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This week saw the passing of Florence Green (at age 110) - the last surviving veteran of WW-I, whose name caught attention around the world - and Harry Keough (at age 84) - one of the last surviving members of the 1950 US World Cup team that had one of soccer's greatest upset victories.

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Florence Green did not participate in the trench warfare that marked World War I - nor did she serve for long (as an Officer's Mess steward in the Royal Air Force) as the war came to an end two months later. But she was very much a veteran - and with her passing (just days before her 111th birthday) the end of an era is upon us.

Harry Keough was not 'an amateur' when he stepped onto the playing surface at Belo Horizonte, Brazil on June 29, 1950 - he was receiving some semi-pro pay for a local team. But he was a postman as his day job, while his teammates worked as schoolteachers, morticians, meatpackers and assembly-line workers when they squared off against the English side, with truly professional players (and two, Alf Ramsey and Tom Finney, who would go on to be knighted for their stellar careers).

I wrote a previous Top Comments diary two years ago (when the US faced England again in the World Cup) - and at this link you can read the account not only of that 1-0 upset win by the US side, but how the lone goal-scorer (Joe Gaetjens) was later murdered by the Duvalier regime in his native Haiti. It's quite a story.

Harry Keough went on to have a career (from 1967–1982) as head coach of the men's soccer team at St. Louis University, where his teams won five national championships - and later working as a referee and as an assistant coach for the Washington University women's team into his 70's. He won several Senior Olympics gold medals in swimming and track and field, medals he gave to his grandchildren. In the 1980s, Keough returned to Belo Horizonte, the site of the World Cup victory, and his visit was front page news in the city. A large picture of him appeared in the newspaper as he stood on the field with his arms outstretched under the headline, "The mailman returns to the scene of glory."

His death leaves only three of his teammates who are still alive - and fellow St. Louis resident Franki Borghi - the winning goalkeeper that day - has been a mortician ... and who (if still active) will probably handle Keough's funeral, as he did for three other members of that team.



Now, on to Top Comments:

From Regina in a Sears Kit House:

In the front-page story about Pope Benedict's indifference to child abuse yet outrage over contraception, here4tehbeer has the right touch of satire.
From Tim DeLaney:
In the diary by twigg describing the difficulties in raising a daughter in a far-right area filled with various hatreds - zenbassoon embeds a video of the Rodgers & Hammerstein classic from "South Pacific" entitled, You've Got to Be Carefully Taught (To Hate) - as sung by Mandy Patinkin.
From Wee Mama:
In the diary by WallyW75 about Washington pundits spinning the latest poll numbers as "Obama peaking too early?" - dweb8231 delivers a juicy summary of the current Republican field.
From mdmslle:
In the front-page story about the GOP Establishment getting nervous about Mitt Romney, susanWAstate offers a cautionary note about a .... ummm ... Romney condom.
A daily double:
In the diary by Mets102 regarding Rick Santorum's claim that people of faith are being marched to the guillotine:

ericlewis0 said that in response to his own comment to look further for the aces that both ontheleftcoast as well as stunzeed serve up.

And Cedwyn said that - after her own comment - that the response by Dirtandiron makes her think, "It's a bird! it's a plane! it's supersnark!"

And from Ed Tracey, your faithful correspondent this evening ........
In the front-page story about the mating habits of caribou as described by congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) - harrije replies to a commenter wondering if his speech was snark by revealing that Gohmert "has to cheat off Rick Perry on tests".
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