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Unlike many - the kossacks who all know what's best - I wasn't particularly bothered by "operation Hilarity".

I did grasp the objections of some but, given that I don't think Dog E. Style Santorum is going to beat Obama - should he even get the chance to ACTUALLY run for president - I didn't think it was going to cause the sky to fall.

Basically, I was amused and I was actually happy to see something aggressive being proposed.

I understand now that the operation has been aborted.

I have a much better idea, one many kossacks won't like either, but that's not exactly surprising. I can't let that stand in the way of a good idea though.

And, no, it's nothing new from me, probably predictable, but it's the result of years of contemplating the nature of a certain artificially-created political problem that results in the needless harassment and deaths of many, many Americans each year, so I am gonna suggest my idea is even better than Kos's because, in the end, it saves lives...and money (which is more important than lives).

And, really, it doesn't require any money. I won't  be suggesting we donate money to people. I won't be asking for money. Chris Bowers won't be hitting you up for $5.00.

It doesn't really require phone banking or door-to-door proselytizing.

What it does take though, is talking. This is the beauty of my scheme. It just takes a few Democrats - and not even the president, who won't want to have anything to do with it (anymore than he would have approved of hilarity) - to take a moment here and there to merely suggest something. All it requires is a very tiny amount of "leadership".

Ideas are power
All Operation Modern America requires is for Democratic candidates to merely mention a certain idea.  

And just a bare mention.

Any democratic candidate that would (A) like to score points with a lot (but not all) constituents and/or (B) would like to help the GOP further distance themselves from basically normal people is to merely suggest we look at doing somethig differntly than has been considered a canon of America's political landscape for the last 80 years.

And it is the combination of merely suggesting - and not actually doing ANYTHING that makes it perfect for our Democratic Party. All candidates have to say, from time to time is

I think it is time we looked at approaching this differently. The old policy isn't working
That's about it.

Republicans will come absolutely unglued and double-down on their frothy stupidity and venal backwardness on the issue. It's their baby - no matter how much Dems have aided and abetted them in the past on it, this is politics and given the way republicans savage democrats, dems can kick some sand in their faces and flip-flop in their support for what is - again - a purely republican value.

Of course the main flaw in my plan is that it would take a hint of courage to do, but this is the beauty of merely suggesting and not taking any real concrete action.

Nor is there any need for recitation of facts or particular studies: the issue is entirely emotional and there's no need for dems to be bogged down with "details", no need for charts or graphs. Just a mention that maybe we should evaluate what we're doing and see if there aren't better ways to deal with it. It is merely the expression of an idea.

Currently the GOP is in disarray. They have failed to field a proper candidate and they are doing a better job tearing themselves apart than Dems have been able (or willing) to do hitherto.

My idea is to put more stress on them, exploit their disarray as well as amplify how out of touch the republicans are with the times.

Republicans, like vampires who need to count mustard seeds before entering your house, will have no ability to NOT fall into the trap that would be set the moment a democrat makes the suggestion. They will have no choice to but release spittle-flecked tirades railing on the suggestion while millions of Americans will watch and hear how much republicans do not want to fix this problem and how much they want to maintain an unmitigated disaster at a time when Americans are increasing ready to correct this.

This will hurt Obama! won't. Take a deep breath and relax.

Obama can easily distance himself from those who elect to use this strategy, merely repeating things he has already said, essentially siding with republicans on what is their issue, with his big ol' bipartisan self. Hell, he's staunchly committed to their policy so he can just be left out of it. (And no, they'll never thank him for it.)

And, yet again, there is very little to this 'operation'. A few democrats making mere suggestions while we all watch the GOP media machine arc out for all of America to see.

Sure, some Americans like the republican approach: much of America is backwards, for an ostensibly modern, powerful country. Many Americans believe in Bigfoot. They are racists, ignorant, anti-education, anti-science. They celebrate Ron Paul, for crying out loud. Some areas of the country are much more advanced; some are likely going to remain stuck in the early 20th century for decades to come.

Speaking of "Dr. Paul", he will be put in a unique situation by Operation Modern America. He has historically suggested much the same thing and his knuckle-dragging compatriots have more or less quietly distanced themselves from him, despite his popularity with Bigfoot believers. This is a bit of evidence I offer than this really would (no, really) work.

Rather Risk Free
Americans, more and more, are ready to fix this certain problem. Some are simply tired of hearing about it, many are concerned about the damage to the constitution this has created; still others see an economic boost coming from a combination of taxation, savings on enforcement, and job creation in a variety of sectors - all things good for America and Americans, and vehemently opposed by Republicans. I don't want to get bogged down discussing all the benefits because that detracts from the task at hand and why it should be approached this way.

In a better world, we would not have to have this discussion. We would fix problems based on what's right. But this is American politics and nothing is done for the 'right reasons".

This is a way to accomplish something good without trying to accomplish something good. That is doomed to certain failure in this country at this time.

This is a way to inadvertently accomplish something good for America by making life more difficult for the GOP.

And that is what American politics are all about.

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