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I've got a better place for it.  The Okiciyap Food Pantry and learning annex needs those funds far more than Rick Santorum, or Democratic ads for Rick Santorum.  As it turns out, the building donated for use got stripped down at some point, before they did the move, and needs some extras that weren't even in the original fundraising (which we still haven't finished).  Below the orange squirrels is a letter from Georgia Little Shield to betson08.

UPDATE : We've got an anoymous donor offering to match donations for the next $500 raised.  You folks get us to $11500, we immediately jump to $12000!

UPDATE : Vetwife has brought to my attention that our own 'whatGodmade' could use some help, and I've got another diary up now I'd ask you all to stop in and maybe help her out too.

Well this is what will be happening these next few days. We are going to take the water pipes and sewer pipes. We are having volunteers come and help and make a deck and ramp. We are waiting for the electric guy that will be wiring it in and the electric man that turns on to get that set tomorrow and we can move in our furniture we bought at the auction. we are still short of funds. this is how it has gone so far:
Move                               $5000.00
Light Deposit                     $525.00
Water Deposit                     $ 75.00
Building supplies              $2400.00
Rail Road ties                     $200.00
trucking for supplies             150.00
Food Bank                          $150.00
Auction office supplies       $1400.00  
Total                              $ 10800.00

Now all the electric guys are coming back and going to put in a new meter and other stuff. We need to buy two more stairs and get cleaning supplies.


I know these things are happening today - the volunteers will be putting all the sewer pipes on and all the water lines on today. Tomorrow Kraft Electric will be wiring in all the heaters as it is going to be base board heaters. Volunteers will move the furniture and we start cleaning as the water and lights are hooked up. We want to make a trip to the food Bank in Pierre SD but [we] are really low on funds. Oh wondering what to do. We had a emergency meeting last night to see if we could come up with any solutions. The tribe is giving us all that they can at this time as we are not a casino tribe.

We are depending on individuals out there that are willing to help the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe People, feed the children and elders - their food stamps just got cut because of budget cuts coming from the government. Saturday we are hoping to get the skirting done and all the food from other building moved and shelved. Oh that is going to be a good each day I will post pictures in the evening after returning home.

(I edited that a tiny bit because I've got a bit of grammar OCD, but tried to keep Georgia's thoughts intact...)


If you would prefer to send a check:

Georgia Little Shield, Board Chair
PO Box 172
225 W. Utah St
Isabel SD57633

You can also send clothing donations to the food pantry.

You want to put your money where it will REALLY make a difference?  Don't blow it on ads for Frothy Rick Santorum!  Donate now to help Okiciyap make it through crunch time, and get set up.  Freaking middle of winter, and the government cuts food stamps?  These people need our help, because our government is NOT representing them, NOT protecting them, treating them like some zebra mussel study they can just cut the cash for.

I'm sending $50 today to Okiciyap as soon as I see the ChipIn widget go up by $100.  Use your money to save lives today, not keep an insane theocrat in the Republican primary longer.

If you've got the money to spend, spend it wisely and compassionately.

2:39 PM PT: Thanks to our many generous Kossacks, my $50 challenge donation was placed a while back, but that's no reason for new donors to stop piling on ;)

Thanks to everyone who donates or sends kind thoughts, in case I miss replying when I refresh :)

3:20 PM PT: Matching Grant!  We have an anonymous $500 matching grant coming in!  Every dollar above $11000 is being matched until we hit $11500!

Originally posted to The Underserved on Thu Feb 16, 2012 at 12:18 PM PST.

Also republished by ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, DK Grants, Community Fundraisers, and Native American Netroots.

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