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Hello guys, this is my first diary at Daily Kos, I've been an avid reader of Daily Kos since 2007. If you guys don't mind, I'll be cross posting my political articles from, a youth run online publication that is supported by the Arab American Association of New York. I wish to hear your thoughts about these articles. Well I thought I'd introduce myself, My name is Jefim Naljotov and  I have lived in Brooklyn, New York for most of my life, I am 18 years ago and I'm going to be attending Hofstra University this fall. I am diagnosed with duchenne's muscular dystrophy and I use a wheelchair to move around. Luckily my condition has been very stable for the past 5 years, however I do not let this define me, I am very much content with life in general.

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Contrary to common belief, Republican Willard Mitt Romney is not the most electable candidate with the best chance to unseat Democratic President Barack Obama. In reality, he is possibly the weakest candidate and will most likely lose by a significant margin in 2012. Romney will lose mainly because he is a member of the job-destroying one percent, is a flip- flopper and because of the unenthusiastic Republican base. Barring any major political scandals or another Great Depression, chances are very high that Barack Obama will win a second term.

Why Mitt Romney is Unelectable

Contrary to common belief, Republican Willard Mitt Romney is not the most electable candidate with the best chance to unseat Democratic President Barack Obama. In reality, he is possibly the weakest candidate and will most likely lose by a significant margin in 2012. Romney will lose mainly because he is a member of the job-destroying one percent, is a flip- flopper and because of the unenthusiastic Republican base. Barring any major political scandals or another Great Depression, chances are very high that Barack Obama will win a second term.

In the year of populist movements like Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party, running a candidate of the 1 percent, for the 1 percent and by the 1 percent, is just plain dumb. Mitt Romney’s firm Bain Capital is engaged in the most destructive firm of capitalism. It bought companies, loaded them up with debt and sold them before they went bankrupt from the debt, making billions of dollars while destroying thousands of jobs. According to a Reuters report, Bain Capital put in $8 million to gain majority control of GS Technologies, a Kansas City based steel mill, and then proceeded to load the company up with debt to finance a $26.1 million dividend paid to Bain Capital. In 2001 when GS Technologies declared bankruptcy, 750 jobs were lost and promised employee health care coverage and severance was denied. The federal government was forced to step in and pay a $44 million bailout and still the bailout was insufficient. In response to an attack by Gingrich for “vulture capitalism,” Romney ran a campaign ad in Florida, tauting the success of Bain Capital investing in businesses like Domino’s and Staples. Romney’s campaign thinks that these companies survived and thrived because of Bain Capital but in reality they were just survivors of a hostile corporate takeover by the “vulture capitalism” of Bain Capital; these successes did not occur due to Bain Capital, but rather in spite of Bain Capital.

Barack Obama will likely use this line of attack to portray Romney as a job- destroying 1 percenter who exploited the workers to earn billions and this will resonate with voters because voters in general are distrustful of Wall Street during these times, especially since Romney is a former CEO that has strong ties to Wall Street. This issue will sink him in the general election. Back in 1994 in a hotly contested Senate race against Ted Kennedy, Romney was skewered like a pig when he was attacked for the jobs that Bain Capital had destroyed. Romney’s destructive Bain Capital record turned a very close tossup election into a landslide 58-41 defeat for Mitt Romney, a net swing of 15 percent toward Ted Kennedy from a Boston Globe/WBZ-TV poll done in September 1994 which showed Kennedy and Romney locked in a close 48-46 race. If Mitt Romney will attack Obama on the economy, Obama will just fire back with anti-Bain Capital ads, neutering Mitt Romney’s assertion that he is a member of the “job-creator” class and will bolster the President’s re-election chances. If history is any guide, Mitt Romney’s bane will be Bain Capital; he will be destroyed by the President for his job killing record.

In order to win a national election, you need to keep your party’s base excited enough to turn out in large numbers while attracting Independents and Romney has neither. Rather, he has an unenthusiastic Republican base and has problems connecting with Independents. One reason being that evangelicals are unwilling to support a Mormon candidate, another is that the Tea Party doesn’t believe that Mitt Romney is conservative enough. An unenthusiastic Republican base is very unlikely to knock on doors, donate and participate in a GOTV (get out the vote) operation. To be elected you need the grassroots to come out and support your campaign. The most likely situation would be that Obama’s fundamental GOTV campaign will crush the unenthusiastic GOTV campaign of Romney, leading to more Democrats going to the polls and more Republicans staying at home, padding Obama’s popular vote while lowering Romney’s popular vote.

