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# Rank 08/10 Vote Cities Who's running?
1 49 P: 42/53
G: 37/53
S: 31/58
OPEN (Wally Herger (R) retirement)
State Sen. Doug LaMalfa (R)
Ex-state Sen. Sam Aanestad (R)
CA-02 (Herger) 65%
CA-04 (McClintock) 35%
2 10 P: 71/25
G: 64/30
S: 62/29
OPEN (Lynn Woolsey (D) retirement)
St. Asm. Jared Huffman (D)
Investor Dan Roberts (R)
Marin Co. Spvsr. Susan Adams (D)
Activist Norman Solomon (D)
Petaluma city councilor Tiffany Renee (D)
Businesswoman Stacey Lawson (D)
CA-06 (Woolsey) 54%
CA-01 (Thompson) 44%
3 36 P: 55/42
G: 50/43
S: 45/46
Yuba City
John Garamendi (D-inc)
Colusa Co. Spvsr. Kim Dolbow Vann (R)
CA-02 (Herger) 33%
CA-01 (Thompson) 23%
CA-10 (Garamendi) 23%
4 47 P: 43/54
G: 38/55
S: 32/59
Tom McClintock (R-inc) (lives in 7th) CA-04 (McClintock) 71%
CA-19 (Denham) 15%
5 12 P: 70/26
G: 63/31
S: 61/30
Mike Thompson (D-inc) CA-06 (Woolsey) 40%
CA-07 (Miller) 34%
CA-01 (Thompson) 26%
6 17 P: 68/29
G: 66/28
S: 59/32
Sacramento Doris Matsui (D-inc) CA-05 (Matsui) 81%
CA-03 (Lungren) 12%
7 39 P: 51/46
G: 49/44
S: 42/49
Elk Grove
Dan Lungren (R-inc)
Physician Ami Bera (D)
CA-03 (Lungren) 77%
CA-05 (Matsui) 19%
8 50 P: 42/55
G: 36/52
S: 32/57
State Asm. Paul Cook (R)
Victorville mayor Ryan McEachron (R)
Victorville city councilor Angela Valles (R)
Hesperia city councilor Bill Jensen (R)
San Bernardino Co. Sprvsr. Brad Mitzelfelt (R)
Ex-state Asm. Anthony Adams (I)
CA-41 (Lewis) 62%
CA-25 (McKeon) 37%
9 32 P: 56/41
G: 51/42
S: 47/45
Jerry McNerney (D-inc) (lives in 15th)
Law student Ricky Gill (R)
CA-11 (McNerney) 50%
CA-18 (Cardoza) 30%
10 40 P: 50/47
G: 43/49
S: 39/52
Jeff Denham (R-inc) (lives in 16th)
Ex-astronaut Jose Hernandez (D)
Ex-legislative staffer Chad Condit (I)
CA-19 (Denham) 38%
CA-18 (Cardoza) 36%
CA-11 (McNerney) 26%
11 15 P: 69/28
G: 61/34
S: 60/34
George Miller (D-inc) CA-10 (Garamendi) 47%
CA-07 (Miller) 46%
12 2 P: 84/13
G: 78/16
S: 76/14
San Francisco Nancy Pelosi (D-inc) CA-08 (Pelosi) 86%
CA-12 (Speier) 14%
13 1 P: 87/10
G: 84/11
S: 83/11
Barbara Lee (D-inc) CA-09 (Lee) 77%
CA-13 (Stark) 23%
14 9 P: 73/24
G: 66/28
S: 66/27
San Mateo
Daly City
Jackie Speier (D-inc) CA-12 (Speier) 77%
CA-14 (Eshoo) 15%
15 19 P: 67/30
G: 60/35
S: 59/34
Pete Stark (D-inc)
Dublin city councilor Eric Swalwell (D)
CA-13 (Stark) 47%
CA-11 (McNerney) 23%
16 31 P: 57/40
G: 50/42
S: 43/47
Jim Costa (D-inc)
(Primary avoided by Dennis Cardoza (D) retirement)
Attorney Brian Whelan (R)
CA-18 (Cardoza) 37%
CA-19 (Denham) 30%
CA-20 (Costa) 24%
17 16 P: 69/28
G: 61/33
S: 63/29
Santa Clara
Mike Honda (D-inc) (lives in 19th) CA-15 (Honda) 50%
CA-13 (Stark) 26%
