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One of the most respected women in the world has announced that she will be leaving politics at the end of President Obama's term.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told State Department employees Thursday that she will not stay on in the job if President Obama wins re-election, saying that after two decades, she is ready to step off "the high wire of American politics."
I don't want to think about what might come next, because I don't want me or any of us to divert our attention," Clinton continued, adding that she plans to "work as hard as I can to the last minute I have the honor of being Secretary ... to support all of you."

A State Department official confirmed Clinton's comment, writing to Yahoo News: "Yes, she did [say that]. She said she would stay on until Obama nominates another Secretary of State."

I don't think anyone in recent history has endured and overcome the right wing noise machine with more class and aplomb than Hillary Clinton. Few would argue that in her role as First Lady, as United States Senator, as Presidential Candidate for the Democratic Nomination in 2008 and in her ensuing role as Secretary of State she demonstrated an astonishing degree of class and grace under pressure, earning the respect of friends and former foes alike. She is now and will always be a role model for American women, and for all Americans.

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