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Contrary to what y'all might believe, I do like some non - silly holiday songs. ;D This is a gorgeous song of which I frequently find myself singing the harmony part.

Let's get historical for past December 6ths. In 1957, the AFL-CIO expelled the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Wasn't this during the time you really really did not want to pi$$ off Jimmy Hoffa?! On this date in 2003, Army became the first team to finish 0 - 13 in major college football history after a 34-6 loss to Navy. Yea, no one in my corner of the world knows a thing about the local football team being 0 - 13. ;D

Ryan White was born on this date in 1971. Wow... OK...gotta find something to cheer me up fast. All right! This classic always does the trick - even though Lucy is a first - class @itch. ;D

On with The Rachel Maddow Show!

"Rough Rider" - Look how young then - state Senator Barack Obama looked back in 2004. Politics ages the hell outta ya'! Rachel's comparing today's speech to that speech in 2004? O...K... I'm not sure I'd go THAT far. Yea...yea...Teddy Roosevelt was in the same town President Obama was today. Rachel thinks today's speech will make the Dems take notice like they did in 2004. Broken record again, but we'll see. Politics does a lot more than age you. Once you get the office you seek, life looks a lot different - I guess. It shouldn't, but I guess it does. Teddy Roosevelt wouldn't make it in today's GOBP. Neither would Senator Barry Goldwater. Neither would St. Ronnie the Reagan! Senator Sherrod Brown's in studio to chat up today's speech from President Obama; he liked it. Paint me surprised - NOT. :) Rachel must be in DC tonight. Congress won't "move away from special interests." Congress is too tied to special interests - on all sides. Get a Congress with cojones to pass a law to overturn Citizens United! Senator Brown also talked up Rich Cordry - the gentleman in line to head the office dreamed up by Elizabeth Warren who doesn't stand a chance against the GOBP because the GOBP doesn't want that agency to exist. Senator Brown honestly doesn't know what'll happen with the payroll tax holiday & unemployment benefits; he wants the Senate to stay in town through Christmas to get these issues done. NOT BLOODY LIKELY! Senator Kookie Kyl wants the payroll tax holiday extended if the GWB tax cuts for the super rich get extended, too. What a gentleman! *&^%$#@!

"This Is Your Life, Newt Gingrich" - OK, what "this day in history" item did I mess for Newt? I might have read it but just decided to skip it. ;D Newt's doing quite well in the polls these days, thank you. The IA caucuses are 4 weeks from today?! Ugh... Ah yes! I did read this item; it was the start of all the Congress investigations of Newtie while he was still House "leader." He was the first Speaker to be reprimanded like that?! HA! The vote was 395 - 28??!! Holy $hit! Who were the 28 who supported him? Look who looked way less orange back in 1995! ;D OK, I gotta try to find that roll call for who the 28 were. Look at all those other familiar GOBP faces! A whole mess of folk did not want Newt to be POTUS when he was Speaker; he didn't exactly inspire teh warm & fuzzy! Holy crap! 1 of the sponsors for Newt's big fundraiser tomorrow night is the guy who was the next House Speaker that had to leave because Larry Flynt found evidence of his extracurricular activities during the Clinton impeachment., I guess it's good to see all these folk get a second chance after sparking up their lives so publicly. *&^%$#@! AND, David Vitter got Bob Livington's House seat. Wow... EJ Dionne gets to follow up that brilliance. "There's a lot of forgiveness here." Well, Mr. EJ, that's 1 way to put it! Folk in the GOBP might not think Newt's got Presidential temperament. Well, he's not the only nominee with that particular characteristic! EJ's a bit nervous at "the left" thinking Newt's their dream candidate; apparently, that feeling was similar to the feelings toward a guy named Ronald Reagan. Mittens is campaigning a bit more aggressively since Newt's rise in the polls.

"Some Assembly Required" - Occupy against foreclosure activities were in Bloomington, IN today? Them college towns are fantastic! :) There's Rev. Lowery again. Occupy protestors plan to be on K Street tomorrow. :D Again, I just lurve the Occupy Congress stuff!! Jay Chambers spent most of his day at Senator Nude Cosmo's office camping out; he didn't get to speak to him. Go figure. ;D He wanted to ask his Senator where the jobs are. Mr. Chambers is an unemployed iron worker. He plans to be in DC all week. :) He wants to ask K Street peeps how much money it'll take to be able to get access to Senator Nude Cosmo.

"In Further News" - The dude in charge of the FAA resigned after a DUI arrest.

"Diplobamacy" - Yo Rachel! I still say "tarantino," damn it! Rachel has quite the history with nicknames. :) Our Syrian Ambadassador is back in Syria! SOS Clinton is in Geneva & spoke about human rights - especially in the LGBT realm - in conjunction with foreign aid. So, are we going to stop dealing with "Kill The Gay" places? Ugh...still can't stand her as SOS. There are anti - Putty Putin protests in Russia, and things are getting blowed up real good in Afghanistan. The President of Pakistan has left the proverbial building. AND, Iran probably has 1 of our drones. OOPS!

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Tue Dec 06, 2011 at 07:24 PM PST.

Also republished by Friends of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Electronic America: Progressives Film, music & Arts Group, and Pink Clubhouse.

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