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The thing about wingnuts is that they are not just wrong, they are so totally out of touch as to be laughable. Hence, bubbanomics' brilliant HAHAHAHAHAHA! series.

But sometimes they're sad. A case in point concerns an old friend of mine. Check it out below the double gnocchi. But first, a word from our sponsor...

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Fox News viewers, like my old friend, live in a strange world of paranoia and distortion. One of the many insane things he sent me by email in 2008 included a routinely crazy one that purported to quote an essay by

Jerry Molen, an Academy Award winning Hollywood Producer, who produced Jurassic Park, Hook, Rain Man and many more classy movies, and who won the Academy Award for Schindler's List.

At the top of the email it said (in all caps, of course),


Anyway, the good part was Molen's supposed list of predictions if Obama was elected. It's a mixture of some real progressive ideas and bat shit insanity:

1). Strict gun laws, though he promised he would not.
2). 'In God We Trust' will be removed from all currency.
3). He will renege on his pledge to Israel and leave them to the wolves of Islam.
4). Hillary Clinton will be named to the Supreme Court.
5). Tax rates will surge to the highest levels in 30 years.
6). Capital gains tax will be at least double current levels.
7). Retired Army General Wesley Clark will be named Secretary of Defense.
8). Your borders will be open to all comers - especially from the Middle East and South America.
9). Amnesty will be granted to all illegals in the U.S, regardless of status or even gang membership (think MS-13).
10). Our presence in Iraq will come to an abrupt end, with tragic results to their citizens and devastating consequences to our military.

Now it comes as no surprise that the predictions were 0-10. What amazed me is the note my friend had attached to the email:

Here is what you are wishing for. I do not care who said this, or who the real author is, but this is what is going to happen to our country if Obama and a democratic controlled house and senate govern our country. This is what frightens me and most conservatives. Please, IT'S NOT ABOUT RACE!!! You probably support most of these actions. Please tell me if you don't.
PS. AMF means adios my friend, I still don't know what your Bwahahahahaha, whatever means.
Like the author suggested, whoever he/she is, print this and review it in a couple of years. It may make your day, it certainly will not make mine.

Heh. I suppose it should make my day, but mostly it makes me sad. This guy is a college graduate, a successful person, and a very charming and generous human being on a personal level. But he has such a strong strain of white supremacy and American exceptionalism built into him that his entire view of reality is skewed. His subconscious vision of the perfect America is the Antebellum South, and he is Ashley Wilkes, refined, kind, sophisticated, and wistfully reminiscing about the "high, soft Negro laughter from the quarter."

He is delusional. As James Baldwin put it, attempts to maintain a belief in white supremacy simultaneously with the notion that "all men are created equal" and the real presence of people of color in their lives has

forced Americans into rationalizations so fantastic that they approached the pathological.

He does not know he is a white supremacist. He would be insulted to be called one. He does not know himself. He does not think he has any prejudices. He does not understand that we all have prejudices. He does not understand that we have to be aware of them and actively battle against them. He thinks the playing field is level. He actually thinks he earned everything he has and that the poor deserve to be poor. He is incapable of "getting inside someone else's skin and walking around in it," as Harper Lee advised. He is white, male, 62, affluent, Christian, heterosexual, and afraid of anyone outside both his real and his metaphorical gated community. He wonders why I "vote outside my demographic." He watches Fox News, and he spreads insane stuff like the example above.

He's just another victim of America's original sin.

January 29, 2012

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From alizard:

In Kaili Joy Gray's front page post, 6ZONite had this to say about a crazy Republican who wants to ban nonexistent human fetuses in our food.

From J Orygun:

This was a great statement on how free we are by mrsgoo in the post ALL HOLY HELL HAS BROKEN OUT IN OAKLAND. Many Updates by jpmassar.

From your humble diarist poster:

In leftreborn's rescued diary Why I Vote Democratic, Too, NM Ray offers this sobering reminder.

January 28, 2012

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January 28, 2012

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