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guys, ever take a standing piss in the dark?

you know how there's often just a little bit of crud or underwear thread sticking to the end of your dick, throwing off your aim?

no, don't turn off women; you need to hear this.

so you aim for the toilet, but you know from your own ears, you aren't hitting water. so you aim a little bit left, a little bit right, then more left, then more right, but dammit somehow, you just aren't hitting the target, and you know you're making a mess on the floor. so you have to try to aim lower, but you don't want to piss on your own legs.

(and no, before you overthink it, the "aiming left/right" has SHIT to do with the arbitrary definitions of real-life politics. if you have to shit, you have to sit down.)

that's often how i feel, trying to understand anything about the stock markets. or the bond markets. or the national bank. or the social security funds. or about, oh fuck, just about anything about money.

all i know is what's in my own wallet or accounts. and if it's one fucking thing i know, it's that i CANNOT afford a deficit in any place within my own name, within my own control.

NOTHING in my personal life and accounting can AFFORD TO BE IN THE RED... NOTHING IN MY LIFE BENEFITS ME BY BEING IN THE RED. especially blood in my piss or stool.




it is the same shuckster/heisterisms that those who leech our money from us, use to control us. they wave their hands and say, "it's good for us, so get with the program you ignorant lazy hippies" - yeah, i bet, it must be good for you, you're bleeding our money out from us with these tactics. but it sure as shit isn't any good for the rest of us.


perhaps four to six months ago, a study released hinted that "schizophrenics have too much memory retention."

i'm wondering what kind of (western) world we live in now, where one's ability to have a "good memory" is considered a negative trait. where the fact of BEING ABLE TO RETAIN KNOWLEDGE and formed opinions based upon these facts, and upon the speeches of candidates vying to RUN THE WHOLE FUCKING SHITHOUSE might make one qualifiable to be defined as a "schizo."

consider the modern lifestyle of a modern family. two parents (if they are lucky to keep their marriage together), each likely having a job (or two, or three) - and children pulling their attention this way and that. jammed into the noisy, cacophanous, and (intentionally) confusing corporate mediasphere, i don't know a single family person who doesn't feel like =they are not losing their minds.

now, what would make them feel better, if not to call those who have kept single (or at least childless), who manage to tuned in to (and turn on) the right sources online (which unless shared, makes one seem like they are "making up" information to combat corporate misinformation - if they will even follow through and believe the information provided) - who manage to actually find out what is right, from what is wrong...

they do not see through the agenda-cized corporate-driven news and media channels. they cannot. they are not able. they are not qualified. they are not skilled at media deconstruction. and as long as they receive their reinforcement from these same channels, they will never, ever learn any differently.

they don't time for it. they don't have time for you. their own jobs, their own lives, their own children, need their attention. and when they have any time leftover, they need their news in one minute or less. who do you think they'll turn to for that? those who provide and reinforce their beliefs.

what would help the corporate media masters more, than to pat these poor, busy, crazy "normals" on the head, to reassure them that their worldviews are right, and that those hippies protesting economic inequity are wrong?

call all the others crazy, lazy, fucked-up hippies. have a more comfortable, easy, rewarded, do-what-you're-told life for it.

consequently, they won't listen to you or me, nor to anyone else we would know and trust. their ears and eyes are closed to anything other than their pre-formed, pre-packaged "reason".

you and i might as well be as distant from our fellow citizens - our friends and family we otherwise know, love and wish to protect from harm - as the starving brown people in the third world, in their minds. they "don't know" us, really - so nor will they be able to care about what happens to us. (nor themselves, in the long run, but for now the good little slave-sheep that they are, they will be tended and nurtured and milked and shaved for their wool by their corporate taskmasters.)

those who know how to use the internet for their "memories"... those who write accurate economic/political portrayals, our favorite columnists and commentary-ists - our keith-o's, our rachels, our stewarts/colberts and their capable staffs of researchers/writers... well, having such "memories" by way of research, they must be the most schizo, the craziest sons-of-bitches of the bunch. ignore 'em... all their shit is "made up." you can't source it... because they will refuse to do their homework to confirm that they DO NOT make up their news.

and god bless em for it. (and i don't invoke god to bless very often...)


screaming blue messiahs - "let's go down the woods"

when i was a bouncin' baby boy,
my mama took me down to the wishing well.
then she threw in the silver coins, and said
"learn this lesson and learn it well..."

"go with the calling; lose all vision...
go with the calling; that's my position..."

let's go down to the woods and pray;
pray, pray for a brighter day.

there's a man lyin' face-down in the ruins;
his body is a burnt-out shell.
but you will get no sense from him,
'cuz his mind is burnt as well.


go with the calling; lose all vision...
go with the calling; that's my position...

let's go down to the woods and pray;
pray, pray for a brighter day.

you wanna buy somethin',
you wanna buy somethin' from me?
well it's not for sale - it's not for sale;
know what i mean? it's not for sale.

do it today...

go with the calling; lose all vision...
go with the calling; that's my position...

let's go down to the woods and pray;
pray, pray for a brighter day.

why does it have to be this way?
that's what all the people say.
yes i know it's hard to find
happiness and peace of mind.

yes it is...

let's go down to the woods and pray;
pray, pray for a brighter day.

why does it have to be this way?
that's what all the people say.

i say, i say, i say, i say,
let's go down to the woods and pray.
let's go down to the woods and pray...

don't do it tomorrow, do it today!

you got anything else to say,
any last requests?
(whose blood are you gonna suck?)

any last requests?


all these goddamned week-after-week GOP debates - who's paying for them? who is paying to keep these rank idiots on television and in the public's mind? who is keeping their talking points, stupid and inhuman as they are (child janitors, really?), out in the public sphere, as if these are valid, viable options that people should entertain and discuss over their lunches? (i'm looking at you, norquist/koch bros/all other unnamable names, safely keeping your profiles out of the public conversation sphere...)

now who's crazy?

but there is still that pesky internet... computers are too helpful to people who have little memory retention or little time. how will the corporations manage to stop this?

pass laws criminalizing anonymous net usage.

so while "citizens united" allow corporations to start down the road to being anonymous, now they will try to take our anonymity away from us.

they envy our anonymity, while at the same time they wish to deprive us of ours. they want to switch places, turn the tables.

they want to be that anonymous "helpful web-friend" or "respected net commentator," making "recommendations" (actually sales pitches) about what's hot, what's not. to tell you what to buy. where you can spend your money... and you -will- spend your money, dammit...

