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The Occupations in Sand Diego and Seattle have requested an extension of the port shutdown due to police violence.

Record of Police Violence During D12 Actions
Submitted by admin on Mon, 12/12/2011 - 17:55

This morning San Diego's picket line at the port was held for three hours until broken by police, after which longshoremen crossed picket lines and went to work. Several people were violently snatched and arrested.

Also this morning in Houston marchers were snatched by police, handcuffed and lain out on the ground.  The fire department covered them in a giant red inflatable tent to conceal what they were doing to them from the rest of the protesters.  Many cops had tape covering their names and badge numbers.  In the hours following police repression increased, mounted police attacked  protesters followed by more arrests, and there was one report of a gun being pulled on someone parking their car near the protest.

Denver, Longmont, Boulder and Greely gathered at the WalMart distribution center in Loveland Colorado this morning to blockade the trucks in solidarity with the West Coast Blockade.  Protesters were dragged away by police and arrested.

Seattle's blockade this evening, after being brutally beaten back at one terminal is currently being tear gassed, and flash grenades are being deployed.  Some arrests have been made, but no word on the number.

Both San Diego and Seattle have requested an extension of the blockade, in solidarity with them for the police repression they have endured.

In Japan a port was picketed and the protesters presented a letter to the authorities at the port.

Japan action in solidarity with Occupy the Ports!
Submitted by admin on Mon, 12/12/2011 - 13:00

Dear friends in the West Coast,

We’ve carried out the 2nd protest action against ITOCHU, representing the attached protest letter.

Security guards handed in glove each other and inhibited us from entering the office.

However ONODERA Makoto, a representative of Societal Management Dept. came out from the office at the end.

He received our protest letter and confirmed to forward the letter to a representative of the Food Company of ITOCHU and ask its prompt reply.

Here is a partial rundown of the port and solidarity actions that have occurred today . Some with video when available.


    6:46pm PST: From @OccupyOakland: At least 8000 people at the Port of Oakland right now, Please come down and party with us! We will be having a GA soon at Hanjin Terminal (zone 4) to discuss extending the blockade in light of police violence and the 3AM shift.
    6:22pm PST: Over 5,000 people attended a General Assembly and gathered to shut down the port. According to Occupy Oakland, the work shift has been moved to 3AM.
    2:20pm PST: From @OccupyOakland: "Please come to the rally at OGP today at 3PM and march to the port at 4 and 5. We do not need people at the port till then. Bring lots of warm clothes for tonights march and sleeping bags for the shut down the port action tonight!"
    12:00pm PST: Occupiers have found huge numbers of police in riot gear and formation hiding behind vans near the ports. Some have beanbag shotguns. Requesting all supporters come down now!
    10:00AM PST: It has been confirmed that the ILWU union arbiter has told the first shift at the Port of Oakland not to work. The port of Oakland is CLOSED. Protesters danced and celebrated in front of lines of riot police at the entrance of the port. Occupy Oakland plans to rally at 3PM PST and return at 4PM PST for the second shift.


    3:30pm CST: At least 8 people have been arrested, as HPD continued to use tents to cover protesters to hide their actions. Multiple sources have said that violence occurred. Police also used horses and shield barricades to forcibly disperse crowds. There are also reports that at least one officer drew a gun at a parked car.
    2:10pm CST: Surrounded by crowds of chanting supporters, peaceful protesters continue to lie in the street. Officers were seen on livestream covering their badge numbers with duct tape. When they moved into start arresting the nonviolent protesters, police placed a tent over one so that no one could witness the arrest. Supporters chant: "What do you have to hide?"
    2:00pm CST: Several protesters are using nonviolent civil disobedience to close lanes. The Port of Houston on the Gulf Coast -- the second largest port in the country -- is successfully Occupied. Police on horses reported on the scene. Protesters are chanting "Who do you protect? Who do you serve?"

Bellingham, WA

    12:16pm PST: Protesters have put U-locks around their necks and are blocking the railway. Musicians are singing "Hold them back, no coal trains on this track!" while supporters make speeches and cheer in response. Earlier this morning, the protesters informed the train company who owns the track of their plans to shut down the trains. (The port in Bellingham is not active, but Goldman Sachs uses rail traffic through the city.)

