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Act 1  Pregame

       -Dromio of Ephesus     CoE  2,1

I love the sport well
       -Slender     MWW  1,1

Glass-gazing SUPER
       -Kent     KL  2,2

The BOWL should run
       -Petruchio     ToS  4,5

       -Captain     2H6  4,1

The green mantle of the standing pool
       -Edgar     KL  3,4

Why, brother, wherefore stand you on nice points?
       -Gloucester     3H6  4,7

I'll give you three for one
       -Menelaus     TC  4,5

Mark it, nuncle ... thou shalt have more
Than two tens to a score
       -Fool     KL  1,4

If thou dost play with him at any game
Thou art sure to lose
       -Soothsayer     AC  2,3

If our betters play at that game, we must not dare to imitate them
       -Timon     ToA  1,2

Should be once heard and thrice beaten
       -Lafeu     AWtEW  2,5

Not so, neither; but I am resolved on two points
       -Clown     TN   1,5

Get goal for goal
       -Mark Antony     AC  4,8

I'll mark the play
       -Ophelia     Ham  3,2                                

Hark, the game is roused!
       -Belarius     Cym  3,3

The game's afoot
       -King Henry V     H5  3,5

Forward, forward!  
       -Petruchio     ToS  4,5

To the field, to the field!
       -Belarius     Cym  4,2

Go in and cheer
       -Cloten     Cym  3,5

Here, master: what cheer?
       -Boatswain     Temp  1,1

What cheer, madam?
       -Pisanio     Cym  3,4

Soft, soft! We'll No Defence
       -Imogen     Cym  3,4

I prithee, lady, have a better cheer
       -Countess     AWtEW  3,2

Go, play, boy, play
       -Leontes     WT  1,2

What! Good cheer!
       -Cleopatra     AC  4,15

Better cheer may you have, but not with better heart
       -Antipholus of Ephesus     CoE  3,1

Come, let's do so: for every minute is expectancy
       -Third Gentleman     O  2,1


Act 2  Opening Kickoff

The king's coin
       -Suffolk     H8  3,2

       -Guiderius     Cym  4,2

       -Leontes     WT  1,2

Yours, if you talk of tails
       -Katharina     ToS  2,1

Do you render or receive?
       -Cressida     TC  4,5

Sooner will receive than give
       -Exeter     1H6   5,5

I should kick
       -Dromio of Ephesus     CoE  3,1

Fronting the sun, receives and renders back
       -Ulysses     TC  3,3

He did bewray his practise; and received
       -Gloucester     KL  2,1

Let's hit
       -Goneril     KL  1,1

Hit the ground they step on
       -Sir Toby Belch     TN  3,4

'Twill be a hard way to hit
       -Gobbo     MoV  2,2

A touch, a touch, I do confess
       -Laertes     H  5,2

For bloody power to rush
       -King John     KJ  2,4

If he can carry't
       -Roderigo     O  1,1

Another hit; what say you?
       -Hamlet     H  5,2

A hit, a very palpable hit
       -Osric     H  5,2

To run, lead'st first to win some vantage
       -Menenius     Cor  1,1

A rush
       -Dromio of Syracuse     CoE  4,3

I will not slay thee, but I'll drive thee back
       -Gloucester     1H6  1,3

Drive thee
       -Helene     AWtEW  3,2

A rush will be a beam to hang thee on
       -Bastard     KJ  4,3

Rush forth
       -Hubert     KJ  4,1

Drive this forward
       -King Henry VIII     H8  2,4

Thou yard, three-quarters, half-yard, quarter, nail!
       -Petruchio     ToS  4,3

Pile them up
       -Ferdinand     T  3,1

Dash him to pieces!
       -Brutus     JC  4,3

And if they fall, they dash themselves to pieces
       -Queen Margare     R3  1,3

We have dash'd them to the ground
       -Bastard     KJ  2,1

I saw him fumble
       -Hostess     H5  2,3

It might have been recovered
       -Parolles     AWtEW  3,6

What dost thou wrap and fumble in thine arms?
       -Aaron     TA  4,2

More rushes, more rushes
       -First Groom     2H4  5,5

Eight yards of uneven ground
       -Falstaff     1H4  2,2

Delve one yard below
       -Hamlet     H  3,4

His power to bring to pass
       -Antonio     MoV  1,3

Home in his pocket
       -Sebastian     T  2,1

Whose arm an envious thrust
       -Benvolio     RJ  3,1

Arch'd so high that Giants may jet through
       -Belarius     Cym  3,3

He would receive it?
       -Countess     AWtEW  I,iii

That defence thou hast, betake thee to't
       -Sir Toby Belch     TN  3,4

Too wide
       -Jaques     AYLI  2,7

Some great exploit drives him beyond the bounds
       -Northumberland     1H4  1,3

