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Exactly what it sounds like.  Live Tweeted the debate, which in my case basically means hurling inane questions at Bret Baier in the hopes that one of them might slip through.  I didn't get started until a few minutes in, around Ron Paul's first question.  

#RonPaul trying to convince people he's electable is cute.

#RonPaul is like the deranged elf of the #Republican party.

Hey, #RickSantorum: "Leaders" don't lose their Senate seats.

#MittRomney is so handsome... He's dreamy.

#MicheleBachmann is at least six kinds of crazy. Tonight she's doing Scary Shrill Barbie.

#MicheleBachmann just said she's 55 years old, "50 of them as a real person." You can't make this shit up.

#RickPerry: God's Quarterback.

Voting for #JonHuntsman is like seeing Livingston Taylor. It's good, but you know there's something bigger out there.

Okay, right now. #MittRomney, #JonHuntsman: Mormon swordfight.

Why do #RickPerry's suits always fit like he got them from his older brother?

#MittRomney looks like Mormon Superman.

So, SuperMormon, I guess.

Hey, #Newt, if you're leadership was so great, why did your own party run you out of office?

When #RonPaul talks it makes me think of the time Grandpa wandered out of the rest home.

#MicheleBachmann is capable of listing three items. That automatically makes her more qualified than #RickPerry.

Sure, #JonHuntsman can create a flat tax. But can he change a flat tire?

@BretBaier Ask #NewtGingrich how genuine his faith can be when he's switched religions three times?

@BretBaier Ask #Romney and #Huntsman if they won whether the country would be governed from the Salt Lake Temple?

@BretBaier Ask #RickPerry to name three of the twenty-six letters.

@BretBaier Ask #RickSantorum how he feels being named after the frothy, feces-riddled froth left over after anal sex?

Now I have an image in my head of #NewtGingrich and #BarneyFrank doing it. Gaah!

Why do I get the feeling that there's bad blood between #RonPaul and #NewtGingrich?

Did #RonPaul just sort of endorse #MittRomney?

Did #RonPaul borrow that suit from his son? It looks a little big on him. Or possibly he's shrinking.

Is #NewtGingrich actually DEFENDING government in a #Republican debate?

Five bucks says #NewtGingrich runs across the stage and devours #MicheleBachmann.

#NewtGingrich secretes arrogance.

I've got a way to keep Medicare solvent: Raise taxes on rich people.

#MittRomney just sounded uncomfortably presidential. Almost -- GASP -- Reaganesque. THE HORROR!

Crazy old guy alert: #RonPaul in da house!

@BretBaier Ask #RonPaul if he remembered to take his meds?

Someone should tell #RonPaul that presidents always look for more power.

Or maybe #RonPaul was just pulling a Julius Caesar, humbly refusing the crown. Except Caesar wasn't a doddering old crazy person.

I thought for a second #RickPerry was going to talk about #NewtGingrich shuffling wives.

#RickPerry: Make Congress work part-time at the Kwik-E-Mart!

@BretBaier Ask #JonHuntsman to answer the question in Chinese.

@BretBaier Ask #JonHuntsman how come the Crab Rangoons always come out so soggy?

"Tax Holiday" sounds like some old Rock Hudson movie.

@BretBaier Ask #RickSantorum if he likes Rock Hudson movies?

#RickSantorum looks like a goofy high school yearbook picture. "I can't believe I LOOKED like that!"

@BretBaier Ask #MittRomney how bad he wants to mention that #Obama is black?

#MittRomney thinks industry is going to come back. He also believes in magic underwear.

But goddam that "American Century" line killed.

"Dangerous, outrageous, and totally irresponsible" is a pretty good description of #NewtGingrich.

Did #NewtGingrich seriously just quote the Federalist Papers? Really working that John Birch vote, eh?

God, freedom, and killin' lawyers (at least rhetorically). #Newt's on a roll.

@BretBaier Ask #MicheleBachmann what the voices are telling her now?

#MicheleBachmann: SO SPEAKS THE MAGIC BOOK! Cue applause. And THAT'S what's wrong with #America.

Of course #Republicans hate courts. They can't have any educated, intelligent people looking too closely at the bullshit they pull.

Dammit, #MittRomney's on fire. They're all doing surprisingly well tonight. No knock-out blows yet, though.

@BretBaier Ask them all their favorite TV judges?

@BretBaier Ask #RickPerry to talk about his hair.

#NewtGingrich wants to populate the federal courts with an army of Scalia clones. Literally. Like cloned in a lab.

They just had a commercial for a group looking to revoke the Electoral College. I didn't know there was such a movement.

