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Oh wait, sorry, we're not supposed to mindlessly praise Obama.  Right.

"Obama has done some horrible things!  I can't believe he signed NDAA into law!  Why hasn't he taken a stand against SOPA?  Why didn't he show these sorts of cajones back during the healthcare debate! He's a terrible evil dictator and I'm going to write in Rachel Maddow for president just to spite him!"

Nope, that doesn't work either.

Time to get meta here.  Sometimes the folks on DKos just take everything too damn seriously.  And then they complain about people telling them what they can and can't say about the Obama administration.

So you know what?  I'll do exactly that. I'll tell you how to effective praise, or diss, the President as you see fit.  This is best done directly in letters or email sent to 1600 Penn Avenue - otherwise it's like talking about him behind his back.

Now watch me channel some Fishgrease below the fold. (NSFW language, for those who didn't go to Booming School with us during the BP Gulf spill.)

This is how you praise Obama:

"Dear Mr. President: Sticking it to the obstructionist Republicans today was the fucking bomb.  Seriously, I'm so happy you gave them the middle finger and made some actual progress.  You know what I'd like to see? More of this.  When they try to pass SOPA, please veto that odious piece of legislation like the vile shit it is.  They're the ones that talk about job killing regulations, and yet that's exactly what they're trying to do - giving the power of censureship to corporations.  I've written to my congressman but he hasn't replied.  Mr. President, you're our only hope.  Do what's right for SOPA like you did today with the recess appointees, and you've got another supporter (and another five bucks in the mail) for 2012."

This is how you criticize Obama:

"Dear Mr. President: I'm fucking disappointed in you for signing the latest NDAA into law.  It's an odious, unconstitutional piece of shit and I'm very unhappy about it.  It is counter to everything I thought you stood for.  Also, my husband just found out that his job is possibly in danger because the higher educational system in my state is trying to consolidate schools and we're really trying not to panic now.  I did want to mention that your recess appointments to the NLRB and CFPB were FUCKING AWESOME and they show me that your heart is in the right place.  Now do the right thing, and if SOPA is passed in Congress veto it because at least one of us needs to be working."


So easy, isn't it?

Temper your criticism with well deserved praise.  Temper your praise with well deserved criticism.

Praise for the good, and call out the bad.  You can do both at the same time.  In the same letter, in the same diary, in the same blog post.  Even in the same sentence!

"Obama has done plenty of things I don't like, but I still think he's been a great president so far and can still have a kickass second term - if we re-elect him."

I hate to diary and bail, but I'm sick with a fairly nasty cold and have to work tomorrow despite it.  I'll stick around for a few minutes though!

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