So forward, and afoot too! I hate it
       -Falstaff       1H4   2,2

Still, still, far wide!
       -Cordelia     KL  4,7

None are so surely caught, when they are catch'd
       -Princess     LLL  5,2

Long forth
       -Belarius     Cym  4,2

In honestest defence
       -Widow     AWtEW  3,5

Way complete
       -First Citizen     KJ  2,1

Methinks I play as I have seen them do
       -Perdita     WT  4,4

Tell me, that I may sack
       -Romeo     RJ  3,3

Go forward
       -King Henry VIII     H8 1,2

Sack be my poison
       -Falstaff     1H4  2,2

Plunge him in the deep
       -Lucentio     ToS  1,1

Bear with me; I am hungry for revenge
       -Queen Margaret     R3  4,4

You base football player (tripping up his heels)
       -Kent     KL  1,4

More sacks to the mill
       -Biron     LLL  4,3

Let him pass
       -Portia     MoV  1,2

My lord, you pass not here
       -Mutius     TA  1,1

You've pass'd a hell of time
       -Sonnet CXX

How deep?
       -Second Lord     AWtEW  4,1

Deep and dangerous
       -Earl of Worcester     1H4  1,3

For that they will not intercept
       -Titus     TA  3,1

And it is caught
       -Camillo     WT  1,2

The straight pass was damm'd
       -Posthumus     Cym  5,3

Hearten those that fight in your defence
       -Bastard     KJ  5,1

You may intercept him
       -Proteus     TGV  3,1

Such a silly pass!
       -Widow     ToS   5,2

The tackle of my heart
       -King John     KJ  5,7

Man but a rush
       -Othello     O  5,2

'Tis sport to maul a runner
       -Scarus     AC  4,7

With that, they all did tumble on the ground
       -Boyet     LLL  5,2

Act 3  Half Time

Half, sir
       -Elbow     MfM  2,1

Wild half
       -Pompey     MfM  4,3

Being but the one half of an entire sum
       -Ferdinand     LLL  2,1

After our great good cheer. Pray you, sit down;
For now we sit to chat as well as eat
       -Lucentio     ToS  5,2

In the mean time, some necessary
question of the play be then to be considered
       -Hamlet     H  3,2

Strive mightily, but eat and drink as friends
       -Tranio     ToS  1,2

Let us therefore eat and drink
       -Sir Toby Belch     TN  2,3

An excellent play, well digested
       -Hamlet     H  2,2

You rogue, I have been drinking all night
       -Barnardine     MfM  4,3

Good meat, sir
       -Balthazar     CoE  3,1

What is this? sport?
       -Hermione     WT  2,1

It is the first time that ever I heard breaking of ribs was sport for ladies
       -Touchstone     AYLI  1,2

O, there be players that I have seen play, and heard others praise
       -Hamlet     H  3,2

I would always have one play but one thing
       -Julia     TGV  4,2

What do you call the play?
       -King Claudius     H  3,2

This tragic play
       -Queen Margaret     R3  4,4

Live the purer with the other half
       -Hamlet     H  3,4

The game makes way
       -Titus     TA  2,2

Applaud our sport
       -Hotspur     1H4  1,3

Let us score
       -Scarus     AC  4,7

Act 4  Second Half Kickoff

East to boot
       -Macduff     MM  4,3

There's some boot
       -Camillo     WT  4,4

This it is: ... we, lying still, are full of rest, defense, and nimbleness
       -Cassius     JC  4,3

And by how much defence is better than no skill
       -Touchstone     AYLI  3,3

We go to gain a little patch of ground
       -Captain     H  4,4

Let some o' the guard be ready there
       -Gardiner     H8  5,3

He broke from those that had the guard of him
       -Adriana     CoE  5,1

The guards are but slight
       -Benedick     MaaN  1,1

They saw we had a purpose of defence
       -Bastard     KJ  5,1

Provide your block
       -Provost     MfM  4,2

But none can drive
       -Salerio     MoV  3,2

What a block
       -Launce     TGV  2,5

A play there is, my lord, some ten ... long
       -Philostrate     AMND  5,1

Look you to the guard tonight: let's teach ourselves that honourable stop
       -Othello     O  2,3

