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I'm back with another episode of FReep-diving, complete with Tyvek suit, but sans link - feel free to type free republic dotcom if you must...

This diary celebrates the unintended consequences that keep on rolling in from SGK's ludicrous decision-making, heaping one bad decision on another. After alienating the entire liberal and progressive universe for all time, but burnishing their cred with their wingnut supporters, their appearance of caving in (while not true) has alienated the loony Republicans so much that they, too, will never again trust or support SGK ever again, shortening the time of their eventual demise from 4-5 years to a year or two, tops.

Read for yourself what the FReepsters are saying:

I feel sorry for all those that gave over the last two days.

Komen will die on the vine over the next 2 or three years. They will be a shell of their former selves. This reversal will kill them.

from your keyboard to the FSM's shell-like ears.

No one likes a flip-flopper. Either you were wrong before, or you’re wrong now.

In any case...NO ONE (pro-deathers or pro-lifers) are happy with SGK now.

no one likes a flip-flopper? be careful what you say, wingnuts.

That’s the end of the Komen Foundation as far as I’m concerned.

hey! me, too!

The Pro abortion dem congresscritters threatened to supoenea all of Komen’s financial records and put them under the kleig lights in DC. Komen caved under the pressure. The thirst of the baby killers seems unquenchable.

Hopefully this will really hurt them. Until a few days ago most people were totally unaware that they were giving money to Big Murder, but that's all changed now.
Komen's average daily donations DOUBLED this week, this should gut them. They have blood on their hands and they deserve to be shown for exactly what they are.

yep - wingers just like you. heh.

This is the begining of the end for that organization.

we can only hope, right? hee.

This is an incredible mistake. The fact that a wide majority of people had no idea they were funneling cash to Planned Parenthood actually provided a backstop to the fallout from cutting it off. How many of those will cut off donations to SGK, now that they caved to the fascists?

And that’s right - no one likes a flip-flopper.

Umm...don't let this guy hear you saying that:

In other words, many of us think this was their plan all along. Get the faithful on each side to pour gobs of money into these organizations for a few days. Then, put things back the way they were while laughing all the way to the bank.

I always wondered if this Komen gang might be just another bunch of militant leftist baby-killing feminazi b*tches. Now we know.

oh, this does not, somehow, bode well for Komen. Think we should let them know about this?

This definitely goes down in marketing history as an EPIC PR FAIL.

ya think??

They think it’s not criminal for PP to aid pimps of underaged sex slaves in evading the law?

ah, yes. Pimps.

Ah, maybe that’s why the ribbon is pink, huh? The red blood on white hands mixes to make pink.

wha...what about the brown babies?

if you look at who runs Komen, it looks like a Geffen-Speilberg meets Harold Simmon’s pissed off daughter's lawn party in Highland Park...ripe with lefty socially radical liberals from urban areas...nearly all pro abort women apparently

why do these people always take the reins of foundations that are supposed to do good?

and - how did all these tiny liberals flying around my head get in here??

I mean can one not advance the defeat of breast cancer without having to pay up to the abortion providers...this whole ruse that Planned Parenthood does anything but abortions and birth control pills is pure crap dreamed up to legitimize them and it's a joke

and now here we are about to nominate a GOP candidate every bit as pro abort action wise as Obama

you can see why I like where this is going...

Rush spreading the word across the radio waves about the Komen-Planned Parenthood relationship (which continues, unfortunately) now. Good!

oh, so good.

Interesting how nowadays these people find funding only by trickery and theft. It’s the new fad that Obama is leading and the economy is going to hurt as a result.

I'm not sure why they left out the part about Obama infecting people with HIV, or his constant nighttime death-raids.

This is about to get extremely interesting, and it has sparked an unexpected battle between liberal pro-death women and pro-life, independent-republican-conservative women.

It’s always funny to see the liberal chicks’ reaction when they get challenged. They just don’t know how many of us there are.

and you don't know how tough some chicks can be

Komens decision to initially stop its contributions to PP was a calculated ploy to increase contributions to Komen. Once contributions to Komen increased 100 fold, Komen reverts back to contributing to PP. A simple marketing ploy, nothing more.

Oh, dear. I never thought they'd see so clearly through this ruse.

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