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I've found a few weapon's caches in my life.  Some were AK47s, some were RPGs, but in my brief but too long military career, I never found a cache of kitchen knives or {{shudder}} cardboard tubes.

Officials from the NYPD would only confirm that one knife was found buried in a planter on Tuesday.

FOX quoted Deputy Mayor Cas Halloway who said, “Makeshift  items that can be used as weapons, such as cardboard tubes with metal pipes inside, had been observed among the occupiers’ possessions.”  

Quite a cache, eh?

Halloway went on to say,"“It was our understanding that the protester may have had a significant number of items that could be potentially used as weapons.”

Cardboard tubes, damn.  Those are as bad as aluminum tubes in the wrong hands.  They are so easily converted into bazookas by MyGyver. (edit: and Captain Kirk -see below)

The "large kitchen knife" and other knives that were not described were found by gardeners in flower beds.  OMG, think of the flowers.

I have nothing to add below the thing that looks like two squirrels doing it in a sack.

Originally posted to Z. Woof on Wed Nov 23, 2011 at 08:07 PM PST.

Also republished by J Town.

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