Another issue that will not help Romney is the Massachusetts health care insurance reform law aka “Romney-care.” Romney-care was the blue print for Obama-care. Both bills mandated that residents buy government approved health care plans and that the government would help those who cannot afford insurance by giving them subsidies. Obama even consulted economist Jon Gruber, who had advised Governor Romney on health care reform. Obama’s liability is the terribly flawed Obama-care program, a deeply unpopular bill that does very little to solve the health care crisis. However, Obama will be immune to any criticism from Romney on health care because both of their plans are essentially the same. The Republicans are giving up a very good line of attack against Barack Obama by nominating Romney. They will not be able to gain anything from this, making their defeat all the likelier.

Romney’s problem is that he is a flip-flopper; he has been on both sides of every issue in politics, abortion, gay marriage, health care, unions, taxes, etc. Voters do not like flip-floppers, they like consistent candidates who actually believe in what they preach, and they label flip- floppers as opportunists who would do or say anything just to be elected. A recent poll done by Public Policy Polling says that 61 percent of registered voters say that Mitt Romney will say anything to get elected and this tells us that voters think that Romney is insincere about his beliefs and they think that he is an opportunist politician. History once again points out that flip- floppers do not get elected: in 2004 John Kerry lost to President W. Bush because the Republicans portrayed John Kerry as a flip-flopper; voters thought that Kerry was just trying to get elected and nothing else.

Romney will be criticized for having offshore banks in Switzerland and in the Cayman Islands. The purpose of offshore banks is to legally tax evade. Americans do not want a candidate that cheats the tax system because it is unfair that rich 1 percenters have enough resources to find tax loopholes in the system to pay a lower tax rate than hard working Americans, who do not have these same resources. Obama can attack Romney for not paying his taxes and people will be less likely to support Romney and more likely to support the President. The offshore bank accounts will just serve to further perpetrate the meme that Mitt Romney is a member of the 1 percent class and doesn’t have any concern for the 99 percent. My prediction is that Obama will win 54- 46 and with at least 300 electoral votes. Americans will not vote for a job killing, tax evading, flip-flopping, 1 percenter in the year of populist anger against Wall Street, all but assuring that Barack Obama will remain our president for another four years.


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  •  The Main Reason Romney Will Lose Is Because.... (5+ / 0-)

    he's a Republican.  That name is now synonymous with idiot, birdbrain, doofus, dimwit, dolt, religious nut, & divorced.

    In other words.....a typical Republican.  

  •  Congratulations (5+ / 0-)

    Very good first diary.

  •  He tied his dog to the roof of his car! (8+ / 0-)

    When you do something like that it doesn't mean you get read out of the human race (in fact, he didn't even go to jail) but you can't run for president of the United States.

    Being a little humorous here :) but actually this will be what everybody will know about him and it just doesn't sound right.

    You have summed up well the more substantial reasons why he has not got the right story to make it work.

    (By the way, there's now a story out there that two of Romney's sons have said that Shamus tried to run away as soon as they let him off the car.)

  •  His main liability is that he's a (5+ / 0-)


    And, ahem, some Democrats are busy pointing that out.

    Check out my new blog Romney the Liar right here.

    by Yosef 52 on Sat Feb 25, 2012 at 02:24:25 AM PST

    •  Bingo! Yosef 52 (4+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Sylv, Wee Mama, Yosef 52, Delta Overdue

      Willard tries to make himself into something he is not.

      He tries to hide his lifetime of being a 1%er, and he fails so miserably when he tries to reinvent himself.

      His phoniness drips from his lips when he tries to say "I am just like you"....HORSESHIT

      I totally enjoy hearing him say things like his wife drives a few Cadillacs, he doesnt care about the poor. Those things reflect who he really is.

      Everything else he projects which makes him appear like an "average American", proves he is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR!!!!  And only right wing tools and fools will buy into that illusion.

  •  I think many of the Republicans are bigots. (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Mayfly, Wee Mama, Scott Campbell

    And they don't want a Mormon.

    "How quickly these kids have affected the public dialogue. So proud of them." Clarknt67

    by TexMex on Sat Feb 25, 2012 at 04:04:45 AM PST

  •  Jefim, good diary. I agree that Romney is less (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Wee Mama

    electable than Santorum.  The "true believers" will work for Santorum--Romney would have to hire "volunteers."

    Empathy is going to change the world.

    by Mayfly on Sat Feb 25, 2012 at 05:40:49 AM PST

  •  An excellent first diary! (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Wee Mama

    Congratulations, Jefim, on a very well-written first diary.

    You echo many of the points I make to friends: that whoever runs against Obama in the fall is going to lose in a historic landslide, and I believe,  like you, President Obama may well garner 300 electoral votes.

