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Reality bites when you lie all the time.

Yup, that's Snotty Walker in a full minute ad (funded by an very generous $700,000 donation from his masters, the Koch Brothers as well as part of the $12.1 million bucks he's raked in during his furious nationwide fundraising tour).  Anyone watching the news, reading the newspaper, or browsing the Great Orange Satan knows it's a pack of lies.

Stories like this one point out that Scott Walker is taking funds intended for struggling or foreclosed homeowners in Wisconsin to plug a very large hole in his budget.   The same budget he's been crowing about in ad after ad and speech after speech that he "balanced".  He's stealing that money to close a deficit he continues to insist doesn't exist.

Fully as sleazy as Walker's scheme to snatch those funds was the reason Walker gave for stealing from the poor box: He wants the money to close his state budget deficit, which is newly projected at nearly $150 million.

This is at a time when Walker has been using millions from out-of-state donors to literally flood the television airwaves of Wisconsin with commercials looking voters straight in the eye and brazenly lying that he eliminated the state's budget deficit.

And what's the source of the millions of dollars that "Real Walker" is taking from the poor to help close an enormous state budget deficit that "TV Walker" tells voters he doesn't have anymore?

It's $26 billion from five major banks in a negotiated settlement with state attorneys general from around the country.

That settlement was to end lawsuits by the states over fraudulent practices mortgage lenders used to sign up home buyers for mortgages they couldn't afford, leading to record foreclosures and helping to plunge the nation into the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

And your claims of "creating thousands of new jobs" fly in the face of 6 consequetive months of job losses including this one today.
Frontier, in a filing with the state Department of Workforce Development, said up to 446 Milwaukee-area employees will be affected by the job cuts, to occur between April 15 and April 30.
And your claims that you've hired "thousands of teachers" comes right out of your ass.  You didn't like the real numbers that showed statewide reductions in teachers and school staff, so you created your own phony report which (conveniently) left out all of the teachers and staff who resigned or retired early to prevent being subjected to your wage theft scheme of massive paroll deductions for employee benefits and pension (estimated to cost each employee minimally at $250/month).  No, you didn't count the losses, but you counted all the new hires as additional staff to support the lie of "more teachers".

You forgot, though, that people sent their kids to school in September and saw the larger classes and elimination of art, music, college prep, remedial education, sports, etc. your $1.8 billion education cuts caused.  They also saw the steep tuition increases in state universities and technical colleges from your peelbacks.  They know more tuition increases are coming, too.

And the media that has been carrying your water for more than a decade by ignoring the things you did or by praising every one of your actions seem to be responding more to reality now than slick talking points.  The scandalous details of the ongoing John Doe Probe are getting on their front pages along with your non-responses to each indictment or revelation.  Your offices "not responding to requests for comment" or "not returning calls for comment" accompanies each story.  

They're asking serious questions now (something that would have been nice before the 2010 election).  In fact, they even questioned your statement that you "volunteered" to speak to Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm "to assist him" in the John Doe Probe.  They've never questioned a statement you've made before.  In the measley 5 minutes you gave the press after a fundraiser, they got you to finally admit that it was John Chisholm who wanted to talk to you.

You don't like our media anymore since they're not slavish stenographers any more printing only what puts you in the best light.  The day that over a million recall signatures were turned in to remove you from office, you cancelled all your Wisconsin media interviews saying you were "too busy".  Yet, you found the time for an on air interview with Milwaukee RW radio shill Charlie Sykes, an on air appearance with national RW hustler and embarassment Rush Limbaugh, and 2 in studio appearances in Faux Made Up Newzzzz.  Yeah, Wisconsin media noticed that (and it made headlines).  They don't like being jilted for someone else.

You don't appear on regular media anymore, but find the time to do radio interviews with Mark Belling, Vickie MacKenna, and Charlie Sykes a couple of times a week.  You do a lot of national appearances on Faux Newzzz, too.  

And how about all the time you have for all those out of state fundraisers where you whine about all that "outside money" that unions are putting up against you (while grabbing all the outside money in you can get)?  The recall was done with a mere $60,000 (mostly for office space) while you dumped $6 million in media ads on our airwaes.  You're Goliath complaining that little David is just too ferocious and enormous for him to fight.  

And the only ads running for months and months on Wisconsin media have been your own bought with millions of dollars to air lie after lie.  If there was all that money flooding in for your opponents, there is no evidence of it.  But, then again, you lie thinking that if you repeat a lie often enough it magically becomes the truth.  And, of course, you whiny Republicans just love to play the victim, although the reality is that you are all the abusers and victimizers.

No doubt you'll continue to cry and whine about union thugs, lazy public employees and demands to their "extravagent entitlement" of collective bargaining, "outside money", and other shameless lies.  You'll keep lying about reducing a deficit that never existed when you took office, about balancing a budget (while trying to hide a huge deficit), about how everything you've done has moved the state "forward" when, in fact, we're going backwards.  The meme "it's working" is being met with laughter by anyone who reads a newspaper or watches the news.

It ain't working.  And I, for one, am enjoying watching you twist in the wind while reality whittles away at your lies and the John Doe Probe carves away at your claims of honesty and integrity one indictment at a time.

For anyone wanting to send a Valentines Break Up Card to Scott Walker, please visit here.

There is a great timeline of the John Doe Probe here.

Update:  Mike Tate, Chairman of the Wisconsin Democratic Party just posted a diary on the Valentines Day Break Up Card here.

Update 2:  H/t and kudos to stcroix cheeshead for this comment which notes that a 3 judge panel forced the Republicans to cough up the last 84 documents in redistricting lawsuit that is rapidly becoming yet another Republican Scandal

Reported within the last hour:

The sealed filing of 84 emails and other documents came just hours after the three federal judges said they wanted to review them so they could quickly reach a decision. The dispute has surfaced just a week before the case is to go to trial, on Feb. 21.

At issue are documents related to the process Republican lawmakers used to draw the maps last year. The lawsuit by a group of Democrats argues the new maps violate the federal Voting Rights Act and the U.S. Constitution because of how they treat minorities and because they move too many people from one district to another.

See stcroix cheesheads comment, linked above, for further information.  Nice catch.

Update 3:  I just found the latest ad put out by Walkers pals in the MacIver Institute and Americans for Properity (nice to have rich friends to catapult the propaganda on your behalf).  

Update 4:  The Next Scandal Edition:  Snotty's got caught againwith another crony hire:

The head of a state agency late last year gave a political appointment - and a nearly $27,000 annual raise - to the wife of a Republican Party official without considering any other applicants, state records show.

In December, Angela Herl took over a state division with 40 employees that processes credentials for dozens of professions such as doctors, even though she had no direct experience in that area. Herl had not previously managed any staff during her 20 years working for the state as a payroll and benefits specialist.

With the new job, Herl received a 49% pay boost, raising her annual salary from $54,378 to $81,265.

Herl is married to Mike Herl, chairman of the Dane County Republican Party, and she landed her new job less than a year after GOP Gov. Scott Walker faced an uproar over the hiring of a campaign donor's son with few qualifications.

She's got an associate degree from a technical college and isn't qualified for the position she received, much less a huge salary increase).
"It appears almost the only credentials you need is to have the right connections," said Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca (D-Kenosha). "They don't seem to mind what the public perception is when they provide people with these huge pay increases."
Walker has frozen state worker pay except for his crony hires who have all received astonishing salary increases over their predecessers.  More to come.

Originally posted to Puddytat on Tue Feb 14, 2012 at 11:44 AM PST.

Also republished by Badger State Progressive and Friends of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow.

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