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Scott Walker's getting desperate.  When he sends out fundraising letters to the likes of me, you know he's grasping at straws.  I haven't diared here before and am an old fart who looks around and comments on other diaries.  Yes, I've been angry at Obama, but look below at what Scott Walker's saying.  He's trying to tie Obama to his mis guided attacks on Unions.

A Bit about me.  I'm a 54 year old former 3rd Generation Republican who was brought up to believe in paying your bills first, staying out of other folks lives, who cared about the environment and was brought up to believe that "only Democrats start wars".  Well, Bush cured me of that and in 2003 I joined my step kids and re-registered as a Democrat.  In 2004, I gave my first donations.  At first, to Dean and then later Kerry and any Democrat who stood up to the anti-choice, anti-environmental, pro war Repugs that I came to despise.  I haven't been a registered Repubican since 2003 and never donated a dime to the party.  But that doesn't stop the most desperate from thinking I would support them.  The latest is from Scott Walker.  If he knew I was a member of Local 21, I'm not so sure I'd have gotten this hail mary from him.  So please remember that what I paste in the body is the ugly piece of crap from "Friends of Scott Walker".

"January 20,2012

As President Obama steams full throttle towards his upcoming re-election campaign…

As National Big Labor Bosses are determined to make me pay for our conservative reforms….

The National Democrats are setting up my recall election in Wisconsin as a “Test case” to try out their attacks ads for next fall.

Motivated by revenge because I insisted that unionized state workers pay their fair share for health care benefits and pensions, the Big Labor Bosses from all over the country are using this recall race as a pilot project to test drive and hone their all-negative, all consuming national attack message.

If they succeed in their quest of ousting me from the Governor’s Office here, they will roll out their cutthroat tactics to every state in the nation to get President Obama the second term that will devastate our economy.

I’m calling on strong conservatives like you to give me your swift and generous support because the Obama Political Machine and the National Labor Unions will spend tens of millions to beat me.

I’m proud of your conservative leadership.  I know all about the key role you played in winning campaigns across America.  I understand the depth of your commitment to our cause and I admire you for that.

MY FIRST NAME (probably use a merge program), that’s the kind of commitment and leadershiop I need to win this recall race so I hope you decide to act today.

If your goal is to make Barack Obama a one-term President, here’s your chance to do something significant right now.

The President’s Chicago Political Machine and vengeful, power-consumed Big Government Union Bosses have put a bull’s eye on my back.  All over the country, bitter and disgruntled ultra-liberal fringe groups and Super PACs are preparing their donors to pour tens of millions into this recall race against me.

Taking their cue from President Obama, they are willing to say, do, promise and spend anything to win.  Right now, the attacks are coming from all directions and I urgently need your help to win.

Make no mistake, a win in this recall election will be a huge defeat and demoralizing embarrassment to the National Democrats, the Labor Bosses, and the Obama Re-election Machine.

Elections like these lift off the mask and let voters see the real goals, the real agenda, and the real constituency of the Extreme Liberal Left.

Sadly, if I lose, our conservative reforms – the reforms that are saving our government millions of dollars, turning a multi-billion dollar state deficit into a surplus and saving counties and municipalities millions more – will be rolled back.  And equally upsetting, our political rivals all-negative re-election strategy will be vindicated, but … when you help me win … our conservative reforms will be further validated, our rivals’ repugnant tactics will be rejected, and President Obama’s re-election chances will suffer a devastating blow.

That’s why I can’t wait any longer in contacting you; not with Big Labor, Liberal Super PACs and the Obama White House lining up against me.

Can we fight off the fiercest attacks?
Can we prove that a conservative reformer can win?
Your generous response will answer those questions.

Those on the Far Left are hoping that because you live out of state you’ll miss the significance of this recall race.  Big Labor is counting on you to shrug off the negative ads, letters, lies, promises and threats that are bearing down.  The National Democrats are hoping you dismiss this serious threat and ignore this critical election.

In a race thick with tension, I’m hoping and praying that you’ll join a groundswell of fellow conservative activists from Wisconsin and across the country, rise to meet the challenge and do all in your power to help me…and in turn send a clear message to the country about President Obama’s re-election hopes and Nancy Pelosi’s blind ambition to reclaim control of Congress next fall.

It’s true, if our radical rivals force me out of office here, they’ll do it in your state next.  The ripple effects of political challenges and unfulfilled conservative reforms will be the untold story and we simply can’t afford to let that happen.

So please take decisive action to help me.  Write your “Friends of Scott Walker” contribution for $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500 or more.  Whatever you can give will be an immense help.

Don’t let the Obama White House, Big Labor Unions and National Liberals win.

With respect and gratitude

Scott Walker.

P.S. I resent what President Obama is doing to our proud country and because I’m a conservative by philosophy and a reformer by instinct, I’ve been a different kind of leader than he has been.  One after another, our conservative reforms are working!  My bold actions demanding that unionized state workers pay their fair share, has earned me the wrath of the White House and the fury of the Big Labor Bosses.  Will you help me fight off this recall challenge with your check for $25,$200,$500,$1,000 or more?

Paid for by Friends of Scott Walker, Kate Lind, Treasurer"

I'm going to take this mailer and do a few things:

1.  Post this diary.
2.  Go to Wisconsin Democrats and give:
3.  Encourage Others to Do so.
4.  Since the letter came in a postage paid envelope, I'm going to send it back to them and tell them what I think of them.  After all, it's their dime.

I'm not sure there is much more I can do.  If I've handled this improperly, then I apologize.

Updated 19:59 pst:  The Rec list?  Oh my god!  This old fart thanks you.  I would have been thrilled not to be panned.  This has been a learning experience for me.  Alot of you turned this in a direction I'd have never thunk!  I love the comments about checking off the boxes that say you're going to give without including the check.   Again, thank you all for you input.

Originally posted to Russron on Thu Feb 02, 2012 at 04:24 PM PST.

Also republished by Badger State Progressive.

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