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I'm leaving in ten minutes to drive my oldest child, my 24 year old daughter, to the hospital this morning.

She will be having the right side of her Thyroid removed for biopsy.

She has state healthcare insurance, for which I am eternally grateful, as without it, she would not be going to have this procedure - the cost out of pocket for a surgery and 1-2 day stay after (and possibly more) would have been more than our family could have dealt with financially.

Today, for the first time in eight years, I'm asking the Daily Kos Community for something for me...

but mostly, for her.

We are not religious people, so I'm not asking for prayers.

But I am asking for all your good thoughts and wishes, because I do, oddly enough, believe in the power of positive thinking.

So, please. Spare a moment today, and send me and my child your best wishes and good thoughts for a good outcome.

We'll know by sometime tomorrow whether her growth is benign or cancerous, and we'll  move forward with the appropriate treatment.

Either way, I'll be posting to one of the Daily Kos medical Groups about further treatment.

Thank you.



9:03 pm PST
Just home a few minutes ago, the longest day of my life...

To say that I am amazed at this outpouring of good will would be a lie - it's nothing more than what I hoped for (and sort of expected, to be honest) from this Community of lovely people.

THANK YOU, each and everyone who left a comment, I will read them all, and I'm pretty sure that by the end of that, I'll be crying again... but this time they will be tears of gratitude, instead of fear and sorrow.

The procedure (operation) went well. It was late in the day by the time the surgeon was finished closing (2+ hours) and we won't have any information on whether or not her mass was benign or not until sometime Thursday.

Again, my deepest, deepest thanks for these kind and uplifting words, they mean the world to me today, on one of the darkest days of my life.

See you all in the threads...


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