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Every year I try to round up endorsements from organizations I trust like Progressive Majority and Democracy for America as well as endorsements from environmental groups and labor groups. I try to find the best candidates in the country and publicize them. Coming up in November is a slew of elections around the nation, most of them ignored by too many voters. It is up to activists like us to publicize them, donate to them and to GOTV. Here is my 2011 round up. I am sure I am leaving some out and occasionally a candidate drops out and I publicize them before I notice, but these are the good folks. When we say we want better Democrats, THESE are the people we are talking about and if we don't get them elected, we are failing those better Democrats we talk so much about. So give them some love.

Divided up by state (for those states I can find info on). I will update this list if I get more info. AND DON'T FORGET TO VOTE NOVEMBER 8th!!!!!


Jonathan Rothschild for Tuscon Mayor (Progressive Majority Endorsement) (2011 endorsement)

Jonathan Rothschild has also been endorsed by:

Tucson Fire Fighters Association
Tucson Police Officers Association
Arizona Democratic Law Professionals Association
Arizona Multihousing Association
Arizona Pipe Trades 469
Arizona State Building & Construction Trades Council
International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers Local 933
Ironworkers Local 75
Las Adelitas
National Association of Letter Carriers
Rincon Group of the Sierra Club
Tucson Education Association
UFCW Arizona 99


Alfonso Nunez for Aurora City Council - Ward 5 (Progressive Majority Endorsement, Firefighter) (2011 Endorsement)


Ted James for Louisiana State Representative (LA-HD101) (Democracy for America Endorsement, also endorsed by Louisiana Federation of Teachers, East Baton Rouge Young Democrats and AFL-CIO)


George Brown for Jackson City Council - Ward 4 (Progressive Majority Endorsement) (2011 Endorsement)

Kyle DuBuc for Royal Oak City Commissioner (Progressive Majority Endorsement, also endorsed by Equality Michigan and Michigan Sierra Club, former Peace Corps volunteer) (2011 endorsement)

Mamie Moore for Highland Park City Council (Progressive Majority Endorsement) (2011 endorsement)

Michigan Focus: Zack Stanton for New Baltimore City Council (Progressive Majority Endorsement) (2011 endorsement)


Joe Tatalovich for St. Louis Park School Board (Progressive Majority Endorsement, CRITICAL RACE) (2011 endorsement)...I feel all judicial and school board races are critical but too often ignored, and we need more progressives elected to these positions.


Ed Zipprich for Red Banks Borough Council (LD-11) (Democracy for America Endorsement)

Juanita Lewis  for Red Banks Borough Council (LD-11) (Democracy for America Endorsement)

More on Ed Zipprich and Juanita Lewis:

Vin Gopal for Assembly (NJ-LD11) (Democracy for America Endorsements, EMT)

Kathy Horgan for Assembly (NJ-LD11) (Democracy for America Endorsements)

Ray Santiago for State Senate (NJ-SD11) (Democracy for America Endorsement)

Marie Corfield for Assembly (NJ-LD16) (Democracy for America Endorsement, teacher)

Steve Yellin (NJ-Berkeley Heights Council) (Democracy for America Endorsement)

Loretta Weinberg for State Senate (NJ-SD37) (Democracy for America Endorsement)

Mary Lou Frankel for Third Ward Council (NJ-LD03) (Democracy for America Endorsement)

Dan Benson for Assembly (NJ-LD14) (Democracy for America Endorsement)

More on Dan Benson:

Linda Greenstein for State Senate (NJ-SD14) (Democracy for America Endorsement)

Tom Wyka for Parsippany Township Council (NJ-Parsippany Council) (Democracy for America Endorsement, Camp Wellstone alumnus)

Chris Leitner (NJ - Point Pleasant Council) (Democracy for America Endorsement)


Jeff Coryell for Cleveland Heights City Council At-large (Progressive Majority Endorsement) (2011 endorsement)

Jeff Coryell has also been endorsed by:

# Cleveland Heights Teachers Union
# Cleveland Stonewall Democrats
# North Shore AFL/CIO Federation of Labor
# NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio
# Jewish Voters Association
# Black Women's Political Action Committee

More on Jeff Coryell:


Jason Salus for Montgomery County Treasurer (Progressive Majority Endorsement) (2011 Endorsement)


Judy LeUnes for Texas House (TX-HD14) (Democracy for America Endorsement, teacher)


David Bernard for State Senate - District 10 (Progressive Majority Endorsement, EMT) (2011 endorsement) more than ever I feel like it is important to support firefighters and EMTs running for office. We desperately need their point of view represented as a counter to the "Drown America in a Bathtub" attitude of modern Republicans

Gary West for Delegate (Democracy for America Endorsement)...Gary seems to be able to get bipartisan support while also getting the support of Democracy for America. Sounds like a valuable person to elect!



Joy Jones for Spokane City Council - District 3, Position 1 (Progressive Majority, Spokane Regional Labor Council, and Spokane Fire Fighters Local 29 Endorsements, CRITICAL RACE) (2011 endorsement)...this race is critical for achieving a Democratic and progressive majority in the Spokane city council

More on Joy Jones: Joy on Small Business

Christina Maginnis for Whatcom County Council - District 2, Position B (Progressive Majority, Northwest Washington Central Labor Council, Sierra Club and Democracy for America Endorsements, CRITICAL RACE) (2011 endorsement)...this race is critical for pushing back against Teabagger gains in Whatcom county. A true progressive vs teabagger race!

Richard Mitchell for King County Council. (Progressive Majority, Washington Conservation Voters, Teamsters Joint Council 28, and Sierra Club Endorsements)(2011 endorsement)

Ryan Mello for Tacoma City Council, Pos. 8 At-large (Tacoma Firefighters' Local 31, Sierra Club, People For the American Way, and Progressive Majority Endorsements) (2011 endorsement)

Joe McDermott for King County Council - District 8 (Progressive Majority, Washington Conservation Voters, NARAL, Teamsters and SEIU Endorsements) (2011 endorsement)

Cathy Lehman for Bellingham City Council - Ward 3 (Progressive Majority and Sierra Club Endorsements) (2011 endorsement)

Stephanie Wright for Snohomish County Council - District 3 (Progressive Majority, Deputy Sheriff's Association, Sierra Club, Washington Conservation Voters, and AFL-CIO Endorsements) (2011 endorsement)

Rob Gelder for Kitsap County Commissioner - District 1 (Progressive Majority Endorsement) (2011 endorsement)

 Richard Rush for Spokane City Council - District 2 (Progressive Majority Endorsement) (2011 endorsement)

More on Richard Rush: Standing On Principles - Declining Council Pay Increase  

Ben Stuckart for Spokane City Council President (Progressive Majority, Spokane Regional Labor Council, NARAL, and Spokane Firefighters Local 29 Endorsements) (2011 endorsement)

More on Ben Stuckhart:

David Stalheim Whatcom for County Executive (Progressive Majority, Teamsters, Planned Parenthood and Sierra Club Endorsements) (2011 endorsement)

More on David Stalheim: David Stalheim Announces Endorsements from Planned Parenthood Votes, Teamsters Local 231, Nooksack Tribe and Progressive Majority

Othman Heibe SeaTac City Council - Position 3 (Progressive Majority Endorsement) (2011 endorsement)

Mia Gregerson for SeaTac City Council - Position 7 (Progressive Majority Endorsement) (2011 endorsement)


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