
4. jlms qkw will take over at 5:30 p.m.  <--where you are now i hope.

There's legal hotline info, phone numbers etc. below the fold.

Kossacks planning to hit the street in Oakland are:

*Allie123 still tweeting at 9:49p
no way lack of brain  home
jpmassar is home.
Kith link to profile
*Catilinus  link to profile  heading back out per comment in this diary
*AoT  link to profile
kimoconnor  home.
dirkster42 is home.
RedBlueNoMore  home this afternoon.
Kamakhya is home.
Mindtrain  home.
*karmsy  link to profile
pixxer reported an interesting morning, might be back on the street @5 p.m.  home
The side pockets are home.
On The Bus  home, w/pix
citisven (around noon)  CHECKED IN liveblog #3  photo diary
muddy boots (around noon) checked in w/ photo
Dharmasyd (around noon)"You can't miss me with my portable black oxygen tank which I pull in a white shopping cart.  Straw hat w/ flowers." home.
Tara the Antisocial Social Worker (@ noon) and her niece (@3)  CHECKED IN liveblog#3
*Boatsie (after 3 p.m.) took her laptop along and checked in!
*arreay (5 p.m.)  link to profile
Sapphite (3 p.m.)  home
skywriter was there and is heading back.
Horsefeathers, with photos.
copithorne is home and so is her daughter!

Keep us posted and we'll update. Give em hell and stay safe Kossacks!

Here is legal info from Occupy Legal Oakland

    Legal Hotline 415-285-1011
        This number will be available to track arrests and deal with legal emergencies. We are trying to keep it staffed 24/7. If you are arrested, see arrests, or witness incidences of police misconduct, let us know! Note: We only have resources to support folks in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    What we can't do:
        Handle bail/bond - we can't raise funds, arrange bail, or otherwise deal with money

    Alameda County Detention Centers
    Glen Dyer Detention Facility
    550 6th Street, Oakland
    (510) 268-7777

    Santa Rita Jail
    5325 Broder Blvd, Dublin
    (925) 551-6500

    Online Inmate Locater Alameda County Sheriff  - track your friends in jail!

    Other Useful Numbers
        Alameda County District Attorney's Office - 510-272-6222
        Alameda County Public Defender's Office - 510-272-6600
        County Courthouse - Court Calendar - 510-891-6009
        Alameda County Sheriff - 510-272-6878
        Oakland Police Department - 510-777-3333
        Oakland Police Department Chief of Police - 510-238-3365
        Oakland Mayor's Office - 510-238-3141

   Property Return
    Did you lose your stuff during the police raid on Occupy Oakland? Here's some tips on how to get it back.

    Personal Items - Oakland Police Department
        The Oakland police department has small items like backpacks
        You can call (510) 238-3874 and make an appointment to retrieve your property
        They will address people when they come in for appointments as fast as they can
        If they say that your property is being held as evidence, let us know and we will help you get it back.
        The City is distributing this flyer with more details

    Large Items (Tents, Bikes, etc) - Department of Public Works
         Call (510) 615-5566 and explain you need your property back, and leave your name and contact number, or a friend's number where you can be reached. You should be particular in describing your property and explain where your items were last seen.
        DPW has finished an inventory of the items taken from Frank Ogawa Plaza and Snow Park, and will begin returning them on November 1, at a location near to the Plaza.
        DPW did not keep signs or pallets.
        They have 350 items in 30 bags of items that went together (i.e. a tent and what was in the tent), plus some other items like bicycles and bookshelves. The info is organized it by quadrant of the plaza or park where it was found. They say they will keep the property for 30 days from the raid, however the city is closed from Nov. 24-28.
        As of 10/31, DPW had only received around 30 calls. They want more, so that they can connect people back with the belongings.

Originally posted to Jenn's Corner on Wed Nov 02, 2011 at 05:45 PM PDT.

Also republished by California politics.

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