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I'm in Frankfort, Kentucky today.

If you want to watch us right now, live, check out

How I got here is a long story.

At OccupyWallStreet, before Mayor Bloomberg evicted us, I met a film-maker named Kevin Breslin who was shooting a documentary about OWS. Kevin asked me to be in his film, and I happily obliged.

A week ago I was told that there would be a screening of the film in Frankfort, KY and an invitation was extended to me to come down and attend a panel discussion. Thinking that the more, the merrier, we invited some other OWS friends of mine to come along. We rented a car, named it "The Lovestream Mobile" and drove the eleven hours from NYC to Frankfort.

We drove through Pennsylvania and over I-99, then through West Virginia into Kentucky, 7 of us together, Tim Pool, Luke Rudkowski, Lorenzo Serna, Justin Wedes, Johanna Grube and Elizabeth Arce. We arrived in Frankfort late last night and have been running around Kentucky all day since then.

Coincidentally, there is a march coming through Frankfort today against Mountain Top Removal coal mining. So many of the problems in our local economies are tied together, and our dependence on fossil fuels can not be denied as one of those problems. I prefer to drive when I travel. I want to see the places we are fighting for and meet the people who live there.

So I'm in Kentucky. Tomorrow we are headed to Dayton, Ohio. This is what Democracy looks like.

Kevin Breslin has put together an outstanding film that captured the spirit of the encampment at Liberty Square from the perspective of the internal media team at OWS as events unfolded. The film is called #WhileWeWatch. Here is the preview . . .


More below the fold . . .

I got the chance to do a short interview with #whilewewatch Director Kevin Breslin. Check it out. . .

1. When did you get into film?'

I worked my way into directing. I discovered what I was incapable of doing on a set and what I felt I could do. Something that I loved and would be rather miffed if I didn't work like hell to get a shot at it. I was horrible actor when I was young.

2. How did you find out about #OWS?

I was following it a little bit and I got a call from Australia. The voice said, hey mate, r u interested in Occupy. Wanna do a small doc with us. I asked, why you guys from across the world want to do this..... Do u hate Murdoch this much?  Occupy seemed to me to be the 1st thing with legitimate energy in this city in a long time.  The idea about reading about one more community garden or bike lane as a powerful intellectual and social statement about this city bored me. I loved the fact people actually were making noise. I never heard of someone actually occupying in this city. Never.

3. What do you think is the number one problem with our political system?

Laziness. The entitlement. Mostly old white guys who do NOTHING!!!! Look at the results...a housing catastrophe. Schools, no jobs, Hell, look at them. I was filming at the capital last year. Making a film “Living for 32” about guns.  We had to beg to see any senator and congressman.   They were all too busy. The guy with me, Colin Goddard has 5 bullets in him from The Virginia Tech Massacre. They were too busy for him.  Yeah and a cop gets killed again yesterday at VT.THERE ALWAYS TOO BUSY DOING NOTHING. GOING ON TV SHOWS AND MAKING EMPTY PRONOUNCEMENTS, DEAD AIR SHOOTS FROM THERE BRAIN.  Id throw them all out.  People despise them and rightfully so. Imperious louts on the arms of us. Therefore, term limits. This is public service, they are delusive.  2 terms. Give it your best. AND THEN GO GET ANOTHER JOB.

4. How do you think we can make our economic system work best for the 99%?

If i could answer that I would run.  Screw all these wars. NO MORE WASTEFUL WARS. THE MONEY FLIES OUT INTO THE AIR. ALL WE GET IS EMPTINESS AND PAIN. Dead and wounded young guys and women. Let one of these cowards in a SHIRT AND tie SITTING IN DC saying how much they love god and country go fight. Let Cheney go. Then I’d start to put up a big wall ...meaning...we are making it in America and doing our best to buy American. There are tons of great minds here in every walk of professional life. We let our manufacturing base dissipate.  I have nothing against china. However, Indiana AND the Bronx means way more to me. Now, we say, enough. Made in USA. I believe it would have some real traction. Look at Detroit. Where did we figure we can’t make our own? Who perpetrated this fraud? This is how we get back a solid financial system. I swear people love to work. Every time I see someone screwed up.They don't have a job.

5. How do you think we can make our political system work best for the 99%?

Oh, vote. Yell. Stand like the 99 % and do something. Like all the occupiers have done and are doing. These are smart people who don't back down. They are cynical or pompous or elitist. The political system is rigged for corporate people with pens who write rather large checks. No more big business controlling the destiny and sanity of the voters. Vote out every lazy fraud politician. Just like Obama got a major thrust last time. Do the same against the frauds who hold office

6. We're all in this fight for a better system together.  But who/what are YOU fighting for?

I think I am sharing in a little   way making #whilewewatch. I think I am supporting the voices of the #OWS citizen’s media.

I will fight tooth and nail for equality and any threat, no matter how small for all our 1st amendment rights.

No playing around with this. I see some people think they can play with people’s 1st amendment rights. I don't think so.


It is not how I found out about #OWS. More importantly was the people I discovered at Zuccotti. smart, tough,decent people. people who took at a shot at greatness. I think it was an important step in democracy. I think this line of protest will grow and grow in many ways in the ensuing days. I miss the infectiousness of the park and the legitimate dialogue and protest.

We spent the day in Kentucky experiencing the local history, being the big history nerd that I am, how could I pass that up? It's a beautiful state and the people I have met are great. Hell, any state that values Bourbon and Bluegrass music can't be that bad.

If you live nearby and want to check out the screening of the OWS documentary and the panel discussion I will be on afterwards you can come to Kentucky Coffee Tree Cafe, which is located in downtown Frankfort directly across from Kentucky's historic capitol building at 235 W. Broadway St Frankfort, KY. Two screenings will be held at 7:15pm and 9:30pm.

And for those of you in the Los Angeles area there is another screening of #WhileWeWatch taking place in your neck of the woods at Unurban Coffeehouse, 3301 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA, 90404

Screenings start at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm PT

You can follow the film on twitter @whilewewatch

Or check out the websites at  . . . .

And of course, you can follow me on twitter @JesseLaGreca

Peace and love to all,

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Originally posted to MinistryOfTruth on Mon Feb 13, 2012 at 04:48 PM PST.

Also republished by ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement and Occupy Wall Street.

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