18 13 P: 70/27
G: 60/35
S: 61/32
Palo Alto
Los Gatos
Anna Eshoo (D-inc) CA-14 (Eshoo) 56%
CA-15 (Honda) 34%
19 18 P: 68/29
G: 60/33
S: 61/31
San Jose
Morgan Hill
Zoe Lofgren (D-inc) CA-16 (Lofgren) 84%
CA-15 (Honda) 9%
20 11 P: 71/26
G: 63/31
S: 61/31
Santa Cruz
Sam Farr (D-inc) CA-17 (Farr) 94%
CA-14 (Eshoo) 3%
21 38 P: 52/46
G: 47/44
S: 39/50
State Asm. David Valadao (R)
Businessman John Hernandez (D)
Fresno city councilor Blong Xiong (D)
CA-20 (Costa) 79%
CA-21 (Nunes) 10%
22 51 P: 42/55
G: 35/59
S: 30/63
Devin Nunes (R-inc) CA-21 (Nunes) 77%
CA-19 (Denham) 23%
23 53 P: 36/61
G: 33/58
S: 26/64
Kevin McCarthy (R-inc)
Ex-Sunnyvale mayor Otto Lee (D)
CA-22 (McCarthy) 81%
CA-21 (Nunes) 13%
24 33 P: 56/41
G: 46/46
S: 45/46
Santa Barbara
San Luis Obispo
Lois Capps (D-inc)
Ex-Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado (R)
Actor Chris Mitchum (R)
CA-23 (Capps) 64%
CA-22 (McCarthy) 20%
25 42 P: 49/48
G: 39/52
S: 37/54
Santa Clarita
Buck McKeon (R-inc) CA-25 (McKeon) 77%
CA-24 (Gallegly) 17%
26 34 P: 56/41
G: 46/47
S: 45/47
Thousand Oaks
OPEN (Elton Gallegly (R) retirement)
State Asm. Julia Brownley (D)
State Sen. Tony Strickland (R)
Oxnard Harbor Dist. Pres. Jess Herrera (D)
Businessman David Cruz Thayne (D)
Ventura Co. Sprvsr. Linda Parks (I)
CA-24 (Gallegly) 64%
CA-23 (Capps) 35%
27 25 P: 61/35
G: 55/39
S: 53/39
Judy Chu (D-inc) CA-29 (Schiff) 54%
CA-26 (Dreier) 32%
CA-32 (Chu) 13%
28 14 P: 70/26
G: 63/30
S: 63/29
W. Hollywood
Adam Schiff (D-inc)
CA-29 (Schiff) 37%
CA-31 (Becerra) 20%
CA-33 (Bass) 14%
29 8 P: 74/23
G: 68/24
S: 67/24
East San
Fernando Valley
Los Angeles city councilor Tony Cardenas (D)
CA-28 (Berman) 71%
CA-27 (Sherman) 29%
30 20 P: 66/31
G: 57/36
S: 57/36
West San
Fernando Valley
Howard Berman (D-inc)
Brad Sherman (D-inc)
CA-27 (Sherman) 58%
CA-30 (Waxman) 22%
CA-28 (Berman) 20%
31 35 P: 56/41
G: 49/41
S: 46/44
San Bernardino
Gary Miller (R-inc) (lives in 39th)
(Primary avoided by Jerry Lewis (R) and David Dreier (R) retirements)
State Sen. Bob Dutton (R)
Redlands mayor Pete Aguilar (D)
CA-43 (Baca) 44%
CA-26 (Dreier) 30%
CA-41 (Lewis) 26%
CA-42 (Miller) 0%
32 24 P: 62/35
G: 57/35
S: 55/35
El Monte
Grace Napolitano (D-inc) (lives in 38th)
El Monte city councilor Norma Macias (D)
CA-32 (Chu) 64%
CA-26 (Dreier) 19%
CA-38 (Napolitano) 17%
33 22 P: 64/33
G: 55/40
S: 55/39
Beverly Hills
Santa Monica
Henry Waxman (D-inc) (lives in 28th) CA-30 (Waxman) 50%
CA-36 (Hahn) 39%
34 5 P: 77/19
G: 76/16
S: 75/16
Downtown L.A.
Eagle Rock
Xavier Becerra (D-inc) CA-31 (Becerra) 51%
CA-34 (Roybal-Allard) 29%
35 23 P: 64/32
G: 57/33
S: 56/34
Joe Baca (D-inc) (lives in 31st)
