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Sore Loser, Cranky Old Coot, Arizona's Senator John I Never Met a War I didn't Like McCain is appalled and outraged that President Obama did what he promised to do - end the war in Iraq and bring our troops home.

He gave a 2 1/2 minute speech on the Senate floor yesterday, ending with: "I believe history will judge Obama's leadership with the scorn and disdain it deserves".

I have two questions for our illustrious Senator:

1- As a former Naval Lieutenant Commander, it that how you were taught to speak about your superior officers?

2- As someone who has been twice rejected as unfit for duty for the Presidency by the American people, don't you think it is perhaps YOU who has been judged with scorn and disdain?

C-SPAN video of McCain shameful speech. Entire speech/video is 2minutes 45 seconds, it's around the 1:50 mark where McCain works himself into a tizzy:

"Not mourn the day their sons and daughters went out to fight for the freedom of the Iraqi people"????????????????

You twisted old coot - exactly when the FUCK did the Iraq war become a fight for the "freedom for the Iraqi people"? It wasn't about their freedom when as early as Feb. 2 2002 you claimed that there were terrorist training camps on Iraqi soil, that Iraqi officials were known to have had a number of contacts with al-Qaida, and that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. It wasn't about their freedom when you claimed Saddam was going to turn Iraq into "a weapons assembly line for al-Qaida's network". It wasn't about the freedom of the Iraqi people when we rained our weapons of mass destruction down on their heads in a show of "shock and awe".

Well over 100,000 innocent Iraqi civilians lost their lives as "collateral damage" in the Iraqi war. Contrary to popular belief, you don't set people free by killing them, Senator. You don't free people by burning and maiming their children, Senator. And no, Senator, you don't free people by making humiliating spectacles of them like we did at Abu Graib. So no weapons of mass destruction, no terrorist training camps, no weapons assembly lines for Al-Qaida, and no terrorist - well, not until we invaded and our ineffective security let them in. So now you've decided this was a fight for the freedom of the Iraqi people? Excuse me, Senator, but FUCK YOU! Seriously, FUCK YOU! No, this was a fight about American arrogance and ignorance, and you don't get to re-write history. Our fine young men and women in uniform died in vain for our arrogance and ignorance, and their blood is own your hands. And you are a sad, miserable excuse of a human being. YOU are the one judged with scorn and disdain.


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