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 Foreign Policy:  No Argument here.  Ron Paul is more liberal.

  Bank Bailouts:   Can giving trillions to the Wall Street banks be considered liberal?

  Federal Reserve:  How can corporate banks controlling our money supply be considered liberal?

 The War on Drugs:  Again no argument:  Ron Paul is more liberal

The patriot Act:  No argument:  Ron Paul is more liberal

Homeland Security:  Unless giving up our freedom and wasting a ton of money can be considered liberal.

Federal aid to homeowners:  This is massive.  Fannie and Freddie are both losing hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer money propping up the housing market.  The Federal reserve is buying trillions in nearly worthless mortgage backed securities.  The FHA is backing hundreds of billions of underwater mortgages.  Then there is direct aid to homeowners in the making housing more affordable acts which actually make housing more expensive.

In general the wealthy own the houses and the more wealthy the more house.  All these handouts to homeowners take from the poor and give to the wealthy.  There is nothing liberal or progressive here.  Ron Paul is much more liberal than Obama on this point.

To protest government debt-mongering and the resulting enslavement of the 99% to employers and to banks, not to mention the giant Fannie/Freddie/FHA hole the federal budget, let us declare a general house buyer strike.

Let us not buy any house until the government eliminates all subsidies and guarantees for mortgage loans. This means the complete elimination of the FHA, Fannie, Freddie, and any other program that subsidizes or guarantees mortgage debt, including the purchases of mortgage-backed bonds by the Federal Reserve.

Congress and President Obama's hiking of the jumbo loan limit to $729,000 today is a sneak attack on your financial freedom. Their evil goal is to get you to sign away your whole working life for the benefit of the 1%.

Buying with cash won't help. You would then be bidding your hard-earned money against someone who is enslaving themselves with huge loans subsidized by and guaranteed by taxpayers -- taxpayers like you yourself!

If buyers all band together nationally and refuse to buy, then we will all win with much lower house prices when these programs are eliminated.

Sellers who want to move upscale would also win, because they'd get a bigger discount on their next house than they would lose on their current house.

Health Care:  I don't pretend to understand the new health care laws but from talking to those that do understand them, they aren't going to improve things much and will probably make matters worse.  It is obvious that our present health care system with its private insurance companies is no damn good.  Ron Paul has no good plan here either, but at least he will save us so much money by cutting military spending, ending the homeowner and banking subsidies and on and on that we will all be able to better afford health care.

I would prefer a single payer system but there is not even anything remotely representing this choice on the ballot.

Social Security and Medicare:  Ron Paul is no friend of either program, but again by saving the government so much money on all the rest, these programs would all be much better funded under Ron Paul.

I am pretty certain that I am way to the left of most here on Dailykos on most issues.  Further, most Republicans and most Democrats are just bought and paid for demagogues.

Ron Paul is apparently not bought and paid for.  It would be nice to see an honest discussion here on issues.  Of course there are issues where Obama is more liberal than Ron Paul.  These are for the most part social issues.  

On the real bread and butter issues Ron Paul is much more liberal and progressive than Obama.


Originally posted to dnpvd0111 on Wed Nov 23, 2011 at 08:29 AM PST.

Also republished by Thursday Worst Diary Competition and Trolls.


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