State Sen. Gloria Negrete McLeod (D)
CA-43 (Baca) 61%
CA-38 (Napolitano) 21%
36 41 P: 50/47
G: 43/49
S: 42/51
Palm Springs
Mary Bono Mack (R-inc)
Physician Raul Ruiz (D)
CA-45 (Bono Mack) 75%
CA-41 (Lewis) 25%
37 3 P: 84/13
G: 79/15
S: 79/14
Culver City
S. Central L.A.
Karen Bass (D-inc) CA-33 (Bass) 63%
CA-36 (Hahn) 13%
38 26 P: 61/35
G: 57/35
S: 55/35
Linda Sanchez (D-inc) CA-39 (Sanchez) 49%
CA-38 (Napolitano) 36%
39 44 P: 47/49
G: 38/54
S: 37/55
Diamond Bar
Ed Royce (R-inc)
Hacienda-La Puente School Board member Jay Chen (D)
CA-42 (Miller) 53%
CA-40 (Royce) 31%
40 6 P: 77/19
G: 73/19
East L.A.
Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-inc) (lives in 34th) CA-34 (Roybal-Allard) 56%
CA-31 (Becerra) 13%
41 28 P: 59/38
G: 52/40
S: 49/42
Moreno Valley
Riverside Comm. Coll. Trustee Mark Takano (D)
Riverside Co. Spvsr. John Tavaglione (R)
CA-44 (Calvert) 60%
CA-45 (Bono Mack) 28%
42 48 P: 43/54
G: 35/56
S: 32/60
Ken Calvert (R-inc) CA-44 (Calvert) 42%
CA-49 (Issa) 30%
CA-45 (Bono Mack) 27%
43 7 P: 75/22
G: 69/24
S: 68/23
Maxine Waters (D-inc) (lives in 37th) CA-35 (Waters) 72%
CA-36 (Hahn) 25%
44 4 P: 81/16
G: 77/15
S: 76/15
San Pedro
Janice Hahn (D-inc)
Laura Richardson (D-inc) (lives in 47th)
CA-37 (Richardson) 47%
CA-39 (Sanchez) 30%
CA-36 (Hahn) 16%
45 45 P: 46/51
G: 34/59
S: 33/60
Mission Viejo
John Campbell (R-inc)
Irvine mayor Sukhee Kang (D)
CA-48 (Campbell) 62%
CA-42 (Miller) 26%
46 29 P: 58/39
G: 50/40
S: 49/40
Santa Ana
Loretta Sanchez (D-inc) CA-47 (Sanchez) 69%
CA-40 (Royce) 25%
47 30 P: 58/39
G: 50/42
S: 50/42
Long Beach
Garden Grove
State Sen. Alan Lowenthal (D)
Long Beach city councilor Gary DeLong (R)
Ex-Rep. Steve Kuykendall (R)
CA-37 (Richardson) 43%
CA-40 (Royce) 26%
CA-46 (Rohrabacher) 17%
48 46 P: 46/51
G: 35/58
S: 34/58
Huntington Beach
Newport Beach
Dana Rohrabacher (R-inc) CA-46 (Rohrabacher) 61%
CA-48 (Campbell) 31%
49 43 P: 49/48
G: 37/55
S: 36/56
San Clemente
Darrell Issa (R-inc) CA-49 (Issa) 44%
CA-50 (Bilbray) 31%
CA-44 (Calvert) 16%
50 52 P: 39/58
G: 31/61
S: 28/63
Duncan Hunter Jr. (R-inc) CA-52 (Hunter) 39%
CA-50 (Bilbray) 36%
CA-49 (Issa) 25%
51 21 P: 65/32
G: 58/31
S: 57/32
National City
El Centro
OPEN (Bob Filner (D) mayoral run)
State Sen. Juan Vargas (D)
State Sen. Denise Moreno Ducheny (D)
CA-51 (Filner) 77%
CA-53 (Davis) 21%
52 37 P: 55/43
G: 43/50
S: 42/49
La Jolla
Brian Bilbray (R-inc) (lives in 49th)
Ex-San Diego city councilor Scott Peters (D)
Ex-state Asm. Lori Saldana (D)
CA-50 (Bilbray) 40%
CA-53 (Davis) 35%
CA-52 (Hunter) 23%
53 27 P: 61/36
G: 52/40
S: 51/40
San Diego
Chula Vista
Susan Davis (D-inc) CA-53 (Davis) 37%
CA-52 (Hunter) 32%
CA-51 (Filner) 31%

