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As everyone knows, our own Nurse Kelley (KelleyRN2) has had an awful year health-wise.  First there were the breathing problems this summer.  The doctors never figured out that one.  Now she is having trouble eating.  It is so bad that she can only get down liquids.  This is serious stuff.  Being the wise woman that she is, she made an appointment with her gastroenterologist.  Her appointment is this morning.

Kelley is an amazing woman.  She has helped Kossacks far and wide, posting diaries on various medical conditions, giving advice and suggesting specialists when asked, and generously giving of her love, her time, and her support, online and over the phone.  She even whacks trolls she perceives as bullying Kossacks and disrupting serious conversations.  Her heart is so big, it defies measurement.  I have often thought that her capacity for love is like a supernova.  And so it is.

One of my spiritual practices is coloring mandalas.  A few weeks ago, I found one here that I decided to print and save for a special occasion or a special person.  Last night, thinking about Kelley and her health and all her love, I made copies of the special mandala, got out the Berol Prismacolor pencils, and got to it.  This morning I added the note, scanned it, washed it through PaintShop to enhance it and emphasize the colors (I need real markers to really make this pop).  I just wish I could turn it instantly into a real-live great big group hug.  

Why?  Because the Spirit said "Do it".  Because when you feel that awful, when you have symptoms this scary, you need to know people love you.  Yes, the appointment is today.  But this specialist is probably going to order tests.  It's a holiday week.  She may have to wait to get the tests done, and wait again to get the results.  It's the waiting that's the worst.  You get jittery and a bit anxious, even if you're a seasoned pro like our Kelley.  And that's when you need your friends' love and support, to keep your mind off the waiting.

I would like everyone who sees this diary to leave a note for Nurse Kelley.  Let's make this a giant virtual get-well/feel-our-love card.

Kelley, this one's for you:

Love multiplied mandala enhanced 1  

She has poured out her love on us all.  I can't keep track of all the Kossacks, past and present, whom she's helped:  Ben Masel, exmearden, indiecemopants, escapee, blue jersey mom, me, just scads and scads of people.  I think it is time we all poured our love back on her.  Let's return it, multiplied a millionfold, a supernova of love for all she gives to all of us.  


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