... while striving to take away our power to remain anonymous, to enter our names, locations, and buying habits into their databases. to target those who question or buck the system. to use the process of elimination.

even if you don't give your money to that one profiteer directly, but to their direct competitors, who are playing the same goddamned money-sucking game as you are. at least they're preserving and protecting the playing field for all of them - themselves and their competitors, instead of the marks turning away and keeping their money to themselves. "preserve the habit."

for power and greed. to keep control over -our- family and friends, instead of letting them listen to -us.- this -is- the fault of corporations, for they control the bilous media hoses that end up coming out of the mouths of our loved ones.


i very recently had a conversation with a family member who was "interested in reading more about herman cain" as a candidate. i could only hold my head in disgust... apparently they haven't even kept up with his past two or three months of bullshit, or the other GOP candidates. that he had already topped out and fallen off the "electable" scale.

sadly, =this is what we fight against... those who have choosen to ignore the debates and the consequent reporting of these debates. those who wish to keep their heads much farther curled around than to keep their heads in the sand, but instead keep them firmly buried up into their own assholes.

just try having a sensible conversation with a person like this, where you try to provide the right information and facts. listen to them interrupt you, try to drown you out as if you were a guest on their own fox talk show.

or maybe you just look poorer or "dirtier" to them... "why should i listen to you, if you don't make as much money as i do?" (is there any sensible answer to this question, other than a punch to the head?)

we need mental pepper spray. we need psychic tasers. we need the words and phrases that will -BREAK- the barriers in their brains and -get through- to them.

but, oh well... as long as they're so dull and stupid that they don't even notice that even all the tv commercials call them idiots to their faces... "you're stupid! buy shit!" i.e., black friday commercials ("you're an idiot power shopper! buy shit!")

(that "power-shopper" black friday campaign for target, even more irritating than the walmart campaign - lady, you're a half-pound of makeup from looking like a "strangers with candy" character. and oversized fake pearls on your ears, neck and wrists? i'm a dude, but i can tell you, you look like someone my grandma wouldn't even trust as having your full faculties.)

we will never have the power to pull this off without all our family and friends with us. we won't ever be able to empower and defend the -correct- parties, people and governmental processes to reinact and reenforce the regulations that are necessary to solve national and global economic, environmental and corporate problems that arise without the control and will of the people. we just won't.

that, or we need to get all these wonderful "we're rich and want to pay more taxes too" types together to start a "lefty media corp" that starts a number of cable channels that doesn't treat people like fucking idiots, instead of letting their generous platitudes simply being misused and misconstrued by the right. (and start lefty cable-tv utilities that support these better channels, and discourage others - no fox channels of any sort, of course. i'm tempted to cut off disney too, but if you don't give the plebes espn, they go nuts.) you -know- that your co-worker didn't make up "well let them send in a check if they want to" by themselves. they're fucking parrots, so let's give them something better and more intelligent to fucking parrot.

how about "they won't bother to send in more on their own if it puts them at an economic disadvantage to their competitors?" more than a mouthful and it won't fit on a bumper sticker, but rings true and gives them something chunkier to chew on.

just because you're distracted/confused by your family/life/media-manipulation is no reason, no right, to fuck with my life, my rights. just because you feel like "you don't know all the facts" is no reason to pussy out to the right - really, is that "the normal"?

don't vote while confused. and if you can't do the math, then don't tell me the flat tax is "fair." the rich already pay less (in percentage) of the tax burdon than the poor. making it "flat" will do little.

they shirk and politically engineer their tax burdon off of their own shoulders, and that burdon falls upon the backs of every one less than they are. that is their idea of "human rights."


screaming blue messiahs - "smash the marketplace"

smash the market - smash the marketplace!

(most of the first verse, unintelligible; best interpret follows...)

make the mark,
lickin' gun,
all the profits,
can't get enough...

sittin' round,
favorite table,
listenin to,
holiday world...

smash the market...
smash the market in the fourth world!
smash the market - smash the marketplace!

i didn't learn much
when i was young,
because ya don't learn much
where i come from...

but i gotta big house,
and i call it home...
it's a livin' home!
a designer-foam home...

smash the market...
smash the market in the fourth world!
smash the market - smash the marketplace!

it's a bleak vision!
in the first world,
and no one seems
to know the connection,

and now you're stuck in the fourth world,
cuz the sun's goin' down in the
one di-rec-tion!

don't miss the connection!
cuz the sun's goin' down in the
one di-rec-tion!

it's a bleak vision!
it's a bleak vision!

smash the market...
smash the market in the fourth world!
smash the market - smash the marketplace!

smash it in tomorrow!
smash it in SPITE!


i am sorry that not all these thoughts are "in order" - they come somewhat simultaneously. re-assemble into coherent thoughts as best serves you.

i'm not surprised that you can't
see what i envision,
but if you don't move your ass
there's gonna be a collision.

drink heavily. carry pepper spray.

save a football. tackle a cheerleader.

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