I've gotten tired of trying to keep track in my head who goes where in California, which saw an epic scrambling of its Congressional map thanks to the independent redistricting commission. Two things happened last week, though, that make it time for one helpful chart that consolidates everything in one place: the game of musical chairs has almost stopped, with everyone but David Dreier having grabbed a seat... and we feel like we've finally gotten partisan data that we're comfortable using, via consulting firm Meridian Pacific. (Each of their district maps, along with a torrent of demographic and downballot information, is clickable in each line of the table below.)

The "P," "G," and "S" in the second column, as you've probably guessed, stand for "Presidential (2008)," "Governor (2010)", and "Senate (2010)," with the Democratic vote share first. The names listed are all of the credible candidates who've declared for each seat (or, in a few cases, for those who seem like they're likely to declare but haven't done so formally as of today, like Bob Dutton in the 31st, we're adding  "potential" next to them). There are only three incumbents who haven't fully clarified in the press where they're running yet: Nancy Pelosi and Kevin McCarthy (and c'mon, they're not going anywhere, so they're on the chart), and, of course, David Dreier, who isn't on the chart since most everyone expects him to retire. (Apologies in advance for not including every single candidate in every race, and for having to make a rather arbitrary 'credible' cutoff.)

The final column is information taken from redistribution data that our jeffmd has compiled. The percentages are how each new district breaks down into its old antecedent districts. (For example, the new 1st is composed of 65% turf from the old 2nd, and 35% turf from the old 4th.)

Big thanks to DKElectioneer Benawu, who's been great in helping to compile our musical-chairs spreadsheet, and also more generally in maintaining the Race Tracker Wiki. While I'm also sending out shoutouts, be sure to check out the recent diary by Alibguy, which plows similar ground, along with extensive narratives and race ratings.

Here's one other helpful feature: the "Rank" column is sortable. (All the columns are sortable, actually, but this is the one that's most important.) If you click on that, you can see the columns ordered from highest Obama 2008 percentage to lowest. That will help you zoom in on which seats are actually competitive and which aren't.

Originally posted to David Jarman on Mon Jan 16, 2012 at 10:46 AM PST.

Also republished by Daily Kos Elections.

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