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Dear Daily Kos Community,
Thank you for the donations!  We still need as much help as you can afford to give even if it is just one dollar. There is no cure yet for substance addiction but it is treatable. Won't you please help us help others? Mahatma Gandhi suggested that if we wanted to change something in the world then we must be that change. We are working tirelessly to be the change we wish to see in the world and to solicit the funding for our non profit organization because we want to be of service to women who suffer from the illness of addiction, to the families who suffer as a result of addiction and to the communities who experience the social costs of addiction.  America continues to fight a losing war against illegal drugs. We provide treatment and compassion. Maybe our country needs to try this approach as well.  I have added our paypal link at the end of the post. I will be providing updates as our organization grows, because we also want to be a model for other "Be the Change..." non-profit entrepreneurs out there!

On January 4, 2012, Asbury House launched its first official Capital Campaign, with the goal of purchasing and outfitting its first treatment facility in Fort Collins, Colorado. The Capital Campaign will provide the opportunity to translate the bold mission of Asbury House into the action necessary to provide this much needed public service in the northern Colorado area.

The following information provides research and studies that support our purpose and goals by showing how much these services are needed today!

One population that we plan to serve is women veterans.   Now I’ve seen a lot of press and lot of great words for how we support our troops and how we need to do better by them when they return but we also need to put the services in place and put our money out there not just our words.   Yes there are veteran facilities that service returning veterans but they have a long way to go in addressing the substance addiction and co-occurring mental and behavioral health disorders that women need.  Many VA hospitals are overcrowded, are near large urban areas and they do not factor in the needs of the family system of the veteran.  Many communities have additional services for male veterans but do not have equivalent services in place for female veterans and our organization is in a community that requires additional services for women and women veterans.

One of the fastest growing drug problems in the United States including among military veterans is prescription drug addiction.  Below is a link that discusses some recent findings regarding our returning soldiers and prescription narcotic dependence.

In fact according to the White House’s office of National Drug Control Policy the growing problem of prescription drug abuse in the United States has been classified as an epidemic by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Click on the link then look under topics.

This is a political issue related to women that spans the spectrum of weakened communities, broken homes and damaged lives.  The social costs are enormous.  People can’t do much if they are numbed and drugged.

Research has shown that women are targeted more than men when it comes to advertising the benefits of prescription drugs (Steven, Andrade & Ruiz, 2009).

Research and studies have also shown that gender specific treatment for women specifically those that address cultural, parenting, family, untreated trauma  and mental health issues are more likely to attract women to treatment, increase positive clinical outcomes,  and prevent relapse (Greenfield, Cummings, & Gallop, 2010;  Najavits, Rosier, Nolan, & Freeman, 2007; Stevens et al., 2009).

According to Stevens et al (2009) in 2005 there were 6.5 million women age 18 or older who met the criteria for the abuse and/or dependence for alcohol and illicit drugs; that statistic does not include abuse and/or dependence on prescription drugs!

Our Campaign Letter:
    The New Year is about new beginnings.  We, the founders of Asbury House, a Colorado nonprofit organization, have an exciting new vision for the coming year.  We are a team of dedicated Colorado behavioral health and health-care professionals who wish to provide a truly necessary mode of care and lifestyle change for women in northern Colorado.  We know that this is a greatly needed and desired public service offering in the northern Colorado area.  Our mission is being met with a great deal of enthusiasm and support.  We encourage you to join us in this launching of a Capital Campaign to purchase the building that will house the first treatment center for women to be located in Fort Collins, Colorado.
     We intend to operate an extended care facility in an existing multipurpose facility that can house 24 clients.  The grounds and buildings allow for a unique therapeutic environment incorporating the best state-of-the-art practices to address the spectrum of issues that arise when a woman enters treatment.  The professional space is also plentiful and well suited for both individual and group counseling.  
    The Capital Campaign will provide an opportunity to translate our mission into action to establish this much needed service.  The building and land can be purchased for $750,000.  Our goal is to obtain 70% of that amount with mortgage financing.  Through this campaign we are seeking to fund-raise the remaining 30% of the mortgage cost and an additional $120,000 for upgrading and outfitting the building.
    We urge you to be a part of this exciting and rewarding campaign and our effort to optimize these women’s futures.  Positive and compassionate assistance in the healing process of an individual can improve not only her quality of life but also that of her family and, ultimately, her community.  
    We are filled with gratitude as we launch this Capital Campaign and are committed to ensuring that it not only achieves its ambitious goals but does so in a manner that honors the values, the mission, and the future clients of Asbury House.

Our Fact Sheet:
Asbury House, a Colorado nonprofit organization, was founded by a team of dedicated Colorado behavioral health and health-care professionals in 2011. The organization was incorporated on December 14, 2011, in Fort Collins, Colorado, at the law offices of Attorney David Mitchell. Asbury House and its Tri-life residential treatment approach for women were developed due to the critical need in the Fort Collins area of northern Colorado for a residential treatment center that specifically addresses the extended treatment needs of women, including women veterans, who struggle with alcohol abuse, drug abuse, alcohol addiction, and drug addiction as well as the co-occurring mental health disorders that often accompany addiction disorders.

Asbury House and its Tri-life residential treatment approach for women offers a holistic and empirically supported person-centered approach that incorporates the needs of not only the clients but the families of clients and consideration of the impact that addiction has on the wider communities in which they live. The approach also incorporates a Twelve Step based model in conjunction with alternative therapies and evidence-based therapies.  Principles related to cultural diversity and spirituality are promoted and valued. The person-centered approach creates a quality therapeutic alliance with clients based on compassion, genuineness, and unconditional positive regard. We believe that our clients possess within them the innate ability to heal, and our approach empowers and guides them toward that end.  

Thank You

PayPal Link

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