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For everyone wondering how we could miss Bat$hit Bachmann if she wouldn't go away... ;D But, Governor Secession's still hanging in there! C'mon honey! Remember, you're folksy & have the money to keep reminding people what a pinko commie librul Mittens REALLY is, what an isolationist druggie Rep. Paul is, how "Newt"y Newt Gingrich is, and how Santorumy Man on Dog is! :D


It's time for "this day in history." On January 4, 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson outlined the goals of his ''Great Society'' in his State of the Union address. And, if any MENSA member wins this year, say buh - bye to all that...if it hasn't gone away already.


On this date in 1995, the 104th Congress convened, the first entirely under Republican control since the Eisenhower era; Newt Gingrich was elected speaker of the House. What happened to him again? ;D For a nice counterbalance, on this date in 2007, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D - CA) became the first female speaker of the House. Yea, she was way better at the job than 'ol WhatsHisName is now, but I will never forgive her for taking impeachment "off the table" for GWB, DICK, & his ilk.


Finally, Sir Isaac Newton, English physicist and father of modern science, was born on this date in 1643. OR, according to MENSA members, he's the fig cookie guy! :D

On with The Rachel Maddow Show...


"Wanna Vet?" - HA!! Great minds truly think alike; Rachel's leading off with Man on Dog's connection to Little Senator Johnny Ensign's extracurricular activities! I am so smart; I am so smart; I am so smart!!! I read that whole damn report; it was about as oogy as Googling Santorum. Ain't family values just grand? Man on Dog also doled out some sex scandal advice to Rep. Anthony Wiener which was a tad different from what he did for Little Johnny. This "ethical hypocrisy faceplant" won't mean a damn thing because no one else will investigate or ask him about it on the trail. Mic check, anyone?! Now, since Man on Dog did decent last night, the vetting MIGHT ramp up a bit. Attacks on Mittens have already ramped up since last night & will probably just get worse over the next weeks. Newtie admitted as much today even though he probably knows damn well he won't be the nominee; he's hell - bent on making sure Mittens WON'T be the nominee by any means necessary. That smile on Newtie this morning was damn damn creepy; Hannibal Lecter's got nothing on that! A pro - Newt Super PAC rolled an ad out today in the shadow of Senator McCentury's endorsement of Mittens today. Rachel, too, mentioned that lovely little meeting in TX this weekend to decide which not - Mittens candidate to support. I didn't know about that loan stuff with Man on Dog; he liked the earmarks, too, while he was in Congress! Governor Secession ran an anti - Man on Dog's earmarks ad. ;D Yea, we get another "review" of Man on Dog's highs in lows. Eugene Robinson gets Man on Dog "vetting" duty. Mr. Eugene thinks the vetting will now begin in earnest & that the earmark thing could get him in more trouble than nearly anything else. He called Man on Dog "really weird"! HA! :D Man on Dog & his wife took a dead baby home to meet the kids? O...K...I don't want to rag on anyone's grieving process but DAMN.

"DissatisFactions" - Now, we get a Man on Dog & Rep. Ron Paul segment about their idea of "small government" - small enough to fit in Mommy parts. However, Man on Dog wants government to peek into our bedrooms; Rep. Paul does not. Rep. Paul's ready to legalize heroin & hookers! ;D The 2 are drastically different on the foreign policy realm, too. Man on Dog wants to bomb - bomb - bomb everywhere; Rep. Paul does not AT ALL. Man on Dog was a pro wrestling lobbyist?! HA! The non - Mittens alternatives in today's GOBP are damn different, and Rachel has a hard time thinking they will fall in line. Oh goody, we get Michael Steele tonight; if I feel like I'm gonna retch, I'm bailing. And, we get another Civil Rights Act discussion! ;D Mr. Steele's taking great pains to diss Rep. Ron Paul & his peeps! Well, look at the lovely racist writing attributed to Rep. Paul. I don't like it either, and I'm not even African - American!

"Full Court Pres." - There was a Dem caucus in IA yesterday, too; I'll give you 3 guesses who won. :) 25,000 still turned out anyway. Golly! This administration seems to be pretty convinced Mittens will be the GOBP nominee; David Axelrod had some warm & fuzzy comments about him today. ;D I wonder when Jon Huntsman will throw in the towel? He's banking all his fortunes on NH. So, is he gone if he's not "respectable" there next week? President Obama actually made 4 recess appointments today; Richard Cordray's is getting all the attention. Gene Sperling is one of President Obama's chief economic advisors. The Consumer Bureau is now the law of the land; the GOBP was trying to extort President Obama into gutting this agency to get anything done. Again, I am thrilled to pieces that President Obama finally said "Nuts!" to them; I didn't think it would happen EVER.

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Wed Jan 04, 2012 at 07:33 PM PST.

Also republished by Friends of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, and Electronic America: Progressives Film, music & Arts Group.

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