    All of these pundits claiming this will be a close race have not honestly looked at how pathetically weak the Republican field is. As the economy improves, so does the President's favorability rating.

    In foreign affairs, every day I thank god that John McCain is not sitting in the Oval Office this minute or I have no doubt we would be assisting Israel in a strike against Iran's nuclear facilities.

    No, thank you very much—I shall continue to support the calm, deliberate leader now in the Oval Office.

    The only thing we had to do is not get complacent. We need to GOTV, and we need to give President Obama a majority in the House and the Senate so that we can start getting some real work done for this country.

  •  good job (0+ / 0-)

    but I don't think anyone is unelectable once they get the nomination.

    anyone who votes for santorum is politically naive and does not know his/her history.

    if you are right, we should wish for romney.

    Donate to Occupy Wall Street here:

    by BlueDragon on Sat Feb 25, 2012 at 06:51:40 AM PST

  •  Jefim - that is a fine diary (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    brae70, Wee Mama, grrr

    You have done an excellent job of summarizing all the points that make Romney unelectable.

    I can see the commercials now.

    (Ominous music)
    (A middle-aged plain-folks couple talking to an interviewer)
    (background - a city in Michigan)
    "We had a beautiful town here."
    "Life was good."
    "We had the All-American small town right here."
    "Then Mitt Romney came to town."
    "He destroyed the jobs and moved them to foreign countries."
    "He wiped us out."
    "He destroyed this town.  There is nothing left."
    (Images of boarded-up homes - more ominous music)
    (fade out)
    (music changes to up-beat bright major key)
    (Sunny scene - Obama speaking)
    "We are not a red nation and a blue nation - we are one nation!"
    "We must restore the American economy - right here in America!"
    "We must stop shipping our jobs abroad."
    "Together we can build a better America for our children."
    (scene of jubilant crowds greeting Obama)
    (Obama 2012)

  •  yes, but...don't forget... (0+ / 0-)

    ...the current Republican playbook has nothing to do with "winning elections," but, rather, with how to use that gift from five of the most corrupt Supreme Court Injustices in American history (Scalia, Thomas, Alito, Roberts & Kennedy in their Citizens United ruling/abomination/in-kind-contribution to the Republican Party) simply purchase themselves the presidency in 2012.

    If those corrupt members of the Supreme Court had not turned this country's political arena in a whore-fest for billionaires, Mitt Romney and his compatriots would be singing a different tune, on so many levels.

    However, they all seem to think they can get away with doing and saying anything they want to their rabid hords in the Republican primaries, knowing that they will have access to unlimited amounts of money from their billionaire sugar daddies (and other filthy rich patrons) come this fall...when they will, for the first time since Citizens United, simply attempt to purchase their way into the White House.

    To my way of thinking...this November's presidential voting day (it's not a real election to me when certain people (i.e. those who have it) can spend unlimited amounts of money to promote their own interests while the other 99.9 percent can't, is the true test of whether those corrupt Supreme Court justices have achieved the objectives of their puppet-masters in allowing the filthy rich to simply purchase control of the entire federal government. They purchased themselves the House in 2012 and, based on all evidence, appear to want to try to re-purchase the House again this year, along with the presidency and Senate, because the Republicans controlling the House certainly haven't acted as if they have any intent whatsoever of earning themselves continued control through free and fair elections.

    Hopfefully...the American public is not so stupid as to allow them to do that...however...based on previous's quite possible.

  •  Well done! Good first diary. (0+ / 0-)

    And yes, all of the above are reasons Romney should lose, but we can't take it for granted that he will lose.  For that, we have to work...and you can work that by continuing to write diaries like this and reaching out to other first time voters.

    Once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right.

    by darthstar on Sat Feb 25, 2012 at 07:28:13 AM PST

  •  His "success" story with a company... (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Delta Overdue Staples needs to be exposed as the bullshit it is.

    He fired 35,000 employees, then hired most of them back at reduced wages, reduced hours, and a gutted health care plan.

    He then claims credit for creating 35,000 jobs.

    "Tax the churches."   -   Frank Zappa

    •  I worked for a company bought by Bain in the 90's (0+ / 0-)

      I saw first hand how millionaire's work to become billionaires.

      "Slavery is the legal fiction that a person is property. Corporate personhood is the legal fiction that property is a person." David Korten, When Corporations Rule the World

      by Delta Overdue on Sun Feb 26, 2012 at 07:43:26 AM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  Citizen United Plantiff endorse Romney (0+ / 0-)

    The Plantiff that brought the suit  to stop limit on corporate funding gave an enthusiastic  support to  Romney  Presidential Campaign

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