Los Angeles / Port of Long Beach

    3:43pm PST: Reports of at least a thousand protesters at the Port of Long Beach this morning. Occupiers are planning a General Assembly for later tonight.
    10:43am PST: Most of the Occupiers have been dispersed from the pier entrance by the police's threat of employing brutal force. They are currently marching on highways.
    9:50am PST: Protesters began the day by picketing in front of SSA Marine, a shipping company owned by Goldman Sachs. Hundreds then marched into the streets and took over the intersection this morning and are still there. They have set up a tent, flags, and banners to prevent access to the Goldman Sachs dock. Blocks-long lines of police cars are further blocking traffic. The entrance to the Goldman Sachs pier has been closed for the past few hours, and shipments are backed along the highway. The blockade has been corralled by riot police, who are gathering in large groups and have threatened to use (and may have already used) chemical weapons, dog bites, rubber bullets, beanbag guns, and tear gas. After an attack from police, at least two nonviolent protesters has been violently arrested.

Seattle / Longview

    6:15pm PST: Seattle's blockade this evening is currently being tear gassed, and flash grenades are being deployed. Occupy Seattle has joined Occupy San Diego's request for an extension of the blockade in response the police repression they have endured.
    3:00pm PST: March arriving at the port.
    2:00pm PST: March is starting from Westlake, headed to port.
    10:00am PST: From Occupy Seattle: Occupy Longview has effectively SHUT DOWN the terminals and they're moving on to the EGT offices! ILWU workers go home with pay. In solidarity with the West Coast Port Shutdown and Occupy Longview, come on down to Westlake for a rally at 1pm! We'll head to the Port from there!

San Diego

    2:00pm PST: Occupy San Diego has announced they will shut down the port again tomorrow, holding true to the original warning that they would continue the blockade if the police used violence.
    11:30am PST: This morning, Occupiers gathered at Chicano Park and then headed to Caesar Chavez Park in a march led by veterans to set up a picket line. The street and entrance to the port were closed for several hours. Around three hours ago, police in riot gear moved in. Protesters were snatched, tackled, andtossed on the ground by San Diego police and Harbor Police. Several arrests were made. Cameras from media were also taken and smashed on the ground. Occupiers were eventually forced from the intersection and the port is now open. However, demonstrations remain nearby.


    6:20pm PST: Mounted police, tear gas, pepper spray, and flash grenades used to clear protesters from Terminal 18. Picket line is still holding down Terminal 5.
    12:07pm PST: Protesters allowed one truck bearing food for foreign shipworkers to be let in at Terminal 6. Decision made to not let any more semis in or out.
    9:58am PST: Mainstream media reported earlier this morning that the port has shut down. Groups of several hundred protesters each are blocking various terminal entrances to the port. Several terminals are confirmed to be closed. Reports of riot police mobilizing.

Vancouver, BC

    3:10pm PST: Earlier this morning, an autonomous affinity group blocked the entrance to the largest port in Canada, calling for international solidarity with the West Coast Port Shutdown and workers in labor disputes in the US. Occupy Vancouver has now gathered at the port. Vancouver police closed the Port of the Vancouver in response to the demonstration.


    1:00pm MST: In solidarity with the port blockades, landlocked Occupy Denver shut down a Wal-Mart distribution center in Loveland, CO. Occupiers sat in the road and erected tents and prevented shipments from entering or leaving the facility, one of the largest distribution centers in the country. Police used SWAT teams to pull apart the protesters, who were locking arms in nonviolent resistance. 13 arrests were made, with at least one person thrown violently to the ground and sat on by police.


    12:00pm PST: Occupy Tacoma held an informational picket at the Port. Note: The Tacoma General Assembly decided not to close the port because the targeted shipping companies for the west coast port shutdowns are not present in our port. According to a letter from the Tacoma General Assembly to the ILWU: "As a movement we stand in solidarity with both the ILWU’s fight against the anti-union EGT in Longview as well as the efforts of independent truck drivers organizing against the Goldman Sachs-backed SSA terminal in Los Angeles. At this demonstration we will be distributing information to workers and truckers about these heroic struggles in addition to showing support for workers rights to organize as a direct challenge to corporate rule of our political and economic system."


    10:00am AKST: A rally is planned at Town Square at 1:00PM AKST followed by a march to the port.

New York City

    10:30am EST At 7:30, groups met outside Liberty Square and City Hall. Donning vampire squid costumes, they marched to headquarters of Goldman Sachs and held picket lines and a mock press conference. Protesters then dispersed and flash mobbed the World Financial Center with dancing and chanting, forcing police to shut down a section of the Center. Around 20 people were arrested.

Mon Dec 12, 2011 at 10:27 PM PT: In a related note I'm getting an error message from the webpage. I will continue trying to access my local Occupy and contact those contacts I have developed to try and find out more.

Originally posted to Horace Boothroyd III on Mon Dec 12, 2011 at 09:47 PM PST.

Also republished by ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement.

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