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Beshear signs off on tossing out Lexington’s Senator:

Action Alert-Public Rally tomorrow

Kathy Stein , our wonderful state Senator of many years from here in Lexington, KY was just unceremoniously dumped out of her Senate seat by the good ol’ boys in our state capital, Frankfort, on Thursday. All the other boys got to keep their seat until such time as their office is up for reelection, but Kathy basically got pitched out on her ear.

Every 10years these congressional maps are redrawn and Kentucky’s Democratically-controlled House and Republican-controlled Senate just redrew the state Senate seats and they threw a doozey of a fast ball on Thursday. And our Democratic Speaker of the House, Greg Stumbo, signed off on it and championed it.

Now, Kathy Stein is my Senator and she is progressive to the bone. She is one of the bright spots of living in Kentucky. She represents the core of Lexington, KY and regardless of what you may think of the more rural areas of Kentucky, Lexington is culturally aware and has a vibrant artsy community and beautiful downtown. And very accepting of cultural diversity (as much as is possible in a small town atmosphere in Kentucky).

Anyway, our District 13 to which Kathy Stein was elected was ripped out of our city and somehow turned into a multi-county district far away up along the shores of the Ohio River between Cincinnati and Ashland.

And these good ol’ boys in their wisdom picked up a District 4 from over on the other side of the state near the Mississippi River (four hours away from Lexington) and they tossed that District down into the empty hole they had created when they cut out our urban Senator.

So, this rural District 4 formerly from a conservative rural area near the Mississippi is now Lexington. And some good ol’ boy named Dorsey Ripley from over there in Henderson County, Kentucky will represent this city and its urban constituency.

Integrated maps if it helps you follow. :^)

Basically, the Republicans cut the core heart out of one of the few Democratic bastions in the state of Kentucky and moved that district far far away. And then they created a new district with a rural conservative Senator in its place (albeit that “new” district is an old district that was moved too… 4 hours from its original base).

Dorsey is thrilled. I suppose. He knows where Rupp Arena is and I guess that’s all that matters. Go Cats!

But, Dorsey is a good enough fellow, yet he’s from Beshear’s old hometown area and Dorsey is a wealthy businessman. Therefore, my guess is that Beshear wants to do something with CentrePointe and the gambling casino here in Lexington. Dorsey may help out with that desire.

Or maybe my hypothesis is wrong. But, you can bet that following the money trail will give the answer.

There is no reason why Kathy Stein and our district should have been tossed around like so much chump change.

So, for those who care to join and are local, there is a public rally tomorrow in Lexington from 4-7 pm at Main and Limestone.


So, on a slow Saturday night… whazzup in your neck of the woods?

Now it’s on to the TOP COMMENTS OF THE DAY submitted from our Kossack readers today in the Top Comments mailbox... TYVM to everyone who sent these most excellent comments!

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From BeninSC:

Insurance company eats crow, thanks to the Affordable Care Act? second gen explains!

And here's the TOP MOJO as provided by the wonderful Mik:

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And last, but not least, is Jotter's Picture Diary of the Day. Isn't Jotter all kinds of wonderful?  

These Pictures of the Day always bring a smile and a happy heart to me each evening.

Jotter's Picture Diary of the Day

As always, THANKS for reading and sending in those Top Comments!

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