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Last night we had gone out to pick up a few things at Target, and when we got home we went right in and left all our stuff in the car.  Several hours later, I decided to go outside and get it.  As soon as I opened the house door, I saw a cat run from underneath the car and into the small stand of trees across the street.  It was my Sobe!

He was scared to death.  My wife went outside and sat on the cold wet ground for about two hours trying to get him to come out to us.  He would get within about five feet of us and then disappear into the darkness and brush.  This whole time he's been directly across the street and watching us.  

We took some food and water out there and still couldn't get him out.  We went and bought a humane trap and hopefully we can get him tonight.  Tonight is supposed to be super cold, so I'd really like to get him if we can.  I just hope he falls for the trap.  This is one smart kitty and I have a feeling he may be too smart for it.  We'll see.  

Anyway, it's so nice to know he's alive.  It's a bit stressful knowing he's been living in the elements so long.  If we could just get him to calm down we could bring him in the garage and let him calm down before we let him into the house.  

Please everyone send your positive thoughts, prayers, or whatever you have to us tonight in hopes that we can catch him.

5:55 PM PT: UPDATE:  Still no Sobe.  We have the trap set with tuna at the very back of it.  It's very windy and very cold here in NC tonight.  I'm hoping the cold brings him home to me.  This is a cat who has never been outside of a warm toasty house.  We've got some blankets out there and all sorts of things on the porch should he decide he'd rather sleep close to the house tonight.  I'll be going in and out all night to check on the trap.  I have my alarm set.  I will likely be a zombie at work tomorrow, but if I get my cat it will be well worth it.  Thank you all for the support and advice!

Originally posted to Frustrated's Blog on Mon Jan 02, 2012 at 11:43 AM PST.

Also republished by PWB Peeps.

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