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Tonight, the Republican debates lead with the story of the day and Newt Gingrich proved once and for all he can dish it, but he cannot take it.

See him in all his glory here:

Using a sex scandal a week before an election? My goodness Newt, who would do such a thing:

Gingrich Orchestrated GOP Ads Recalling Clinton-Lewinsky Affair
By Ceci Connolly and Howard Kurtz
Washington Post Staff Writers
Friday, October 30, 1998; Page A1

The GOP's multimillion dollar ad campaign invoking President Clinton's relationship with Monica S. Lewinsky was devised by House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) and tested before more than three dozen groups of likely voters before Republicans unleashed the assault, party sources said yesterday.

In reviving the presidential sex scandal just one week before Election Day, Gingrich and his chief strategists aimed to energize their most loyal supporters, whose enthusiasm appeared to be waning after House conservatives lost the budget fight and the Clinton scandal fell off the front pages.

At the same time, the GOP ad-makers tried to calibrate the commercials so as not to infuriate Democratic and swing voters.


In April, Gingrich told supporters, "I will never again, as long as I am speaker, make a speech without commenting on this topic," referring to the presidential scandal. But as polls indicated a backlash, he abandoned that plan. And since Congress adjourned last week, Gingrich has campaigned for GOP candidates across the country, refusing to utter one word about the Clinton controversy.

So Newt did exactly what Newt finds the most despicable thing he can imagine.

For cheap political gain in a few districts.

That's morals and ethics for ya.

And someone should tell Newt about the Internet and how archives work. His body of work during the Clinton Administration is online, someone should bro-tip him that.

And someone should bro-tip the media that Newt did exactly what he so sanctimoniously condemned in the debate tonight.

Gingrich Finds Newt Despicable

There's your lead and your legs, and it even has an affair involved. Double Hypocrisy out of a known sound bit machine, newsrooms should be giddy, should write itself by midday as Newt Gingrich defends his own use of a private martial matter as a topic for Presidential debate, just a week before an election.

A fact he finds despicable. Much like himself.

Originally posted to Patience John on Fri Jan 20, 2012 at 12:50 AM PST.

Also republished by Kos Georgia.

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