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The larger question being ignored in the Newt didn't qualify for the Va primary story is the OBVIOUS MASSIVE Voter Fraud that went into his failed effort. The process to qualify for the Va. Primary run off is to secure merely 10,000 signatures of registered Va voters .

It does not seem inconceivable that a candidate with a LONG history of "ethical lapses" would resort to such tactics.

    It has been reported that Newt submitted roughly 11,000 plus signatures and the election officials were unable to confirm at least 10,000 of these were valid qualifying voters (we don't yet know how many actual signatures were determined to be valid or false).

    That means at a minimum that 9 to 10% of the signatures Newt's proxies gathered were non-qualifying or fraudulent

    According to (the REPUBLICAN funded truth seeking site) they looked into all forms of voter fraud during the peak o the dreaded ACORN scandals and discovered the Bush Admin has aggressively pursued cases of any form of voter fraud fact this effort was behind the infamous firing of the Nine Federal US Attorneys.

**They discovered and prosecuted and convicted 70 people on voter fraud in the 2006 federal election cycle

**FEC records for 2006 show  80,454,673 valid votes were counted for federal office (ignores state and local voting) were cast in that cycle.

**THAT's a 0.000009% rate of REPUBLICAN PROVEN VOTE FRAUD nationwide.

**Other reliable voter advocate sources have put the overall conviction rate for voter fraud over the last decade at roughly half this rate - 0.000005% across over 550,000,000 votes cast.

If measured against the KNOWN rate of voter fraud, it suggests Newt's minions engaged in massive voter fraud that is roughly

**111,111 times greater than the norm!!!

**3700 times greater that was alleged (but never proven) by partisan players was committed by the dreaded ACORN


Where is that phoney liberal media bias that should be all over this story?

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