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UPDATE! The mother of this clown's son confirms that not only did HE wash out of Army Boot Camp after less than a month, his son -- who also brags about as a "veteran" barely made it through 30 days in Boot Camp himself!!!

Oh, my.  I've gone and pissed off the wrong people!
Wurrah wurrah wurrah!

Hi billie! How they hanging today? Pretty low I guess. You attacked me with absolutely zero proof of anything. As I have commented before, I did KNOT create this page. I did KNOT create KNOT my Wisconsin. I did choose my friends and allies wisely. I also choose to only ask questions or make comments that I know the answer too already. You opened up knot a can of w.a. but a whole pallet of it when your buddy Vin got you to believe his fantastic tale of woe. So you know, your very libelous and slanderous comments towards me did knot go unnoticed by some friends of mine that are members of the bar. you pretty much handed me a slam dunk case against you for your slander of me. I tell you what Billie, make your self 100 % disappear from facebook and the public eye towards me AFTER you write a retraction AND apology to me on all of your various outlets and I will let you be. Choose Knot to do this and I can assure you that a lawsuit will be heading your way. I have always wanted a home on the east coast. I wonder what it will fetch on the open market? Last chance to go away Billie, you picked the wrong man to slander!

This manifesto was posted on the Operation Burn Notice Facebook site sometime Wednesday night.  The "Billie" Roy Innis is talking about is me.

Now, let's go through this step by step...  But first, a question that has been nagging me all night.

I was engaged in conversation with someone Roy knows quite well.  A hypothetical question was raised.

"Just how can someone who never even completed Boot Camp call him or herself a veteran, and then parade around in an American Legion uniform?  How is such a thing possible, and how can a person who did a thing like that, hypothetically, look at him (or her) self in the mirror?  And how would one's friends react, hypothetically, if such a person were REVEALED to be someone who never finished Boot Camp, proclaims him (or her) self a Veteran, and joins the American Legion?"

Hmmmm... interesting hypothesis.

Anyway, back to Roy's note.

First of all, I never attacked Roy.  I merely printed some facts for which I had substantiation.  I'd show you, but the Anschutz-owned Examiner scrubbed the page from existence.

I never suggested, intimated, said or otherwise indicated that Roy Innis CREATED either the OBN page or it's sister scumbag page, "Knot My Wisconsin"  I pointed out, correctly, with evidence and screencaps from both pages, that he PARTICIPATES in both pages.  A provable fact, and certainly nothing libelous.  One would think that if someone were PROUD of his statements on a Facebook page, he wouldn't be threatening a libel suit against someone who merely reported on those statements.

See, in order to be libel (which Roy incorrectly calls "slander), it has to be defamatory.  It has to be untrue.  It has to cast a person in a bad light.  And if your own words are defamatory, then pal, I don't know what to tell you!

These "members of the bar" we're talking about.  Lawyers?  Or guys you know who hang out at your local Legion Post for the adult beverages?

I've posted on the OBN page, asking Mr. Innis to please list, point by point, in my own words, just how he was slandered (libeled).

He fired back a note.

I'm at work.  I will respond to your rant tonight.  In the meantime, try knot to get fired from anywhere, i'm knot done with you yet billie.

"Billie."  I guess that's me again.

Then, some gibbering fool identified only as "Operation Burn Notice" (which WOULD be a libelous statement if I were to IDENTIFY OBN, but since he or she hides behind an alias, there is no libel) adds...

Schmalldick is at it again with his nonsense.  Call a lawyer, dickface.  Things do not work the way your defective mind thinks.  You need someone to set you straight before you wind up living in a cardboard box instead of a trailer.

Schmalldick.  I guess that's a play on my last name.

And then, there's this...

The fools behind OBN are mad at the web site "PolitiScoop" now.  Someone identifying him or herself as "PolitiPOOP are Cowards" wrote the following sometime Wednesday night... roughly the same time Roy Innis wrote HIS manifesto.

"Looks like PolitiPoop may have learned a thing or two about raging reporting from their friend Bill Schm@lfeldt, who by the way has been fired by the Examiner for falsely reporting people's names as lawbreakers, creating lies, exaggerating the truth and stalking innocents.  PolitiPoop seems to be walking down that same path."

Now THERE, my friends, is a libelous statement!  I suggested this on OBN's Facebook page.  My comment, of course, was scrubbed, but the person identified as OBN left this comment.

Ballsy boy is still having difficulty with the difference between a social page and a news organization.

Matters not.  If it's in print, if it's not true, if it's defamatory, IT'S LIBEL!

I was NOT fired for "falsely reporting people's names as lawbreakers."  In fact, this was the disclaimer I put at the head of BOTH STORIES that were scrubbed from the Examiner site yesterday.

(AGAIN, THE STANDARD DISCLAIMER: By inclusion in this series of stories, your correspondent is in no way suggesting that anyone mentioned is involved in any law-breaking.  We assume that since they posted their opinions in a public way, that they are proud of those opinions and will be grateful to have them shared with a national audience.)

The NAMES I reported were screencaps lifted from the site itself!

The words I used were the subjects' own words, with accompanying screencaps.

I created no lie, I exaggerated no truth, I stalked no innocents any more than any other reporter chasing down story leads.

And if these guys wanna talk about LIBEL suits?

I refer them to this passage from AlterNet's fine reporting on this story.

Schmalfeldt himself, who suffers from Parkinson's disease, found himself on the receiving end of merciless taunting by the OBN crowd, who derided everything from his weight to the scars on his head (the result of experimental surgery he had to address his illness). A hole was added to an artist's rendering of what an X-Ray of Homer Simpson's skull might look like, and posted to the page with the caption, "Inspector Jiggly after his last procedure." A more recent post shows a man putting a gun to his own head, with the caption: "This hour is brought to you by the CURE FOR PARKINSON'S DISEASE."

So, this is why there will be no lawsuits.  This is why the blowhards will continue to huff and puff and pound their chests to show each other how MIGHTY they are.  And if anyone is going to ANY courtroom, it will be the cretins who created OBN, who urge others to commit a Class 1 Felony in Wisconsin.  And if it is proved, as I suggested, that there is an interstate connection to this attempt at voter suppression?  That raises it to the level of a FEDERAL OFFENSE.

Then, of course, there are the dozens upon dozens of screen caps I possess which defame ME, by name, offensively, personally, that would certainly come into evidence in a libel court...

Now, I wish I could share these screencaps with my Kossack friends, but I don't have the proper accounts.  So, I hope you took a moment to come by my home blog and have a look.

I include the names I am accused of "falsely reporting."  These names were SCREENCAPPED as members of the "KNOT MY WISCONSIN" (KMW) Facebook Page, who also post on the Operation Burn Notice (OBN) and Occupy Waukesha, Wisconsin (OWW) page.  The redacted names are folks who posted only on the KMW page.

And while this might not be libel on their part, what you'll see at the bottom of my blog post insults all 1.5 million Americans with Parkinson's disease and the 50,000 who will be diagnosed this year.

Karma.  It's a bitch.

And for a guy who couldn't make it through 30 days of Army Boot Camp, if he gets convicted of this potential Class 1 Felony, 3-1/2 years in the pokey is gonna seem like FOREVER!

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