What got he by that? You have broke his pate
       -First Lord     Cym  2,1

He had some feeling of the sport
       -Lucio     MfM  3,2

A good play
       -Rosalind     AYLI  5,4

As I say, spacious in the possession of dirt
       -Hamlet     H  5,2

Another down
       -First Lord     AYLI  2,1

The yards
       -Ariel     T  1,2

Lead me to the block
       -Hastings     RIII  5,4

So do our minutes hasten to their end
       -Sonnet LX

Three quarters
       -Dromio of Syracuse   CoE  3,2

They all rush by and leave you hindmost
       -Ulysses     TC  3,3


Hear the shrill whistle
       -Chorus     HV  2,4

Wherefore's this noise?
       -Cleopatra     AC  5,2

A garish flag
       -Queen Margaret     RIII,  IV, iv

What foul play had we
       -Miranda     T  1,2

Nothing can seem foul to those that win
       -King Henry IV     1H4  5,1

Let's see the penalty
       -Biron     LLL  1,1

       -Third Gentleman     WT  5,2

Exact the penalty
       -Antonio     MoV  1,3

       -Duke Vincentio     MfM  3,1

Holding: if we lose the field
       -Lartius     COR  1,7

To fright them hence with that dread penalty
       -Longaville     LLL  1,1

Let me be umpire in this doubtful strife
       -King Henry VI     1H6  4,1

Now let us understand
There is three umpires in this matter, as I understand
       -Sir Hugh Evans     MWW  1,1

Let them play
       -Falstaff     H6  2,4

O sir, the loathsomeness of them offends me more than the stripes
       -Autolycus     WT  4,3

Then the play is marred: it goes not forward, doth it?
       -Flute     AMND  4,2

Lies three thirds
       -Lafeu     AWtEW  2,5

But let them measure
       -Benvolio     RJ 1,4

A tangled chain; nothing impaired, but all disordered
      -Theseus     MND  5, 1

Perhaps a hapless gain
       -Valentine     TGV  1,1

And that, in guess, they measure
       -Sonnet LXIX

Still close as sure
       -Iachimo     Cym  1,6

That with the very shaking of their chains they may astonish
       -York     2HVI  5,1

By inches ...
       -Cornelius     Cym  5,5

Four yard under the countermines
       -Fluellen     H5  3,2

To sudden death
       -Hamlet     H  5,2

Sudden death
       -King Henry VI     2H6  3,2

None durst come near for fear of sudden death
       -Talbot     1H6  1,4

I cannot win
       -Helanicus     P  2,4

But I shall lose
       -Helene     AWtEW  3,7

Sound parts shall fly
       -Helene     AWtEW  2,1

A worthy pass
       -Bertram     AWtEW  4,5

O'er the green… field did pass
       -Second Page     AYLI  5,3

Over the glittering helmet of my foe!
       -Duke of Aumerle     R2  4,1

Could make him the receiver
       -First Gentleman     Cym  1,1

Having received wrong by some person
       -Page     MWW  3,1

Received and did deliver
       -Mistress Page     MWW  4,4

Set down
       -Voltimand     H  2,2

Thy safety being the motive
       -Kent     KL  1,1

       -Othello     O  2,3

Mine honour for their safety
       -Imogen     Cym  1,6

So is running away, when fear proposes the safety
       -Helene     AWtEW  1,1


The game is up
       -Belarius     Cym  3,3

Act 5 Postgame

Now the play is done
       -King     AWtEW  5,3

Ay, that way goes the game
       -Hermia     AMND  3,2

The victory fell on us
       -Ross     Mac  1,2

The world play'd as I pleased
       -Mark Antony     AC  3,11

New-come champion, virtuous
       -Talbot     1H6  2,2

A stouter champion never
       -King Henry VI     1H6  3,4

You are most hot and furious when you win
       -First Lord     Cym  2,2

Such a bowl may hold my thanks
       -Sands     H8  1,4

Make us partakers of a little gain,
That now our loss might be ten times so much?
       -Charles     1 H6   2,1

All shall eat and drink on my score
       -Cade     2H6  4,2

After he scores, he never pays
       -First Soldier     AWtEW  4,3

All was lost
       -Posthumus     Cym  5,3

The day to cheer and night's dank dew to dry
       -Friar Laurance     RJ  2,3

The game was ne'er so fair, and I am done
       -Romeo     RJ  1,4

I'll cheer up
       -Alcibiades     ToA  3,5

The play's the thing
       -Hamlet     H  2,2

© Composed by Gregory D Reynolds

Originally posted to Says Who on Sat Feb 04, 2012 at 08:53 PM PST.

Also republished by DKOMA, Community Spotlight, and Theatricals.

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