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Our Governor decided that it  is against the law to protest after 6 pm on the State House Property.  She had the S.C. Bureau of Protective Services troopers took 19 Occupy Columbia protesters in front of the State House into custody in a driving rainstorm around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday.

 The State is updating the story as it has happened.


Officers escorted small groups of those taken into custody back towards the State House. Officers placed band-type handcuffs behind their back. Protesters did not resist; there was no violence.

I will be the first to admit  Occupy Columbia  does not compare to New York or Oakland  or other large cities, but this is the capitol of South Carolina, and the Governor decides she can make up new rules as she goes.  I have never heard where the 1st Amendment  ends every evening at 6 pm.

I am sure someone will be filing some legal papers in the next few days to stop the Governor.

I am still having a hard time sitting at my desk for a long period  so I apologize  for the short diary  but I thought the arrested deserved some  recognition for standing up to the Governor.

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