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Oh HELL yes!  Local matters!  Diversity matters!  

The election yet to be finalized until today's runoff between the Democratic candidate and incumbent Kevin Hill and Republican challenger Heather Losurdo for Wake County School Board has given the Democratic Party a majority!  After the voters in Raleigh and Wake County completely rejected "neighborhood schools" and Tea Party Republicanism on October 11th in favor of Democratic candidates in a total turn of events from the previous election when the Teahadist's took control, this seat was still contested due to Kevin Hill (DEM) receiving only 49% of the vote which triggered a runoff tonight.

WAKE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA?  You RAWK!!!  The people have spoken and they have loudly stated that they reject Tea Party values in favor of diversity, caring for your neighbor and wanting to live in harmony with all people.  

It's a beautiful thing!

Oh, the money flowed in to Wake County from the right wing groups who did their best to overturn the will of the people, hoping that turnout in a runoff and a lot of money would allow them to cut their losses from last month.

The People Win

Incumbent Wake County school board member Kevin Hill defeated challenger Heather Losurdo in a runoff tonight to complete a Democratic election sweep that knocks Republicans out of power after a turbulent two-year reign.

Hill’s victory in District 3 ended a half-million-dollar, high-profile battle over control of Wake County’s 146,000-student system. The nationally publicized fight for the school board had become a proxy for political control of the county and perhaps beyond.

In unofficial election totals with all precincts reporting, Hill had 52.28 percent of the vote in a runoff that was triggered when he fell 51 votes shy of a majority in the Oct. 11 general election. Coupled with the election victories of four Democratic-backed candidates last month, the win creates a new 5-4 Democratic majority.

My progressive friends?  THIS is the power of local politics in action.  Start in your neighborhood, elect progressives and keep grooming the good ones to move up to State and National office.  

I am proud of my neighbors.  I am proud of people winning over money.  

Yes.  We will.  We did.

Originally posted to funluvn1 on Tue Nov 08, 2011 at 05:42 PM PST.

Also republished by ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement.

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