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And they wonder why we Occupy Wall Street! Just get a load of this . . .

With job creating geniuses like this, who needs sociopathic super-villians?

   Former AIG CEO Maurice Greenberg, however, thinks that the American people haven’t done enough to protect his massive fortune, so his company filed a lawsuit demanding even more taxpayer money:
   Starr International, the company run by the former head of insurance giant American International Group (AIG), has filed a $25 billion lawsuit against the federal government, arguing that the takeover of the insurance company at the height of the financial crisis was unconstitutional.

    When the government took an 80 percent interest in AIG during the financial crisis, it did so without “due process or just compensation,” in violation of the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution, according to the suit filed Monday in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.

    The unbridled arrogance of this lawsuit is astonishing. While the wealthy insurance baron is correct that the Constitution does not allow private property to be taken “without just compensation” — a requirement that generally requires the government to pay a property owner the fair market value for their property — his legal complaint can be rebutted with just one chart:

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Unbridled arrogance.

NEWSFLASH: AIG was worth jack shit when the US taxpayers bailed them out. David Vitter's diapers were worth more. Some people would say that AIG paid us back the money they were given, to which I'd reply "Great, how'd that work out for us?"

After receiving almost $70 Billion in taxpayer bailouts former AIG CEO Maurice Greenberg is now suing the US Government for $25 Billion, and all we have to show for it is this crushing unemployment and these stagnant wages.

Because poor Maurice Greenberg needs another $25 billion in tax payer money. Socialism for the rich. Greenberg got bailed out, the people got sold out.

And they wonder why we Occupy?

More below the fold . . .

Former AIG CEO Maurice Greenberg says it is unconstitutional that the US Gov took over his failing insurance giant and let him keep his job and his golden parachute while showered AIG with billions in taxpayer money. Cry me a river, Maurice. This is like me borrowing my neighbors' lawnmower, than returning it in terrible condition filled with an engine full of sugar, and then suing him for letting me borrow it. Basically, Wall Street is the worst neighbor EVER.

But if I say it is wrong to privatize social security then I am the one engaging in class warfare against poor, innocent millionaires with uncertainty issues like Maurice Greenberg.

Yeah! He's a genius. Maurice Greenberg gets free money and a golden parachute, and we get to clean up the deficit mess ourselves. Get your broom and mop, Billy, no arts and sciences funding in school for you, time to do menial janitorial work cleaning up the garbage while Maurice Greenberg and his kids wreck the place on your dime. Get used to it, Billy. This is the Maurice Greenberg plan for America for the rest of our lives.

Now, where is Maurice Greenberg's FREE MONEY? He apparently hasn't gotten enough already, the poor thing.


RUN! HURRY! We can't tax the millionaire CEO's, but we can sure as hell tax the peasants to fund these ridiculously clownish financial interests in their fiendish schemes to rob us all.

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Which of the following aptly describes former AIG Maurice Greenberg's $25 Billion lawsuit against the US Gov?

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