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Essence at Ease

Water flows to the lowest level
in this place.
It also evaporates and ascends to the highest level
of its potential.

And as water, so too with Consciousness...
Water may change its form, but its essence remains the same.
So too is the way of Consciousness...
Water is most useful when it is moving,,,
Yet so beautiful when it is perfectly still...
As in a clear pond.
And there is Consciousness at work and at play.
And there is Consciousness that is still and quiet.
From this still and quiet place, we see that everything is in flux.
And we are carried away in it.
Sometimes as it.
But never of it.
And there is an Ocean of Bliss that is endless.
And such an Ocean refuses no river.
Swim in the river and you may tire and drown.
But let the river carry you and surely the Ocean awaits.
And the rocks are sharp.
And the waterfalls steep.
And this is a danger to everything but the river itself.
Swim to the shore and sit on the banks?
And save your "self".
And be content just to watch the river go by.
Or, be the water.
And meet that Ocean.
That clever "self" on the shore, the one that navigates, cannot help you here.
Be the water, rushing violently at times over razor sharp rocks.
And know that its essence is always at ease.
The Essence is always at ease.

- Eric Allen Bell

Eric Allen Bell
Eric Allen Bell is Founder of
Consciousness-Based Television

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    Recommended by:
    Bette Kibble


    by EricAllenBell on Wed Nov 23, 2011 at 09:29:07 AM PST

  •  Ever listen to Rush? (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    EricAllenBell, Bette Kibble

    The band, not the blowhard. Know the song "Fountain of Lamneth?" I'll reprint the lyrics here, I think they are interesting in light of what you've written.

    I. In the Valley

    I am born;
    I am me.
    I am new.
    I am free.

    Look at me;
    I am young.
    Sight unseen;
    life unsung.

    My eyes have just been opened,
    and they're open very wide.
    Images around me
    don't identify inside.

    Just one blur I recognize,
    the one that soothes and feeds.
    My way of life is easy,
    and as simple are my needs.

    Yet my eyes are drawn toward
    the mountain in the east.
    Fascinates and captivates;
    gives my heart no peace.

    The mountain holds the sunrise
    in the prison of the night,
    till bursting forth from rocky chains,
    the valley floods with light.

    Living one long sunrise,
    for to me all things are new.
    I've never watched the sky grow
    pale, or strolled through fields of dew.

    I do not know of dust to dust.
    I live from breath to breath.
    I live to climb that mountain
    to the Fountain of Lamneth.

    II. Didacts and Narpets


    III. No One At the Bridge

    Crying back to consciousness,
    the coldness grips my skin.
    The sky is pitching violently,
    and drawn by shrieking winds.

    Seaspray blurs my vision.
    Waves roll by so fast.
    Save my ship of freedom.
    I'm lashed, helpless, to the mast.

    Remembering when first I held
    the wheel in my own hands,
    I took the helm so eagerly
    and sailed for distant lands.

    But now the sea's too heavy.
    And I just don't understand,
    why must my crew desert me
    when I need a guiding hand?

    Call out for direction
    and there's no one there to steer.
    Shout out for salvation
    but there's no one there to hear.

    Cry out supplication
    for the maelstrom is near.
    Scream out desperation
    but no one cares to hear.

    IV. Panacea

    The whiteness of confusion
    is unfolding from my mind.
    I stare around in wonder.
    Have I left my life behind.

    I catch the scent of ambergris
    And turn my head, surprised.
    My gaze is caught and held and I
    am helpless, mesmerized.

    Panacea, liquid grace.
    Oh, let me touch your gentle face.
    Enchantment falls arond me
    and I know I cannot leave.

    Here's a meaning for my life,
    a shelter from the storm.
    Pacify my troubles with
    her body, soft and warm.

    Naked in our unity,
    a smile for ev'ry tear.
    Gentle hands that promise me
    comfort through the years.

    Yet I know I must be gone
    before the light of dawn.

    Panacea, passion pure.
    I can't resist your gentle lure.
    My heart will lie beside you,
    and my wandering body grieve.

    V. Bacchus Plateau

    Another endless day.
    Silhouettes of grey.
    Another glass of wine.
    Drink with eyes that shine.

    To days
    without that chill at morning.
    Long nights,
    time out of mind.

    Draw another goblet
    from the cask of forty-three.
    Crimson, misty mem'ry,
    hazy glimpse of me.

    Give me back my wonder.
    I've something more to give.
    I guess it doesn't matter.
    There's not much more to,
    not much more to live.

    Another foggy dawn.
    The mountain almost gone.
    Another doubtful fear.
    The road is not so clear.

    My soul
    grows ever weary,
    and the end
    is ever near.

    VI. The Fountain

    Look the mist is rising,
    and the sun is peaking through.
    See the steps grow lighter
    as I reach their final few.

    Hear the dancing waters;
    I must be drawing near.
    Feel, my heart is pounding
    with embattled hope and fear.

    The key, the end, the answer,
    stripped of their disguise.
    Still it's al confusion,
    and tears spring to my eyes.

    Though I've reached a signpost;
    it's really not the end.
    Like old Sol behind the mountain,
    I'll be coming up again.

    Now at last I fall before
    The Fountain of Lamneth.
    I thought I would be singing,
    but I'm tired, out of breath.

    Many journeys end here,
    but the secret's told the same.
    Life is just the candle,
    and a dream must give it flame.

    I'm in motion.
    I am still.
    I am crying.
    I am still.
    I'm together.
    I'm apart.
    I'm forever
    at the start.
    Still, I am.

  •  Dissolve (0+ / 0-)

    ....all barriers and resistances and the "Clever self" which is the ego, ...and merge into that great Ocean of Bliss.....Peace!  thank you for this lovely reminder of our true Self.

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