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Update 4: See action items pulled from the comments.

This hasn't been diaried yet?

AP Exclusive: Amid abortion debate, Komen cancer charity halting grants to Planned Parenthood

Just saw this on Facebook, where their page is being bombarded by comments pro and con (mostly in appalled disgust, from what I can tell). Yes, the seemingly benign Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation has announced that they have bowed to the radical anti-women forces and will stop funding breast exams at Planned Parenthood. PP of course is in the crosshairs of the radical right, which they want to destroy like they did ACORN.

The nation’s leading breast-cancer charity, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, is halting its partnerships with Planned Parenthood affiliates — creating a bitter rift, linked to the abortion debate, between two iconic organizations that have assisted millions of women.

The change will mean a cutoff of hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants, mainly for breast exams.

Anyone with a lick of sense, or true concern for women (post-fetal) knows that this decision will lead to MORE women suffering and dying with cancer. How much further will this Christian crusade against reason and reality continue before decent people say NO MORE!

I'll find some choice comments on FB and paste them here, once I get this published and our own comment thread initiated.

Update:  OK, I'm getting called away for a while. You can view the reactions here  and if you are on FB, leave your own.

Update 2: Kalli Joy now has a very thorough post up about this, with the press release from PP, which I expect is queued for the front page. Excellent, all the more attention on this horrid development in the LACK of adequate women's health services.

Let this be the last time those sick totalitarians get any kind of satisfaction from bullying others about their personal choices. PLEASE write to SDK and your congresspeople to voice your support for PP. And make a donation to PP's wonderful and much maligned work to serve ALL women.

A few comments criticizing SGK posted on their Facebook page:

I will no longer be able to support Susan G. Komen for the Cure in any way shape or form. I am absolutely disgusted that you would cave in to anti choice and anti freedom groups. You mission is very clearly more political than it is about saving womens lives.

Let me tell you that I liked this page only so I could comment on how disgusting it is that you have caved in to right-wing nut cakes and have cut your funding to Planned Parenthood. How would you like it if your funding was cut? You have officially put thousands of women at risk. You are a disappointment and I will support no more of your organization's activities. Done deal.

Saddened by Susan G. Komen for the Cure's decision to pull funding from Planned Parenthood. My Planned Parenthood provider took the time to show me how to do my breast exams during a well-woman appointment and taught me why it was so important. I was in my 20's, waitressing, uninsured and uninformed. Isn't preventing cancer what it's all about?

I will not support your organization any longer if you will cave to pressure and make me choose between keeping my rights over my body and backing your foundation. To take away your support from Planned Parenthood tells me that you've become more about the politics, and too big to really help it. I'll show my support for the fight against breast cancer through Planned Parenthood. If they can continue to give us information, we will already be better armed with knowledge to protect our bodies. Hopefully more will come to a similar conclusion and their contributions will add up to enough funds to continue early breast cancer detection exams. Without you. What a bad call Susan G. Komen. Fatal call.

I am very disappointed that you ended your relationship with Planned Parenthood. We, as a family, usually buy products that support your cause. Not anymore. Our money will now go to PP. I will be sharing this article with all of my friends. :{

Shame on you for caving in to the religious right bullies. Cancer doesn't give a darn about religion. I'm shocked at your spineless decision to turn your back on women everywhere! You were once considered an icon for supporting women...all women, not just the religitarded ones.

Providing cancer screenings is not a political issue. I am so saddened by your decision to withdraw basic health care funding for women who need it. Those grants were saving lives.

Clearly you don't understand the mission of Planned Parenthood. It's sad to see a charity organization playing politics. I wish I could send all the money for all the races I've run to another charity benefiting breast cancer research. You won't be getting another dime from me.

Really, you can't support womens health at a womens health organization? Consider all money I donate to you pulled and going to other organizations who are not a near sighted as this decision.

4:09 PM PT: Wow, I didn't realize this was on the rec list. Thanks, y'all.

Update 3: Facebookers are on this: "Like" this page

3a: SGK has reportedly deleted all the comments to their FB page.

Update 4: More action items, as suggested by comments below

PP has a new donations page just for this (3+ / 0-)


I hope everybody does.

I believe is a very good organization, a small nonprofit run by volunteers and dedicated to getting donations directly into the hands of researchers working on the front lines of metastatic breast cancer science.
I just donated $100 to PP

And I did it in Susan Komen's name, with the thank you card to be sent to their corporate address, which is:

Susan G Komen for the Cure
Corporate HQ
5005 LBJ Freeway
Dallas TX

Here's the link to give in someone's name:

I commit to doing this every month until the November election.

Please sign the petition

Don't vent your spleen here where no one will see it.  Go sign the damn petition (link). Only 467 so far.
Please do something more than post a comment and rec.
For your convenience, here is the facebook link.
If you are a runner, don't run in Komen events, and tell the organizers why.

And, this morning, Credo has a petition drive going. Add your name here.

Originally posted to Progressive in Oklahoma on Tue Jan 31, 2012 at 02:46 PM PST.

Also republished by Monday Night Cancer Club, Pro Choice, Kos Georgia, and Abortion.

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