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This letter is designed to give Newt Gingrich and the so called Christian movement called Evangelicals a piece of my mind.
I shall first address Newt.   Food Stamp President?  Really?  Really Newt?  

Just follow me below the jump .....

 Really Newt?  What do you know about lack of food?  What do you know about
need?  What do you know about decency?   I had much rather tax dollars go towards feeding a hungry family than paying for a new contract
to McDonald Douglas or Boeing to drop bombs.  I don't think of this president as a Food Stamp president but if he is, that is a good thing.
That means he is providing for the general welfare.  You claim to know so much about history.  YOU do remember that little ditty from the Preamble to the Constitution?
don't you?  To promote the General Welfare.  It is right there in the same sentence that Chickenhwawks that love war cling to.  The Common defense line.
The exact quote goes like this.  ( A little refresher course for you Professor)... ``We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common Defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.''
Oh Goodness Newt, that means the president would be upholding that piece of paper that Bush referred to as , just a piece of paper.  How dare he actually
promote the general welfare.  We have bombs to build.  

Moving right along....You have changed religions almost as many times as you have changed wives Newt.  How credible and stable does that make one?
What happens next?  Shall you covert to Mormonism after  you lose South Carolina or just dump the present wife and marry into the Mormon Faith and all that Joseph Smith preached?  I am sure the Mormon Church will back you in your efforts as they do take care of their own.  it really does not matter as you have not
gotten any religion down anyway no more than the evangelicals.  You are pompous, greedy ,self serving and that is why you are a republican. You have to be really good at these things to have the audacity to run on a republican ticket.  There is just sooooooo much hypocrisy to feed under one tent.
Food Stamp President.  I can live with that considering that at least this president cares about bellies other than his own.  I can't say the same for you or your cohorts.
Moving right along to the Evangelicals.. Do I have some words for you !!!!!!!
I believe I am qualified to talk to you.  I am a Christian.  You have made me almost ashamed to use the term. Christian, precisely  as self description   is why I want to address my
grievances to you.  You people scare me.  Some of you people are as dangerous as any religion including the Taliban that is out there.  Equivalent if not more so.
You sit in your pews on Sunday morning and you preach fire and brimstone and make judgments on people which by the way is reserved for God Almighty and you have left him out of the judgment part as well as you your misguided, cruel, aimlessly firing off scripture that is not only damaging we the people but the country as a whole.   Please tell me exactly which sin is the biggest and what gives you the right to makes laws and want to make laws and change laws with your interpretation of the scriptures. Again,  Precisely why there should always be a separation of church and state.  God gave us 10 commandments and you mange to screw that up by wanting to making it a graven image to display like a cheap billboard that claims
 WE BARE ALL referring to nude models or  lap dancing.  The 10 commandments should be written on one's heart and if it has to be displayed in view at all times in government facilities then who are you reminding?  The non believers don't see it and the believers should not need reminders.  A walk in one's faith should be a daily walk following the teachings of Christ, if you claim Christianity.  We go back to the which sin is the biggest to doom you to Hell?  Jesus had some mighty strong words for hypocrites and those not following his instruction.  I recall Woe unto Pharisees and Hypocrites.  Strike a nerve?  It should.  You cheer at primary rallies when one of the republican presidential hopefuls speak of feeding the hungry in negative terms,.  You cheer Capitol punishment and execution.  You want warriors in the field for your wars but you are picky who serves , but you as a majority prefer not to serve yourselves, unless of course you can claim Commander in Chief status.  This is disturbing.  You have thrown Jesus and his teachings to the back of the bus along with your hatred and prejudices that have shown themselves very visible in your tea parties.   You praise God and praise hatred.  How in name of all that is good even close to family values and God worthy?  Much less fly it under an evangelical Christian banner?
The God I serve clearly instructs us to not judge lest we be judged.  His job.  Not yours.  The evangelicals all get together to decide what expresses their views in the political world.  HA !!!!  So glad you cleared that up.  YOUR views ..not God's ...Please stop hijecking my faith and blaspheming my God.  You throw his name and instructions around like you are his personal secretary.  You actually are more like The Town Crier  playing with fire and brimstone with a judgmental, narrow, ignorant attitude of theology, true Christianity and Peace.
The bible is also very clear about your Yes being Yes and your No being NO. I SCREAM TO THE TOP OF MY LUNGS..NO NO NO !!!! YOU HAVE DONE ENOUGH TO RUIN HUMANITY.  What is so sickening is that you did it in the name of God and Christ.  Who are you people?  Check yourself.  With Fear and Trembling.  Love your neighbor as yourself.   That includes, the black ones, the borwn ones, the gay ones, the poor ones, the yellow ones, the straight ones and the disabled ones.  

 I understand that I have broadstroked in this post.  There are some really good Godfearing people that claim to be republican and evangelical.  To those people who actually do care about America and it's people and for those who do love God and follow faith sincerely, then this rant did not include you.
As a minister's daughter I have witnessed so called Christian evangelicans cry and sing and pray and then turn right around and gossip, judge, get drunk or run off with the nearest skirt or pants. Recently,  I can't tell the world actions from the church, who is supposed to be kind and caring.  Ravaging Wolves !!!!! That is what I envision now when I see a 5,000 suit on a teleevangelist or so called leader of the Flock get up and say God wants me to tell you something and then distort everything good and kind with their evil tongue and judgemental  action.  You are not Christian.  You are not even close by the fruits you are bearing.  You devour the Word and you are leading people into not only physical death but spiritual death as well.  

Don't tell me that this country was founded on christianity.  How do you figure?
Are you referring to women being burned at the stake and called evil witches?  Are you referring to Native Americans slaughtered and sent off to the trail of tears?  Are you referring to the currency of In God we Trust?  I personally believe that God reference was the much for that argument IMO.  Are you referring to the lynchings and Bull Connors?  How about the KKK...they were founded on the principle of a Christian organization.  Foolish...foolish people......I will pray for you.  You huge evangelicals really need a movement more than any religious entity I have heard of and yes that includes the Mormans,Muslims and the Jehovah Wittnesses.
They didn't hate us for our freedoms by the way.  They hated us for YOUR hypocrisy of war and hate and corruption and agreed.   American churchs for the most part do not take care of it's people.  They are just brick and mortar with big wallets and ignorant follwers who won't jump into Hell for a dollar but will hang around the edges grabbing till they fall in.  May God have mercy on your souls.  



Originally posted to Vetwife on Wed Jan 18, 2012 at 03:32 PM PST.

Also republished by Street Prophets .

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