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"Dregs" by a republican:

I always find it interesting that Bolsheviks or reformed Bolsheviks like Ehrenburg point to Fascists like they were the White Trash.  Always seems an effort inoculate themselves from the horrors of their ideology.  Individualism vs. Collectivism etc by force or by force with a flower on top.

As if the followers of Marx weren't Sadists.  

Leave it to a republican to equate the oddest of equations. Now I can’t say that I ever read any Marx but from a purely hearsay point of view he had a good and valid case to make against the oppression of the people by the aristocracy. The fact that his work was high jacked and used in ways that would have turned his stomach is a common one in human history.

“As if the followers of Marx weren’t Sadists” is certainly one of the most egregious and stilted comments I have ever run across; you do the conservative movement proud with that kind of thinking. It is the same as saying “as if the followers of Jesus weren’t all Inquisitors” or some such nonsense; the ability of humans to twist facts to suit their ideology is renowned in all the world.

So wanting a fair and equitable distribution of a nations wealth and resources is a form of sadism, I never would have guessed. In the book of Acts the early church people by that definition were big time into sadism because they encouraged the rich among them to sell their property and place it at the disposal of all the members as they had need.

Back to the subject; the poor people of Russia went from being peasants oppressed by the elite aristocracy of the Czar’s to being peasants oppressed by totalitarians the fact that they called it communism is merely a sham, a lie to cover the reality. The people as in “we the people” will always yearn for a system that caters to the interests of the common man and woman whether it be in Russia or the United States.

And the enemies of the people, those who would seek to use the people as their personal work force, to keep them bound in some form of slavery are found in every country including and specifically right here in the United States. When a system is rigged to aggrandize the few at the expense of the many, when the wealth of a country is taken from the many and ends up in the bank accounts of the few as we find happening in our country this is what Marx was trying to address in my opinion.

When the people are sent off to wars that serve the interests of the few while sacrificing the interests of the people it is tyranny. When the little people are forced to sacrifice their tax dollars, their rights and their blood in wars of conquest so that the rich can get richer it is tyranny whether it be called fascism, communism or even democracy the label hardly matters.

Which brings me to the republican party the party of the out and out fascists in this country. Hiding behind a cloak of respectability and false morality the conservatives or regressive’s seek to stifle needed change at every turn, they sow seeds of division and hate because it serves their purpose.

Less government for them means removing common sense and common decency from the equation so the robber barons can have full access to a philosophy of greed and predation that allows them to gild their lilies while suppressing the rights and lifestyles of the 99%. It’s no wonder they hate government regulations that seek to protect the people from the kind of abuses they thrive on, clean air and water, food that is not contaminated with the chemicals that ensure greater profits, child labor laws and all such nonsense who needs them cluttering up the path to succsess?

The party that sells the notion that making the rich richer is in fact the best policy for this country is one of the greatest scams to see the light of day on this dark planet. The reality that it is working proves just how malleable the masses of humans are, the conmen calling themselves conservatives have convinced enough of the people to commit to policies that cuts them off at the knees if not higher and all for the privilege of being used as pawns in a game they will never win or even participate in.

So the income gap between the richest and the poorest just keeps on rising and in a so called democracy, how is this possible and more to the point why is it something that the republican party advocates and insists is the best of all possible systems. Something is really rotten in Washington and throughout the land when taking from the poor and giving to the rich is seen as an admirable even exceptional system, something to aspire to.

The American fascist party has us all dancing to their tune, doing their dirty work, committing their crimes, doing time in their jails, killing the people they say need to die but if we need health care or homes or jobs are they there for us, I don’t think so. Soldiers come back with traumatic head injuries and memories of horror to live under bridges and commit suicide in ever increasing numbers a tribute to a nation that supports its troops in words only.

Obama is a bought and paid for shill for the corporation but to the conservatives he is Marxist Muslim terrorist come on try again this is not a convincing tact. So now we have the GOP pushing their cream of the crop on us with urgency saying the United States cannot survive another four years under the democrats.

And the cream they offer does not seem all that appetizing even to them, I have seen where a zombie Reagan if he could be unearthed is preferred to the super rich guy who is so out of touch with the common citizen as to be from another galaxy. Of course there is the great white hope of Nut GingRich the historian cum pugilist of the totally self-centered I am SO special variety, a man of many appetites and no conscience to get in the way.  

I heard a commentator recently say that the republican party is a balancing act, a collaboration of the richest segment of society and the rabble they have assembled and convinced to support them by hook and by crook. Using subtle racism, and certain key issues they have persuaded an awful lot of regular people to throw in with them and support policies that are in fact evil and anything but democratic. Using guile and deception to circumvent the intent of our founders these scoundrels should be ashamed to utter the words fair and balanced; they are opponents of truth and justice for all, they are in cahoots with a ill spirit that deludes them into thinking they are doing what is right when they are really deeply in the wrong.

And with the exception of Dr. Paul all the GOP candidates are calling for war with Iran, is this really what we need? As it is it seems an inevitability that the democrats are letting happen under their noses. If we keep pushing them, hemming them in it will eventually reap the needed breaking point and then they can have at it having forced another war on us.

There are evil forces at work in the world today and they yearn for death and destruction in the same way that the people yearn for peace and equity. There are nations, authoritarian nations, nations controlled by strings that dangle from the bank accounts of wealthy contributors that see life as their apple to steal from the peoples orchard after the people have done the work.

Yeah, lets talk about wealth distribution the most obvious path to prosperity and justice that can be imagined nothing beats it. If America wants to live up to its purpose, it ideals (I would say destiny if I could get myself to believe it) then some serious wealth distribution is called for.

A share and share alike attitude, a one for all and all for one sort of spirit, a sense of cooperation instead of the dreaded competition, a sense of national pride in something worth being proud of that is what a redistribution of wealth could achieve. And why not; the people who get rich here do so by using our national resources and our strained muscles why should they profit at such a huge rate of disparity, why not share the profits more fairly with the people who do the work, why not make the greatest number of people happy?

Isn’t that the true measure of a culture; how many of its citizens live lives of dignity and contentment isn’t that the goal of a righteous nation, shouldn’t it be? Properly educated people living fulfilling lives that incorporate their distinct skill set and temperament isn’t that what we all want for ourselves and others?

When people are treated well, with genuine respect they tend to be better people just as when people are forced into squalid meaningless lives they tend towards criminal behavior and worse. Since we know this is an observable fact why not spread some of the wealth around more equitably and address the causes of poverty and crime where they start.

I must be one of those sadists who think the people in general would be a lot happier if they were given better opportunities to find happiness by a more even distribution of wealth. If I wasn’t so sadistic I would see that some people need way more than they can consume if they live a thousand and one years, that some people are just more deserving than others because they are special and better people than the rest.

I mistakenly thought that a nation by the people and for the people was about the people, but I was wrong it is a nation by the special people for the special people and the real people work for them to keep them in clover and golden hot tubs. All the heavy lifting, all the dirty, dreary, boring, demeaning grunt work pays a pittance while the CEO’s play golf, attend cocktail parties, have their nails manicured, pretend that they are important and rake in the cash for doing almost nothing sitting in well ventilated and cushioned chairs, eating thousand dollar lunches.

Yes, I think a bit of wealth distribution is in order not because I am a Marxist, but because a good citizen can’t help but see it as the fair and justified thing to do. After the country has been stolen in plain sight by muggers in fine silk suits, with government approval and stretched laws wouldn’t it be right and just to make amends; if you steal something you shouldn’t get to keep it you should give it back to those you stole it from, with interest I might add.


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