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Alright so as I'm writing this there are more and more diaries popping up against Operation Hilarity, but what the hell, what's one more?  I'm intending this to be a concise but thorough list of reasons that Operation Hilarity is a bad idea... A very bad idea.  Some are obvious and have been discussed in other diaries, but I thought an overall list could be useful...

So I figure there's two basic categories of arguments against OH: ethical reasons and strategic reasons.  Let's start with ethical:

1. Subverting the Democratic process: There are plenty of arguments to be made that the electoral process in this country is already pretty fucked up... We are only two elections removed from the Supreme Court deciding the president on a 5-4 vote, after all.  But that doesn't change the fact that we are still able to freely and safely vote for whomever we wish to in this country... A right that we fought for in the past and other countries are fighting for currently.  Presidential party primaries are intended for the party to choose their nominee... While I wouldn't have a problem with someone going on their own to vote in the opposing party's primary (it is, of course, their right) I don't think that it's ethical to organize such a transparent attempt to fuck with the electoral process.  It was sleazy when Rush did it and it's sleazy now.

2. Elevating Rick Santorum: I don't know about y'all, but I really don't like Rick Santorum.  His message is much more hurtful and dangerous than Romney's: while Romney obviously has taken a hard right during the primary, his heart clearly isn't in to it, and he's been awful at trying to explain conservative values and principles.  Santorum, on the other hand, truly believes what he says.  He is someone that could actually be effective at rallying social conservatives.  Would he piss off everyone else, and guarantee Obama's reelection?  Possibly... But I've had enough social-conservative-hyperchristian-antigay-bigoted bullshit over the last decade, and any organized movement that could effectively get Santorum's message out to more people should not be supported by any progressive group.

3. Voting for a Republican in general.  I've never done it.  Ain't starting now.

So there's some moral reasons.  But (if I may paraphrase the main pro-OH arguments that I've seen) who cares?  This is war!  We're not breaking any rules, and obviously the Republicans aren't going to pull out any stops... Why should we hold back?

So we get to the strategical reasons:

1. It gives Republicans ammunition.  If this were to actually catch on and gain popularity, you can bet it would be thrown back in our faces and then some.

2. Would Santorum really be better than Romney?  Romney's been imploding lately, and Santorum has plenty of qualities that make him more electable than Mittens.

3. Waste of resources.  This would be fine to suggest as a throwaway thing.  Silly but harmless, go vote for Santorum if you want.  But to actually take money and put out advertisements?  Can't we possibly think of some better places our money and time might be spent?

4. Past examples.  Did it work when Rush tried it?

5. I haven't really seen this asked, but why are we doing this exactly?  As in, does it actually accomplish anything, besides making ourselves feel good (Assuming you're the type that would feel good voting for a guy like Rick Santorum)?  Isn't this primary already enough of a shitshow?  This primary has been an embarassment, and it's an embarrassment that belongs 100% to Republicans.  There is no reason to get involved.

And now that I've finished there are even more anti-OH rec listed diaries... But hey, what's one more?  As long as it help put the kibosh on this idiotic idea.

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