I wonder if there are any actual Sioux in Sioux City?

I hate to say it, but #RonPaul is right about the US overreacting to Iran getting a nuclear weapon.

#RonPaul looked like he was going to shake his cane in the air and shout old guy words. "We don't need another war, dagnabbit!"

@BretBaier Ask #RickSantorum if that's a combover or whether his hair is really just that weird?

@RickSantorum: Nobody's overarching principle is martyrdom if they have money.

@BretBaier Ask #MicheleBachmann to make me a sammich.

"A strong America is the best ally peace has ever known." Wow. I hate to admit it, but that's a hell of a quote. #MittRomney #unbelievable

@BretBaier Ask #MittRomney if he just said "testes?"

So what if Iran dominates Iraq? The USSR had a sphere of influence and we survived. Countries with something to lose are more responsible.

@BretBaier Ask #MicheleBachmann to show you on the doll where the Muslim touched her?

#RonPaul needs a shot of Ativan.

I bet #MicheleBachmann reads the "Left Behind" series. Her foreign policy ideas seem to be based on it.

@RonPaul: Kennedy never "called" Khrushchev. You're thinking of "Dr. Strangelove."

#NewtGingrich looks like shaved Cap'n Crunch.

@BretBaier Ask #JonHuntsman how he can talk about being trapped in the past when he looks like he stepped out of an episode of "Mad Men?"

A third grade oral report is more put together than #RickPerry speaking.

Why the big deal about getting the drone back? It's a big remote control plane, not a spaceship from the future. An oversized toy.

@NewtGingrich: Your zaniness is showing.

#NewtGingrich: "Clinton was my bitch."

I giggle a little every time @BretBaier says "President #Huntsman."

Did #JonHuntsman just propose war with Canada? That's a war no one wins, eh?

@MicheleBachmann: The cause of the gulf oil spill was a big hole on the ocean floor. Next question?

It's nice that #MicheleBachmann has never done anything questionable to win an election. The woman's a saint. #wipesawaytears

#RickPerry has a favorite amendment. That's cute.

#RickPerry is a backwater hick who fell ass-backwards into being governor of Texas. He's out of his league.

Well, I have to say I'm surprised at how well all the GOP nitwits are doing. No foul-ups, no blunders. B-O-R-I-N-G.

Someone should toss #MicheleBachmann a live kitten so she can eat it.

This British Airways commercial is giving me goosebumps. But then I have been listening to #MittRomney speak, so anything seems exciting.

Why would you ask someone if they're "politicizing" something? If you have to ask then the answer is yes.

#RickPerry just said the phrase "Texas Ranger Recon Teams" and I almost creamed my pants. He's so MANLY.

Plus he just said "penetrate." ME LOVE YOU LONG TIME #RICKPERRY!

#RickSantorum: "Planes! They have planes! And they fly! Aaarrgh! Santorum smash! Santorum smash!"

Oh, so #MittRomney's not going to round people up. He's just going to make them come in for "processing." Call it a Soylent Green Card.

Say it, #Newt. Say "If they're in church." You KNOW you want to.

#JonHuntsman, about to pounce.

The Republicans don't care about offending Latinos. They don't want brown people's votes anyway.

@JonHuntsman: "I myself am an immigrant from Planet Mormon."

#MittRomney is trying so hard to channel Ronald Reagan he needs a Ouija Board.

Don't call him "Senator #Santorum." He lost that right when he got his ass handed to him by #BobCasey.

It's an interesting commentary on gay rights that even Republicans feel it necessary to profess their opposition to discrimination.

#MittRomney: "I was pro-life before I wasn't."

Is it just me or does #MicheleBachmann look a little like Endora from "Bewitched?"

@BretBaier Ask #MicheleBachmann what was her favorite episode of "Bewitched?"

"I was frankly thinking about proposing a commission." #NewtGingrich's bold leadership.

@MicheleBachmann: If you have to say you're a serious candidate, you're not a serious candidate.

Ooh, what'd the heckler say?

Just saw security running to grab that heckler. Secret Service? Or private goons?

#JonHuntsman talks like a guy playing a politician in a movie. A bad movie.

The Seven Dwarfs: Crazy, Angry, Dumbass, Irrelevant, Sleazy, Grumpy, and Bland.

@MittRomney: What makes a man turn neutral? Lust for gold? Power? Or were you just born with a heart full of neutrality?

Well, the debate was disappointing. Nothing to shake up the race.

The Republican debate: A cavalcade of douchebaggery.

If anyone wants to follow my Twitter feed it's here.

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